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Do you want Amy to be with Ben or Ricky ?

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Beca (becablue14) | 4 comments Ricky :)

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Why Ricky

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Okay but still Ben has been there from the start.

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Idk,but I think that both Ben and Ricky have caused Amy alot of confusion and drama.

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Yes. but Ricky has caused her more.

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But I can see the point were you would say that they jave both caused her a lot of confusions.

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give me 1 reason why it is Ricky.

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Ben has been there more for Amy than Ricky has.

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Please write a comment!!!!!!!!

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments ricky because he loves her and ben is to desperate i know ricky's a player but i'd pick him over ben any day and when he volunteered to stay the night at amy's it was so sweet because he loves that baby.

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Yea but he is still sleeping with Adriana. On the show he has been with Adriana, Amy, and Grace!!!!!!!

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments Yes but I think that's because of his dad I think now that he has a son he's just dating Adriana until amy breaks up with ben. But he's not cheating on anyone anymore so he's got my vote.

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He didn't have to do that just because of his. He is his own person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments He was sleeping with girls mainly I think because he was look for a connection in some way with anyone. I'm probally not making any sense

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments ?

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He doesen't care about a connection!!!!!!!!!!!

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments I think he does you keep thinking of him as a player. But he isn't anymore.

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Are you blind or something ?

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments No this season he isn't

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Devon Yea ricky

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I say BEN!! Ben is way nicer than Ricky!

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Haley (hegefeld97) Ricky, Ben is way too clingy!!

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Ben needs to leave Ricky!!!

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Plkw3rainbow | 20 comments i hate ben more and more with each episode as a boyfriend. i wish ricky and amy would just go out.
i'm so glad they finally have a gay guy at the high school.

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Daisy Personally I think i'd rather have Ricky with Amy.
A:he's better with Jon so having him there would make John's life a little easier

B: He can tell amy to shut up and deal with it

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Kami ♥  C. Idk its hard, there are good and bad things about both of them.

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BTW everyone its Adrienne

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I can't wait for the new season.

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Kami ♥  C. I stopped watching the show cause of Amy's attitude, it drove me nuts!!!

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I know what you talking about!!!!!!!!

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Kami ♥  C. I loved the rest of the characters but i didnt like Amy.

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Are you Crazy?

Cierra Buckles  | 11 comments Mod

Cierra Buckles  | 11 comments Mod
any 1 out there?

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