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message 1: by Barb (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:34AM) (new)

Barb (barblibrarian1) | 4 comments Hi!

My name is Barb and I am a Public Librarian in the Anoka County Library system in Minnesota. Anoka County is part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area. We are just north of Minneapolis.
I am a fairly new librarian(although I am 50 years old), having gotten my MLS from UNT in 2003. I am currently working part-time - 1/2 adult reference, 1/2 children's. I love it and love doing reader's advisory.
I look forward to sharing info with all of you!

message 2: by Diane (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:46AM) (new)

Diane (dianes) My name is Diane and I am a youth services associate at the Boone County Public Library (Scheben branch) in northern Kentucky.I have been with the library for 8 years, since before it opened (putting all of the brand new books on the shelves was really fun!) I am currently working part-time on my MLS degree, and full-time in the youth services department. I also assist our collection development librarian.I also enjoy reader's advisory, and I usually read only children's and teen books, to try and keep up with what is out there.

message 3: by Alexis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:47AM) (new)

Alexis | 6 comments Mod
My name is Alexis and I am a Teen Librarian at the Dayton Metro Library in Dayton, OH. I have been here for a little over a year and have really enjoyed getting to know "my" teen patrons. We have a pretty active Anime Club (that my predecessor set up--thanks Victoria!!) where we review DVDs and vote on what we want to see next. The DVDs that we watch are then added to the library's collection. It is a great way to get great DVDs added to the collection and the teens love it! Anyway, we also have a Teen Cafe after school on Thursdays and they have fun doing everything but reading books (games, eating snacks, socializing, etc.). We also have video gaming programs galore. Hm, I haven't really mentioned any reading, have I? Well, the teens at my branch go ga-ga over manga, vampires novels and chicklit--surprise, surprise! I hope everyone enjoys sharing their passions for reading and librarianship on goodreads. Take care and can't wait to hear from you, Alexis

message 4: by Leslie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:48AM) (new)

Leslie (alabamagrrl) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Leslie and I'm an adult reference librarian at the Auburn Public Library in Auburn, Alabama. I moved here in 2004, shortly after I got my MLIS from the University of Alabama. Previously, I was a paraprofessional at the Birmingham Public Library in the Arts/Literature/Sports Dept. (400s, 700s and 800s). I am much more comfortable with nonfiction, but I do listen to a lot of fiction on audio.

message 5: by Hot Librarian (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:51AM) (new)

Hot Librarian | 1 comments Hi all, I am a currently out-of-practice librarian - I'm focusing on research and bibliographic literacy for college students right now. I am excited to live vicariously through all of you AND keep my readers' advisory skills up to speed.

message 6: by Susan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Susan Hi, I'm Susan and I'm the director of Wetumpka Public Library in Wetumpka, Alabama (hi to my Auburn neighbor Leslie!). I'm pictured here with Brutus the traveling Centerpoint Large Print mascot and Tinkerbell, longtime WPL patron.
I am about to finish my MLS at the University of Alabama.

message 7: by angeleen (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

angeleen (angielovesdogs) Hello everyone. I'm Angeleen. I just began the MLS program at Florida State. After interning at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library this summer I couldn't be more excited about my future career as a public librarian. If you have any tips for people in school and/or trying to land a first job, please send them this way!

message 8: by Rachel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:17PM) (new)

Rachel (biblio_rach) | 5 comments Hi, I'm a Senior Librarian at Denver Public Library in Denver, Colorado. I'm a University of Wisconsin - Madison SLIS 2004 grad. I love reading teen lit, middle grade books, fiction, and readable non-fiction. I have 3 children, and I do occassional story times in my branch, so I also have a soft spot for picture books :-)
My customers read a lot of urban lit, spiritual non-fiction, and many are learning English. So, I'm looking to branch out in my reading habits.

message 9: by Jenny (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:28PM) (new)

Jenny (libraryjenny) | 1 comments Hello. I'm Jenny. I'm about 13 hours into my MLS. I'm a distance student through the University of Missouri-Columbia. If it's a face to face class I have class in Kansas City. Other classes are entirely on-line. I am a part-time library assistant at two different libraries. I worked at an academic library all throughout college but I prefer public libraries.

message 10: by Gina (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:29PM) (new)

Gina (grrb) Hi! I am Gina, and I just received my MLIS from the University of Alabama this August (hello to UA alum!). I am currently a teen librarian at the Fresno County Public Library. I have a great teen council and we are planning all sorts of things for the fall--a haunted house, duct tape art, gaming, book discussions, and more. I am also interested in creating a zine collection at my library.

If you read any of my "reviews", they are mostly short, blunt blurbs because I use Goodreads for fun, not work!

Feel free to friend me. I love seeing what others are reading. Thanks, Alexis, for starting this group!

message 11: by Alexis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:30PM) (new)

Alexis | 6 comments Mod
Your are so welcome, Gina! I am so glad that so many people have introduced themselves in this forum. Thanks and keep posting!

message 12: by Ben (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:53PM) (new)

Ben | 1 comments Hi all. I'm a reference librarian at the Forest Park Public Library just outside of Chicago. This is my first professional job, and I'm looking forward to sharing readers' advisory ideas with everybody. Hey, am I the first guy-brarian to join this group?

message 13: by Matt (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:05PM) (new)

Matt | 8 comments Where is Miamisbutg Ohio? I'm from Toledo Ohio and now live in New York City and work for Queens Library. I graduated with my MLIS from Kent State in 2004, and now three odd years later am truly content with the career I chose. Is this group solely going to deal with reader's advisory? I think maybe a broad public librarian thing would be cool. Any suggestions on bookclub choices?
Take care,

message 14: by Alexis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:07PM) (new)

Alexis | 6 comments Mod
Miamisburg is just south of Dayton, OH. It really is just part of Dayton now. We just moved here last year so we are trying to get to know all the dynamics of the Burg. We're just happy that there is a Borders a couple of miles down the road! My husband and I got our MLIS's from Kent State (Columbus Campus) in '04 as well and moved to New York City too! How do you like Queens Library? NYPL was pretty good to work for but I like Dayton Metro a bit better (sorry, NYPL). Oh, and we can do whatever we want with this forum. Any Public Library news, questions, etc. are fine. Thanks for joining and hope to hear from you often. Alexis

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Howdy. I'm Sandi, for 32 years I've been employed at the North Judson-Wayne Township Library in Indiana. Started out as a page and worked my way up to - unofficial - second in command. Do a bit of everything from working the desk to processing to computer tech services. Recently started a READ program - finally had some children come in this past Saturday, yeah - and run a Book Club that meets once a month. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge, get recommendations, and just enjoy being part of this group.

message 16: by Linda (last edited Apr 05, 2008 10:39AM) (new)

Linda | 1 comments My name is Linda and I'm a readers advisory librarian in the fiction department of a large downtown library. I read for pure pleasure as well as to be a better RA librarian, and I'm continually trying to balance the two. For pure pleasure, I read mainstream/literary fiction, crime fiction, teen novels and middle-grade novels.

message 17: by David (new)

David (guybrarian) | 3 comments I'm David, and I'm a readers advisory librarian in Seattle. I'm on the Fiction_L listserv, I write reviews and columns for various places - Booklist, Library Journal, the NoveList database - and I'm typically on some committee or other or am running my big mouth off at ALA. I like to make big big piles of books and then sometimes read them. I'm terrible at keeping track of what I read, and I don't think Good Reads or LibraryThing or any of this is making me one bit better, but I do like to see and comment on what my pals are reading, and some day... some day.... (-:

message 18: by Matt (new)

Matt | 8 comments I saw David speak last summer in DC at the ALA conferernce on Reader Advisory advice for the genders. He took on Reader's Advisory for men.
He is a great speaker, and knows a ton.

message 19: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (sarcare) | 2 comments Hey everyone!
I'm working part time for both UAPL and CML in Columbus while I'm getting my MLIS from Kent-Columbus. My focus is Youth Services, and I do a fair bit of reader's advisory in both of my positions, particularly grade school and teen books, but also some pre-literacy literature. I'm finding it a constant endeavor to keep up on what is out there.

message 20: by Bryan (new)

Bryan (librarianbryan) | 3 comments Hi Everyone,

I am a popular materials librarian at the Nashville Public Library in downtown Nash Vegas, two blocks from the Ryman. I deal primarily in adult fiction. I create a lot of displays and good reads has been very helpful.


message 21: by Bryan (new)

Bryan (librarianbryan) | 3 comments Good Reads works really well as a bibliographic utility in the sense of knowing what is popular or well regarded in certain niche genres. So if I am doing genre or author displays I can always go to Good Reads to get a lot of actual reader input. For very small genres the user defined tags are great. The reader reviews are here seem more authentic and less polemical than Amazon.

message 22: by Alvey (new)

Alvey | 1 comments Hi everyone,
I am currently working toward my MLIS from Kent State University, in Ohio. I work as a special education teacher in Xenia, and I also work as a reference substitute for Dayton Metro Library in Miamisburg, Ohio. When I finally grow up, I would like to work as a Media Specialist, or a teen librarian in a public library.
Thanks for letting me be a part of your group!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I too am working on my MLS (from Emporia State University in Kansas). Since my background is in information technology, my goal is to work in as a technology librarian, and then hopefully find my way to a rural area and put my experience and knowledge to use.

message 24: by Ann (new)

Ann | 1 comments Hello! I am one short week away from my MLIS from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I don't work at a library and may not for some time. (I do research in my current job, which helps to keep me connected.) I'm joining this group to stay up on what's going on in the field. One of my last classes is on Reader's Advisory-- neat to see some RA librarians on here! - Ann

message 25: by Tara (last edited Jul 26, 2008 09:53AM) (new)

Tara (ptero27) | 5 comments Hello! I'm a librarian at the Denver Public Library in the sunny state of Colorado and a writer for NoveList, both things I can't believe I am so lucky to be a part of!

I love GoodReads for the great recommendations I am able to get from friends and colleagues as well as keep in touch with fellow readers in other states. I primarily use GoodReads for books I get from the library, while I use LibraryThing for my personal library (though there can be overlap at times).

Does anyone know of a site similar to GoodReads but for movies or music? I know of some out there, but haven't heard much buzz about any of them.

I would love to be any librarian's friend - the weirder the reading tastes the better!


message 26: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Tara,

How did you become a writer with NovelList? That's do great. P*good

message 27: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Hi
I am an adult reference librarian in a medium sized library. I use goodreads to keep track of my books, those I've read and those I want to read. I like using goodreads for readers advisory as well.

message 28: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Black Hello!
I am just a few courses short of a MLIS at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. I am a returning student so this is an exciting new chapter for the last half of my working life and I am leaning toward readers advisory, and children's/YA much to my surprise!I am trying to decide how to best use Goodreads, and so far, it has been a place to connect, directing friends that ask "What should I read?" to my 'my books'. I want to evaluate what social software for books and reading suits me, and librarians best. I've found it a good sight for readers advisory so far.

message 29: by Tara (last edited Jul 26, 2008 09:52AM) (new)

Tara (ptero27) | 5 comments On the suggestion of a colleague, I emailed via their generic form and inquired about how one became a writer for them and all they required was that you submit writing samples. After submitting my samples, they sent me a contract, and VOILA! I have submitted two articles so far, though last I checked, only one was up, called "Capital Tales: Love and Intrigue inside the Beltway" under Mystery in the Feature Articles section. I've been trying to get on with BookList, but so far, can't even get an email back!

message 30: by Lucianna (new)

Lucianna (lucianna77) | 3 comments My name is Lucianne and I am a children's librarian from NY. I love reading contemporary romance, suspense novels and realistic fiction. I love to hear what books people loved and which they hated.Feel free to add me!

message 31: by Aly (last edited Feb 25, 2009 06:26PM) (new)

Aly Hi, My name is Alyson and I'm a youth services librarian in the Chicago area. I received my MLIS from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I was in the LEEP program, which is a fabulous online program -- great if you have a job, family, or both! I consider myself a "new" librarian since I started working in 2003 just before I graduated from library school.

I enjoy reading children's lit (of course!) and love authors like Jack Gantos, Jon Scieszka, Jerry Spinelli, Mem Fox, Lois Lowry, and Francesca Lia Block. I'm also catching up on other adult fiction/nonfiction and am currently reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.

message 32: by Jeff (last edited Jan 14, 2011 07:52PM) (new)

Jeff | 3 comments Hi everybody,

My name is Jeff, and I am the Director of the Bradford County Library in rural North eastern PA. I am a Syracuse Univ alum, class of 1993.

I had another job when I first got on here and since then I've been upgraded. Just last week I met an author on here who will be doing a book signing in June. I'm always looking for authors to promote.

message 33: by Adriana (new)

Adriana (msbibliotecaria) | 1 comments Hello. My name is Adriana and I am currently a YA/Reference Librarian at the County of Los Angeles Public Library, but I am moving on to the Alhambra Public Library as a Teen Librarian. I love reading YA fiction, and working with teens. I've been working as a public librarian for almost a year, but before that I worked as staff at three different academic libraries for over 8 years.

message 34: by Leslie (last edited Dec 09, 2008 01:00PM) (new)

Leslie (lesld) Hello everyone!

I'm Leslie and I currently work as a Library Assistant in Birmingham, Alabama. I just received my MLIS a few days ago. I will begin applying for librarian positions over the next few months.

I love reading fiction and nonfiction. I also enjoy children's and teen books. I look forward to readers' advisory tips and reading suggestions from everyone. I hope to have interesting discussions with the group.

message 35: by Leigh (new)

Leigh | 6 comments Greetings to all! My name is Leigh and I'm the Readers' Advisory Librarian for Kenton County Public Libraries in northern Kentucky. This is a newly created position and I've been at it for just over 2 months. I also create displays, lead book discussions, come up with RA workshops (well, I'm working on some), and occasionally bust out some showtunes.

Today I learned it's a good idea to get an email address, phone number, and even a library account number, if you want to contact someone. The short story is I researched and put together a list of audio book suggestions for a patron and sent the list to his email address. The address doesn't work and I can't find his name in our database. I saw him check books out so he must exist! Now I'm hoping I catch him next time he's in the library to give him the list. Zoinks!

To keep track of RA patrons, I currently create Word Documents for each patron and keep them in my personal folder. Does anyone have other suggestions?
Ideas welcome. Please feel free to "friend" me- I'd love to see what you're reading!

message 36: by Alan (new)

Alan | 4 comments Hi all,

I am a recent grad. adult and teen services librarian who does the movie ordering for a large library in suburban Chicago. I also teach a film history class at a local college. When I have time, I enjoy classic romans noir and get a lot of good use out of GoodReads. This question came up before and bears repeating:
Has anyone seen a good equivalent to GR for movies or music?

message 37: by Arminzerella (new)

Arminzerella Hey! I'm the young adult librarian at the Huntley Area Public Library (weeeeeest and noooooorth of Chicago). Goodreads has just become the major time suck in my life. Yay! :)

message 38: by Ann (new)

Ann | 3 comments Hi, I'm an adult services librarian with a title of cataloger, but I do a bit of programming, reader's advisory, reference, and anything else that comes my way. As a small-town librarian in Charlotte, Michigan I get to attempt to be all things to all people and have a lot of fun doing it. I am checking out Good Reads as a way to explore how to use groups like this to entertain myself personally, and professionally.

message 39: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (msoz76) | 1 comments Hello! I'm the Young Adult Librarian at the Glenview Public Library. My job is a little different than a lot of other YA Librarians in that I only order books and plan programs for teens in grades 9-12. I do enjoy when the younger kids attend my programs and hope to work with the Youth Services Dept. on new ideas and programs in the future. I've worked here for 9 years in the Adult (now Reader Services) Department. I LOVE Good Reads and enjoy it for both personal as well as professional use when looking to purchase books for teens.

message 40: by Sue (new)

Sue Hi, I work at a small public library in Sudbury Ontario. I have worked there for 7 years and enjoy it immensely. The only trouble I have is seeing all these great books pass my desk and not bringing them all home.

I will read just about everything but if a book doesn't interest me withing the first few pages I will put it away for another time. There are too many books out there to spend time on one that I'm not enjoying.

message 41: by rachelle (new)

rachelle (chellemarie) | 5 comments I am Rachelle and I think I'm re-introducing myself here. I worked part-time as a library assistant for the public library here but left for full-time hours elsewhere. I was hired back full-time last week. I've missed the library like mad and am psyched to get the position I've coveted.

My responsibilities will include the YA collection and programming, Reader's Advisor, and a column every four weeks for our local newspaper.

My head is swimming but I'm thrilled!

message 42: by Diane (new)

Diane Presta Hi, I'm an Adult Services Librarian for the Vernon Area Public Library in Illinois. I have been there for three years. My responsibilities include ordering for the YA collection, a few areas in the adult nonfiction, and Anime DVDs. I also work a lot with genealogy. I received my MLIS from UW-Milwaukee in 2006. I enjoy reading YA fiction and I read some classics or adult fiction when I can.

message 43: by Never (new)

Never (whatmountains) Hello, I'm a Youth Services Associate at Northlake Public Library in Illinois. I'm just finishing up library school, and am a big fan of Goodreads.

message 44: by Randy (new)

Randy Hi Bookheads,

Currently, I work at the Jim G. Ferguson/Searcy County Library in Marshall, Arkansas. We are a public bibliotheca here where I on a regualr basis do children's programming, my favorite venue due to my previous life as a high school journalism and English magician. As well, I trouble-shoot and build computer systems, do all incoming ILLs, facilitate an adult and teen book discussion and a writer's circle. I am also webmaster and E-Rate consultant. Our crown radiates a blinding becon as Best Small Public Library in Arkansas.

message 45: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Sullivan | 1 comments Hello, I'm a Reference/ILL librarian at the Powell Branch Library in Powell, Wyoming. I am new to Goodreads. I am having so much fun making my lists!

message 46: by claude (new)

claude lambert (MissCloud) | 6 comments Hi Maggie, I am retired living in Savannah, GA. I am curious to know what young and old people read in Powell. Over here, I think that the computers have more success than books, except for romance and study books, but the local librarians would certainly say that I am all wrong.

message 47: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (funlover) | 2 comments Hi, I'm the teen librarian at the Gallatin Public Library in Gallatin Tn. We have been in our wonderful new building for a year. I retired from Nashville Public as a manager. Knocked around for awhile and been at Gallatin a little over a year. The Teen position is one that is newly created. I have trouble getting teens to programs. Vampire books will not stay on the shelves.I also serve as back-up in the children's dept. and circulation.

message 48: by claude (new)

claude lambert (MissCloud) | 6 comments Hi Teresa, how is life in Gallatin? Here in Savannah we are having a beautiful day, but it is hard for people to find jobs. Please tell us more about the programs and the difficulties you meet with getting kids, maybe we can help.

message 49: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (funlover) | 2 comments We have tried Wii games, crafts, music((both groups and individual), dance party, etc. We have a core group of about 3 or 4. Food has been used to intice. I have plans for Tech week and I am going to try prizes. The only really successful event we had was a job fair. Over 100 attended. We advertise at schools, in the library, word of mouth and the newspapers. Any help would be appreciated.

message 50: by claude (new)

claude lambert (MissCloud) | 6 comments Do not know what to say, you got it perfectly. Two ideas come to mind:
1)make it hard to get in (like only females of this school for a week, or only if your birthday is in February, anything suitable that makes it special to join, then pick up another select group). Remember the horrible Mr Madoff: everybody wanted to give him money because he was so exclusive. Maybe the trick can serve a good cause.
2) make it more difficult. I had a science club with so many participants that I could not keep up. It was a summer in Savannah when kids did not find anything to do.
Let us know! It is a new year, you will be a success!

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