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I wrote this during the time I was reading the Twilight series (yes, I read the first three, and yes, I HATED them all at a later time)... so please no comments if some of it sounds a little like Twilight, that's the bad thing about an author reading while writing a story. But the friendship of someone I cared about greatly was in the hands of me finishing that book A.S.A.P.

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The Cloaked Sir and Mother Nature
This is one of my favorite stories I've written because I'd love to be the Princess of the story. The story starts with a prolouge that I had written as my daily warm-up, then it progressed from there. It's about a demon that is trying to escape the life of killing and chaos-causing, and become good. I'm not going to say more because there are a lot of things I might slip about this "demon".

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Jade's Demon
Jade is a magic healer, bonded to Greg; the son of the devil; which means dealing with him through his good and bad days. Greg is a demon trying to convert into being a human, they both spent their lives to turn him. Once Jess, a mystereous new student, comes to town; life is changed forever for all three of them.

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