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Blood type 0

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Blood Type 0 mostly likely to get it, Type A safest.

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Dottie (oxymoronid) Interesting, but I'm not sure I'm convinced. The 1957-58 Asian almost got me, after all, and this info would seem to indicate that shouldn't have happened.

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Hi Dottie, I also have a long history of catching the flu. I first got something like it in Japan at age 4 called Kanto Plain fever from which my lungs never recovered. I had a "dark spot" for years. It was partly filthy air.

I often have to laugh when people tell me antibiotics don't help the flu as most times they alway inject penicillin into me to prevent the secondary infection of pneumonia that I get. For years every time I had the flu I had pencillin injected but then a kind Dr. finally gave me the pneumonia vaccine which made a big difference.

I am type 0. Sorry to hear that this info is wrong as my son is Type A and I hoped it was true for his sake. Did you have pneumonia on top of your flu also? I used to get flu every year but since I am virtually a recluse now avoiding people I don't catch it so often. I also mega dose on C which I was told to do. Helps me lots.

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