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message 1: by Linton (last edited Jan 27, 2008 08:13PM) (new)

Linton | 1 comments MEXICAN SLANG 101, it's a humble thing, but really dominatest the niche of Mexican slang guides.

Check out the website for a cool little video I made: hey, dancing skeletons....

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And this is mine: Desire: Women Write About Wanting, Seal Press, November 2007. A collection of 23 essays by many well known women on the various kinds of desires women have: physical, emotional, spiritual, and so on. It's great. check out my website at


message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Moran (authorkellymoran) WHEN THE LEAVES STOP FALLING, by Kelly Moran. That's the new one, and getting great reviews so far. It's a work of fictional romance, but people are telling me to list it under literature or inspirational. Eh, it's all 3 I suppose. I have another book and reviews on my profile! My site has excerpts and such.
Kelly Moran

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim | 13 comments My book is the young adult novel, Songs for a Teenage Nomad. It was named the winner of the 2007 London Book Festival in the Teenage Category. AzTeen Magazine chose it as a Jan/Feb "Book Club" selection. "What is the soundtrack of your life?" After living in twelve places in eight years with her drifting mother, fourteen year old Calle Smith finds herself in Andreas Bay, California, at the start of ninth grade. Fearful of putting down roots anywhere, but armed with her song journal, she moves to her own soundtrack through a world that bounces her between the school drama crowd, a mysterious loner, and an unlikely boy who will become her first love. But it's the troubling truth Calle uncovers about the father she thought abandoned her that forces Calle to face the toughest choice of her young life.

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 1 comments My book, Despite Losing it on Finkle Street, was chosen as the launch title for a new imprint, Pioneer Readers, at Fygleaves Publishing.

Rachel Murdoch is living a lonely village life in the Lake District in the shadow of the memory of her grandparents. When she finds a young man who connects with her, she wonders if she may have at last found the new start she is looking for, despite the opposition she faces from his family.

But is Will hiding a secret, or is it just that the emotional holes in his life go to a depth that will stretch her beyond her limits? It is up to Rachel to put together the pieces of his past, and to decide whether she is still committed enough to stand by him.

message 6: by Russell (new)

Russell | 2 comments My latest novel, The Watershed Years, is a sequel to the first, In Open Spaces. My first novel made the San Francisco Chronicle's bestseller list, and got a starred review in Publisher's Weekly. They're both set on a ranch in Southeastern Montana, where my great grandparents were homesteaders.

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) The only book I have published is called "My Written Thoughts" . It is a compilation of poems that I wrote over a period of 4 and 1/2 years.

message 8: by Brian (new)

Brian | 2 comments My first novel,"Improved Lies" is a murder mystery-legal thriller. Murder,sex,and golf provide the arena for conflict. I hope my experience in over a hundred jury trials lends verisimilitude to the courtroom battle.
The Cinci Enquirer calls it: "A fresh look at the classic crime novel" The Jamaica Gleaner says: "Easily imagined as a Hollywood thriller."and "No doubt Kennedy can write." I hope you'll agree.For more please visit my website,

message 9: by Steven (new)

Steven | 4 comments Any chance of you guys making a post in:

I'm sure the audience here would appreciate the reasosn why you write or wrote your books.

All the very best

Steven Preece
Author of
Amongst The Marines
Always A Marine

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Debra (fercharthur) | 3 comments Hi!

I'm Debra Kemp and these are my books! I write historical fiction based on the King Arthur legends. It can be taken as fantasy as well as historical fiction. I don't market it as young adult, but I do have an audience of teen readers. Both books have earned multiple awards in their genres and have recieved high praise in "Arthuriana" the journal of the International Arthurian Society.

The series is called: The House of Pendragon. Book I is entitled The Firebrand.

Although sired by King Arthur, fate damns Lin to wear the slave collar of her half-brother Modred. Robbed of identity, she clings to dignity until freddom restores her birthright.

Book II: The Recruit

King Arthur's daughter, Lin, wants more than a life of weaving and gossip. Rejected and misunderstood by her mother, the Queen, Lin turns to her father for acceptance by joining his army.

Happy reading all!


message 11: by Kim (new)

Kim | 13 comments Hi Debra - I was also a Best Books Award Finalist in YA :-) Happy to know I'm in such good company! Your book looks super cool and I've forwarded it on to a couple of my students who LOVE King Arthur.

message 12: by Debra (new)

Debra (fercharthur) | 3 comments Kim,

Congrats on the Best Book Finalist!

And thanks for suggesting my work to your students! A few weeks ago I spoke at a local middle school about the history of my time period and about King Arthur--to about 60 sixth graders. I was petrified! But I dressed in my Ren Faire garb and had period replica pieces and artwork to pass around and once the questions started flowing, I was fine. A few days later I got a packet of thank you notes in the mail--I have fans in the local middle school here in Noblesville!

Kindest regards,

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim | 13 comments How fun! I wish you could come to our school. I've been touring with my book on the West Coast and the school visits are by far the best part! :-)

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Terry Reschke (terryreschke) | 1 comments Ok my books are A Dragon's Birth and The Attic Above.

message 15: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 17, 2008 08:20PM) (new)

My first book is a supernatural thriller called "Elizabeth's Book."

My second book, due out this summer, is titled "Nabuzzicharr." It's the story about a demon named Nabuzzicharr who tries to prematurely start the final war between good and evil and it's up to a demonologist and two amature ghost hunters to stop him.


CJ Caron

message 16: by Clare (new)

Clare Bell (rathacat) | 3 comments Hi Goodreaders,

I'm Clare Bell, the author of the Ratha series, (Ratha's Creature and sequels) about a clan of intelligent prehistoric cheetah- and puma-like big cats. The series has recently been re-issued by Viking-Penguin Firebird Books and is available on various web bookseller sites as well as bookstores.

The books are:
Ratha's Creature
Clan Ground
Ratha and Thistle-chaser
Ratha's Challenge
and the new Ratha's Courage

Fans of the Warrior series, Tailchaser's Song and other cat fantasies often enjoy this series. People who liked Darkwing (prehistoric bats) would also like Ratha.

My website is, and has artwork, sculpture, video, a webcast interview and various other items about the series. It includes The Scratching Log, which has "Ratha's Creatures", a series of articles about the prehistoric creatures that appear in the series.


message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

So good to see your books and hope they do good at selling too! I am a new Author and hope you visit the sites to learn about my kiddie book! Katie-Bears own page:
my new KIDDIE book review is here:
pre-order book here:

Thanks so much and have a glorious day! Katie

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey saw your new book! I do hope it sells a million! I am a new Author and hope you visit the sites to learn about my kiddie book! Katie-Bears own page:
my new KIDDIE book review is here:
pre-order book here:

Thanks so much and have a glorious day! Katie

message 19: by Paula (last edited Mar 20, 2008 11:39AM) (new)

Paula Uruburu (puruburu) | 11 comments Hey all. My book, American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit Stanford White, The Birth of the "It" Girl, and the Crime of the Century, is currently featured in April Vogue and is coming out May 1st from Riverhead Press. Please take a look at my website (which is under construction but will be fully functional by next week -- I've been told) to see why she "put one man in the grave and another in the bughouse."

message 20: by James (last edited Mar 20, 2008 02:38PM) (new)

James (jamesdbest) Hello

I've been a member of this group for a few months, but have been busy getting my latest book through editing and proofreading. I had a break today and spent some time in the forums. Very interesting. I guess I've been missing a lot.

My current novel is The Shopkeeper--a genre Western. Good reviews and respectable sales. My next book is titled The Shut Mouth Society. It's a modern-day mystery about a recently discovered Abraham Lincoln document. If you find either of these interesting then you can learn more at:

message 21: by Chester (last edited Mar 23, 2008 02:57PM) (new)

Chester | 10 comments Speaking of new books, my fourth Greg McKenzie mystery came out in February. It's The Marathon Murders . My protags are retired Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations) Agent Greg and his wife, Jill, McKenzie, PI's who live in Nashville. The plot deals with a 90-year-old murder, the ultimate cold case. It is centered around the Marathon Motor Works, which built a popular touring car in Nashville between 1910 and 1914. Roundtable Reviews called it "a skillfully woven tale that shows detective fiction wannabes how it's supposed to be done." Check it out at my website:

message 22: by Roy (new)

Roy | 1 comments My book "Winged Creatures" (and the screenplay I wrote based on it) has been made into a film starring Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce. The movie will out this year.

“This well-crafted debut packs a wallop.”

“The survivors of a gun massacre struggle with the aftermath in Freirich's stark, impressive debut.
--Publisher’s Weekly

“A riveting debut novel about the aftermath of a mass shooting in a fast food restaurant.... A sure-fire page-turner and, without question, has great movie written all over it, vividly reminiscent of Atom Egoyan's great The Sweet Hereafter."
--Rex Pickett, author of Sideways

message 23: by Dana (new)

Dana Donovan (encyber) | 2 comments My niche is paranormal mysteries: ghosts, witches and things like that. I’ve posted excerpts from several of my novels on my goodreads page. Go ahead, take a peek.

message 24: by G. (new)

G. Andi (g_andi_rhos) | 1 comments Congratulations to all of you on your books. I am duly impressed! And I see a couple have been turned into movies. Wow! Maybe some of that will rub off on me. LOL!

My debut novel is entitled "And It Goes Like This..." It's a coming-of-age/family saga Blatino urban fiction tale. My genres are street lit (urban fiction), women's fiction, and contemporary fiction with latino and/or black central characters.

I wish y'all continued writing success.

message 25: by Werner (new)

Werner Hi, I'm new to the group --just joined this week. My novel, Lifeblood (Silver Lake, 2004) is a vampire romance, which got a very favorable review from The Midwest Book Review, and a highly complimentary customer review on Amazon as well. I've gotten a lot of feedback from readers who've really liked it, and so far haven't heard from any who didn't :-); it appeals to many readers who don't like other vampire fiction, because it has a more wholesome tone than some other examples of the genre. The Library of Congress catalogers gave it a "Vampires --Juvenile fiction" heading as well as "Vampires --Fiction," so it's appropriate for teens as well as adults (one teen public library reading club just loved it!). If you want to read more about it, you can click on it on the group "read" shelf below!

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey! My new kiddie book is out and selling at Amazon, B & N and other online bookstores now! I
do hope you all go see The Adventures Of Katie- Bear on one or more of the sites listed below and
let me know what you think. Also have a new book
a Christian fiction coming out in Summer '08 and hope you see/buy it too! Thanks for reading my post here! Have a life of peace and love. Katie

message 28: by Werner (new)

Werner Hi, Katie! Since I'm the author who recently posted a message about a vampire novel, I'm assuming you were suggesting that the two of us review each other's books. I think you'd enjoy my book, and I'd be honored to have a review on Goodreads! Truth to tell, I'm not a big reader of kid's books, at least those for little kids (I'm 55), so maybe I'm not the best reviewer you could find. BUT, I'm the book selector for the college library where I work, and I'll see about buying your book for the library (we have a Juvenile collection). And let us know when your Christian fiction book comes out this summer; I'd be interested in reading and reviewing it.

My apologies for posting this to the group if it's not of general interest --I tried to send it as a message just to Katie, but it didn't go through.

message 29: by [deleted user] (last edited May 18, 2008 04:16AM) (new)

Hello everyone,

I'm Niki Aguirre, the author of 29 Ways to Drown, a collection of 10 short stories released last year. The stories are set in London, South America and the US, and run the gamut from magic realism to gritty contemporary tales of betrayal and despair. The book has been getting good reviews and was recently longlisted for the Frank O'Connor Award. I'm currently working on my first novel.

Best of luck and I hope you check it out.


message 30: by Dorien (new)

Dorien | 41 comments Congratulations, Niki. 29 Ways to Drown is a great title! I wish you the best of luck with it, and with your forthcoming novel.

Best Regards,


message 31: by Werner (new)

Werner Well, Katie, you do have a point --and of course, I read kid's books to my daughters when they were growing up, and I've selected juvenile books when I was a public librarian. So, if we get your book for the college library collection, I'll give it a review!

The reason my message(s) to you directly failed to go through (twice) is that your Goodreads page is apparently set up to not accept messages (and brings up a notice to that effect when I try to send one). If you clicked on something accidentally when you were setting up your page, you might want to re-check your settings.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Well I have spoken of my new Christian fiction book, MY FIRST 24 HOURS IN HELL, will be coming out soon. Publisher says next month!
Whooo-hooo! Can't wait and hope you all check it
out and give it a "Good-read" (a little pun on words kind of)! :) It can be found on all of these sites now.

At Living Waters Publishing company site it is on
pre-order for a good discount! : Go grab one if
you find time! I really appreciate all of the reads and reviews any of you wonderful people can
give my books! Have a great week and a life of Peace and Love! V. K. Sansone (Katie)

message 33: by Werner (new)

Werner Katie, glad to hear you ordered my book! I hope you enjoy it.

I've run off a copy of the Amazon material about your kiddie book for the instructor who teaches our Children's Lit. course; since their aren't many reviews of your book (or any professional ones), I'd like to get her feedback. Just as a general piece of advice, author-to-author: it probably doesn't do much good to review your own book. People tend to think that we authors aren't the most objective judges of our own work --and they're right about that. Of course, when friends tell you they like your book, it's perfectly okay to encourage them to share their thoughts on Amazon, as long as you don't try to put words in their mouths (or offer to, say, bake them brownies if they give you a good review. :-) ). That's how I got a review on Amazon. It's hard to get respectable journals to review a small press book, but your publisher should at least try --you may want to check your contract on that to see if they agreed to send out a certain number of review copies.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes you are right. I thought about it after I did it, but let it stand. Yea I have several friends who said they would like to do it but they seem to have a "fear" of doing something to the computer if they try! Some people really DO have a fear of messing with their puter! LOL! Yes I would rather have an honest opinion on my book too. I don't bake brownies so they would be out of luck! LOL! Peace!

message 35: by James (new)

James (jamesdbest) My second novel, The Shut Mouth Society, has been released and is now available on Amazon. This isn't the sequel to The Shopkeeper. Shut Mouth is a mystery/suspense story that links Abraham Lincoln with a modern day criminal cartel. I'm very pleased with how Leadville is developing and now, with the publication of Shut Mouth, I'll focus all my attention on this sequel to The Shopkeeper.

Can Civil War secrets destroy twenty-first century America?

The Shut Mouth Society is a police action story that interweaves some interesting American History. When a rich Santa Barbara collector acquires a newly discovered Abraham Lincoln document, he asks detective Greg Evarts and UCLA professor Patricia Baldwin to authenticate it. Their research launches them into a dangerous struggle with a secret society formed during Reconstruction. Before they can solve the mystery surrounding the Lincoln manuscript, a shocking murder forces them to run for their lives.
As they race across the country, they discover a Civil War secret that could upset the balance of power in North America. Now Evarts and Baldwin must unravel the 150-year-old conspiracy before it’s too late … and before they are silenced for good.

message 36: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Ascroft | 3 comments Hi everyone,

My book is an historical fiction, 'Hitler and Mars Bars'. It's the moving story of a German boy, evacuated from his homeland, and his journey to manhood through loss, loneliness, fear, uncertainty, love and hope in wartorn Germany and post-war rural Ireland.

My website is:
The book can also be ordered from and as well as other online retailers.

Dianne Ascroft

message 37: by Dorien (new)

Dorien | 41 comments Hi, Dianne:

All the best of luck with "Hitler and Mars Bars" (which certainly has one of the most unusual titles in recent memory). It sounds like a fascinating read.


message 38: by GW (new)

GW Pickle (gwpickle) | 3 comments HI, I'm G W Pickle and my first book SENTI Book One of the Jackwill Chronicles was released in April. It's SF, but I call it space opera with no aliens. It's got plenty of action, adventure, and several plot twists to keep it interesting. It was released last year as an E-book by StarDust Press. SDP is now out of business. Trytium Press, a new small press using POD technology, is now publishing it in paperback. I must say I'm very happy with both my book (quality) and my new publisher. It's avaliable from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several web sights in Europe, UK, and Australia. Most of my reviews are from the E-book version, but I do have one or two based on the new & improved book. Actually it's the same book with chapter 1, of Book 2 of ther Jackwill Chronicles included.
G W Pickle

message 39: by susie (new)

susie  hawes (ghostposts) | 9 comments sweet! I read that one, and it's worth picking up.

message 40: by Austin (last edited Jul 09, 2008 10:52AM) (new)

Austin Hello fellow authors and readers,

My latest novel, Crimson Orgy, is a thriller set in the low-budget filmmaking world of the mid-1960s.

"An unnervingly enjoyable debut."
- Publishers Weekly

“A deftly written, exciting tale from first page to last. Highly recommended.”
- Midwest Book Review

“Extremely entertaining... mixes suspense with black humor and old fashioned gory horror to create a gripping read.”
- Book Buzz

Best of luck to all,

message 41: by Dorien (new)

Dorien | 41 comments Impressive reviews from an impressive list of reviewers! Congratulations!


message 42: by Carl (new)

Carl Brookins (carlw) | 23 comments Hello!
I'm quite pleased about my two latest. BLOODY HALLS, from Echelon Press, is based on 25 years working in St. Paul with Metropolitan State University.

The other is THE CASE OF THE GREEDY LAWYERS, a paperback edition of my first PI novel. Nodin Press published it. Great cover, and of course I think the book is grand.

message 43: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cindylouyoung) | 1 comments Hello,

My book is "Out of the Fog - Tragedy on Nantucket".

This is a true story (non-fiction/memoir) about the Northeast plane crash that occurred in 1958.

Cindy Lou Young

message 44: by Dorien (new)

Dorien | 41 comments Hi, Cindy Lou:

"Out of the Fog" sounds intriguing. I'll have to check it out. Best of luck with it!


message 45: by Laurel-Rain (new)

Laurel-Rain | 11 comments Hi, I have four published books so far---the fifth is in production as we speak.

The first four are listed on my profile page and are available on "An Accidental Life" is a coming-of-age story of four teens who experiment with everything dangerous during one hot summer in California's Central Valley, and how the effects ripple in all their lives and the lives of their loved-ones for some time. The second is "Embrace the Whirlwind", a chronicle of one young woman's quest for love, despite childhood abuse, and after making many poor choices along the way. "Chasing Stardust" reveals one young woman's illusory dreams and how her search leads her toward a hard reality, but ultimately toward finding herself. "Miles to Go" is the journey of two 70s radicals over a 30-year period, and how their lives and loves are impacted by their choices and actions along the way. The friendship of the women over three decades is the most significant aspect of their lives.

Excerpts from "Web of Tyranny", my fifth book, are on my profile page. A young girl, victimized by a tyrannical father, subsequently finds herself in still another stultifying relationship in her marriage. Overcoming the childhood abuse and learning to make a satisfying life for herself is her ultimate goal.

message 46: by Jean (new)

Jean Holloway (jeanholloway) | 2 comments Hi all,
If you (or any one you know) would be interested in a hot romantic thriller with an intelligent Black woman as the heroine, you should check me out! Ace of Hearts, my debut novel, is getting GREAT reviews!
and has been nominated in the Mystery category for the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show!
Please go to my website:, click on “Special Announcements” and vote for me. Voting ends September 5, 2008
This is so exciting!!
Thanks, in advance, for your vote.
Heartfully Yours,

message 47: by Angela (new)

Angela | 5 comments Hello my goodreads friends!

For those of you who like SEX AND THE CITY and who dread more bad news about the mortgage crisis, my first novel, LEGS, is just for you!

Right now, you can order it as a paperback or an e-book directly from the publisher:

It will be available soon on and by November 1st.

And, if you want an autographed copy, please send me a message on goodreads to let me know.

Thanks for all your love and support!

message 48: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin | 2 comments Hello fellow self-promoting authors,
I saw Paul McCartney in concert in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, and it was nothing short of remarkable. For those of you who write about personal experience and everyday people, I thought you might be interested in reading about a night that has stuck with me not just for the good music but for the feeling of being part of two historic moments, the concert itself, but also the Beatles. I wrote about it on my blog (, where you can see video of the show, but also pasted the text below.


Benjamin Orbach
author of Live from Jordan

Beatlemania in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – A little more than a week later and the Beatle’s invasion can still be felt on Shankin Street, Ibn Gvirol, and along the Ayalon Freeway. From the windows of passing cars and descending from the second and third stories of downtown apartments come the sounds of All You Need is Love and Let it Be.

Last Thursday night, somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 people converged on Park HaYarkon in the heart of Tel Aviv to hear Sir Paul McCartney in concert. In the days leading up to the concert, the local papers covered the legend’s comings and goings. He visited the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, his entourage spent about $110,000 on hotel rooms, and streets were closing to prepare for the thousands of pedestrians trying to make up for lost time.

In 1965, the Israeli government banned the Beatles from performing in Israel, fearing they would corrupt the morals of the country’s youth. Earlier this year, the “ban” was formally lifted and an apology was issued to McCartney, Ringo, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison. Forty-three years later, it was Islamic militants who tried to keep McCartney away. A radical preaching from Lebanon threatened McCartney’s life for performing in Israel. To the joy of Israelis, Sir Paul paid the threats no mind.

VIP seats in the open air HaYarkon Park went for about $1500 and the cheapest seats – on the lawn, where I swayed with thousands of others – were about $150 a pop. My wife bought the tickets and I only found out how much they cost the day of the concert. Had I known the bill, I probably would have missed something rare and beautiful. With the U.S. economy melting down and people losing their homes, it is hard to write these words, but Paul McCartney live was worth at least a few nights of pasta at home and the sandwiches I’ll be eating for lunch for a while.

At about half past 8 last Thursday night, he burst on to the stage and sang Hello, Goodbye. Under two towering video screens that projected his image into the night, with a slideshow backdrop of flashing oranges and yellows, he belted out the lyrics and the crowd loved him for it.

Maybe he starts every show that way – I don’t know – but I suddenly realized that I was at a Beatles concert. True, it was just a single Beatle with one of the greatest cover bands ever (honestly, I’m not even sure if they have a name), but it occurred to me that I was watching history. Those clips I’d seen over the years, of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, being chased around the world by hordes of screaming women, and performing against seemingly every possible backdrop, and here they were, right in front of me!

Okay, okay, it was just one Beatle, but I found it overwhelming to think about the people he’d met over the last forty some years, the places he’d been, and the things he saw. In 1965, when he and the others never made their trip here, Israel was a farm-in-the-desert country, its existence threatened by its neighbors. The civil rights movement was ascendant in the U.S. as we sunk into Vietnam. And Paul McCartney was a 23 year-old kid with the world in the palm of his hand.

So much is different, some is very much the same; unquestionably, Paul McCartney held the crowd in the palm of his hand. He started speaking in Hebrew, thanking us and wishing all a happy Jewish new year. Later in the show, in Hebrew, he dedicated songs to his late wife Linda, George Harrison, and John Lennon. As A Day in the Life, the tribute to John Lennon, wound down, McCartney broke into a chorus of All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance. The crowd erupted, hands in the air, we chanted along not wanting the night or the moment to end.

He thrilled the crowd with “Ahlan, Jude.” Like a pinball bouncing around, McCartney switched instruments between guitars, the piano, and a little mandolin. When he played Live and Let Die the concert was transformed into a pyrotechnic bonanza with fireworks blasting into the sky. My favorite part of the two and a half hour show was when he sent the band offstage and crooned Blackbird. The crowd sang along softly, waiving their cellphones in the air. No longer a farm-in-the-desert country, Israel is a high tech capital and people are just as likely to have a blackberry as they are a lighter, at least with this cost of admission.

On a Thursday night in Tel Aviv, with boundless energy, eyebrows reaching upwards, and his face fixed in a smile, Paul McCartney took 40-some thousand Israelis and assorted expats to another place and another time. And at the end of the show, after a couple of encores, he wished us a Shana Tova and Ramadan Karim, and sent us off humming into the night, a part of history.

message 49: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) hi everyone :o)

My book, Utamaro Revealed, was published at the end of September this year. Kitagawa Utamaro is one of the most revered Japanese woodblock print artists, and yet there are very few books written specifically about him in English... and my book is the only one which concentrates on the subjects he portrayed in his prints.

My web site is here

And if you have any interest in Japanese art, I can be found rambling on about it here

message 50: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (paguthrie) | 26 comments Hi Steve

I went to Goodreads site and the qualifications defined non-fiction. I'd love to put up why I wrote Waterlilies Over My Grave, but--
Same with In the Arms of the Enemy.

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