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message 1: by Holli (last edited May 11, 2009 07:22AM) (new)

Holli This is going to be a weekend about great conversation, excellent food and activities, and A LOT of girl-bonding so hope to see ya there! The dates for this Charleston, SC trip are October 17th-18th...some are thinking of coming the 16th-18th and making it a long weekend.

Here is the list of all the girls interested in joining us on this (if you are new to the group look up the CoL Weekend Research thread in a previous post by Tera and catch a quick update)

Definite Yes ---8

Dolly (just going for the day)

Maybe ---17
Cindy Lou

Potential total----27

message 2: by Holli (last edited May 02, 2009 12:49PM) (new)

Holli I moved this thread over here so we can have a fresh place to discuss the upcoming trip. I'm really excited about this and now that its just 5 months away I'd like to get started on the planning. I will move over the info from the other thread that is specific to this trip and I'm hoping to add some new Chicks to this list and get definite answers from the ones who were undecided awhile ago.

Please let me know if you are new to the group and would like to get in on this trip or if you are already on the list and can tell me if you are coming or not. It will help us out immensely!

message 3: by Holli (new)

Holli Our destination is Charleston, South Carolina and oh what a fun place this will be!! I'm going to give you some excerpts from a book I read on Charleston and see what you think :)

Discover a place where the past is still present, where gas-lit lamps flicker in the warm southern breezes. Cobblestone streets pave the way to intriguing boutiques and exquisite dining. Encounter historic houses and museums, attractions, pristine beaches and world-class golf in one destination that has been welcoming visitors for more than 300 years. Lovingly preserved homes, churches and public buildings line the tree-shaded streets, serving as a living testament to the city's illustrious past. History is literally found around every corner, providing a focal point for a visit to this intriguing city. Much of the Historic District includes Charleston's original commercial areas, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely walk to fine galleries, boutiques and restaurants.

The Peninsula~~ The charm of the Charleston peninsula is due in no small part to its varied and historically telling architecture. By day or evening, an air of romance envelopes the city and gives visitors a glimpse of what once was while still experiencing a living, breathing place. Quaint stories add humor and spice to walking tours and give history a personal touch.

The Cuisine~~ The area has claimed its place among the nation's best culinary destinations with Lowcountry, French, and Caribbean cuisine along with everything else Southern you can think to want.

The Islands~~ A necklace of sea islands extends along Charleston's eastern and western reaches, offering wide white beaches and sparkling ocean views.

The Historic District~~ Touring the Historic Dist is like eavesdropping on all of the quirky characters in a lengthy family tree. Here, centuries old buildings have as many stories as the people who live and work in them. Local residents and tour company guides alike can describe layers of dramas that have unfolded behind elegant iron gates and flower-covered walls. Just ask. Charleston is also known as the "Holy City" for all of the elegant steeples and spires that punctuate the skyline and you can't forget the "other" residents of Charleston (ghost tours abound in this city).

Weather~~~ The Charleston area has a semi-tropical climate with typically mild winters and warm summers. Hurricane season is June thru Sept and they are mainly affected by tropical storms and not hurricanes.

The Airport~~ located in Charleston and is 7 miles from the Historic Downtown where it is recommended you stay. Hotels abound downtown and Charleston is considered a "walking city" so you won't need a rental car to get around. To see plantations or the beach you do need a rental car or can go by taxi and most places are about a 15 minute drive away from downtown.

Lots of historic inns, B&B's, hotels to stay in and the two hotels I called will work with us on rates for a large group.

Lots to do and see here if you like Southern charm, good food, history and a warm climate!!

message 4: by Holli (last edited May 02, 2009 12:56PM) (new)

Holli Message from Tera:

We have found a hotel that we believe will be a good fit!


It isn't a 4 star but it's also not a motel hell. We thought something middle of the road would allow more of you to be able to join us.

The cost is 130.00 a night. If that is shared with 2-4 women then your cost is pretty reasonable for the stay. It's close to downtown and has shuttles running through the day to take you to different sites. It is along the river too which I love the water! The rate quoted was NOT with a group discount. We can't get a group discount until we have enough to qualify. With maybes up in the air we cant lock that in. However, if we do get enough people that are a go at the current rate we can call back and negotiate a group rate.

I am contacting local book stores and chamber of commerce to find us some fun special things.

Holli is working with a master email list if you want to be included please let her know. The more solid of a number count we get the better we will be able to determine the things that we can get and the cost at which can get them.

message 5: by Renee (new)

Renee (elenarenee) | 275 comments Ohhhhhh OHHHHH I am new but can new people still sign up?


message 6: by Holli (new)

Holli You sure can! Would you like to join us Renee?

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments Ah..i really want to come! I just have no idea where the heck I'll be at this point next year. I don't want to say a definite yes..but if I was around I'd love to go! My birthday is the would be a nice little birthday weekend for me! :)

message 8: by Renee (new)

Renee (elenarenee) | 275 comments Yes I would love to its far enough off I can put a request in at work. I may be able to convince one of my g/fs to come too

message 9: by Holli (last edited May 03, 2009 05:56AM) (new)

Holli Jamie, its for this October....does that help you some?

Renee, I will add you to the list as a definte yes then.

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments Holli wrote: "Jamie, its for this October....does that help you some?

Renee, I will add you to the list as a definte yes then."

haha I honestly wish I knew where I was going to be this October as well..what's the latest that you think I can make that decision? I'd be flying if I went..out of Philly..and I have a Southwest gift card so that would help some of the cost if I had to book the flight later.

message 11: by Holli (new)

Holli I think some of us are willing to share a room too if that helps you! I'm thinking the latest (and correct me if I'm wrong Tera) but I would think we'd need to know ABSOLUTELY by Sept 1st. I'd love to know sooner so we can reserve rooms and get tours planned but so far many are still up in the air. We're waiting on them to let us know before we start planning.

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments Holli wrote: "I think some of us are willing to share a room too if that helps you! I'm thinking the latest (and correct me if I'm wrong Tera) but I would think we'd need to know ABSOLUTELY by Sept 1st. I'd lo..."

Sounds great! I can definitely let you know by then! And I'd love to share a room if anybody was willing!

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) ONLY 5 MONTHS AWAY?! This year is going WAY too fast for me!

message 14: by Holli (new)

Holli I know it is huh? I was just thinking the same thing when I typed that.....not too much longer now!!

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Seriously, that is boggling my mind!

message 16: by Renee (new)

Renee (elenarenee) | 275 comments Thanks So much I am trying to talk my mother and or a gf to be my roommat

message 17: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I wish I could go but I have homework (I always have homework). *Sigh* Maybe we could done another one some other time, after this one, over winter break or summer vacation.

message 18: by Justine (new)

Justine (paperbackheart) Add me to the "maybe" list. I need to check out flight prices from California but I should know one way or the other soon.

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments ooh Justine..if both of us maybes turn into a yes..perhaps we could room together?

message 20: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hickman (bkread2) | 233 comments I have noticed looking on-line the other day that sometimes if booking flight & room together you can get a deal for this hotel. From the Tulsa through Dallas for Friday through Sunday with both it was something like $835 for a room to yourself...mmmm a king all by myself no pets!!! But I am sure that flight costs will probably drop a bit more.

Maybe if we can say where we are coming from maybe some of us can meet on the flight to Charleston (for those of us flying in)

message 21: by Holli (new)

Holli I certainly will get you on the list Justine.

Leslie, great idea! I use Travelocity alot and I know if you book the flight and room together its much cheaper.

message 22: by Justine (new)

Justine (paperbackheart) Sounds like a plan Jamie.

message 23: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy85) | 94 comments Holli- this sounds really fun! I'm new, but unfortunately, I can't make it. However, I did want to point out in the description that it's "a lot" not "alot". Sorry, it's just one of my pet peeves!

message 24: by Holli (new)

Holli Thanks so much Joy........

message 25: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy85) | 94 comments no problem! Being an English teacher has its problems...I can't stop editing!

message 26: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
I hate to say this but I now have to move myself to the Maybe list. My brother in law just announced his engagement and they are looking at that weekend as a possible date for their wedding. :( They want to get married sometime between Oct and the 2nd week of Nov. I am crossing my fingers and will let everyone know when but if it's that weekend I will have to go to it as much as I would rather be hanging out with you guys.
Ill keep you updated.

message 27: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hickman (bkread2) | 233 comments well, the good thing is that prices for flights, etc. keep going down so maybe that will make it more affordable for others. If anyone is on the fence and sharing a room will help I am willing to split a room

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Oh no Tera! Who will raid the rooms of all their little soaps, shampoo's & conditioners with me if you can't make it?!

message 29: by Holli (new)

Holli Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to come to Charleston either. With my upcoming move and some family obligations that just sprang up unexpectedly on me I have to be elsewhere that weekend. I'm so sorry!!

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Serious bummer. (And I actually mean that seriously!)

message 31: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments Holli, I know how you and Tera were looking forward to the trip. Sorry it's not going to work for you!

message 32: by Holli (new)

Holli I know..... :(

message 33: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
Well, I am disappointed to make this announcment but it seems the only logical choice.
At this time we are going to cancell the COL weekend.
With myself having to move to the maybe list because of a possible wedding and Holli having to move to the No list it just doesn't seem possible for us to plan and carry out this exciting weekend. No one is more bummed out that Holli and me.
In my mind however we are simply postponing it until we can revamp the idea and make it one more universal and accessible to more of you.
It was/is terribly hard to plan events and secure group discounts when our numbers were either too fluid or not enough to get the type of things we wanted for everyone. We both believe in the future those things will happen.
Part of the blame I am sure is mine. I have grand ideas that I believe in and sometimes I want to put them in place right now right away and I have to learn that there is a process and a ladder of steps to be climbed that are hard to skip.

With that in mind we are going to focus on smaller events in different areas that is more centrally located. One thing we are looking at are the book festivals across the country.

There will be a sizeable group that will be going to the Texas Book Festival in Austin this fall. As long as the wedding isn't that weekend I will host a luncheon and am really considering renting a room downtown to have a slumber party for everyone that comes along. The events and activities offered that weekend are all encompassing and do not fall on our shoulders to plan, host or coordinate.
There is also a Book Festival in NYC that I so want to go to. I know that is more centrally located for some of you and I am hoping that those in the area will plan a get together, even if it's just coffee at starbucks. I plan to attend next year and hope we can get a group that would like to go and maybe spend a day in NYC catching a show and doing tourist like things.
So what the step we are taking to someday holding our own CoL book lovin chick funnin weekend is to regroup, start small and local and eventually come together as bonds and interest grow to make something bigger happen.
Until that time Holli and I (and maybe we can drag Meg in on this ; ) ) will try to keep everyone up to date on book festivals and events that are going on around the country and hopefully put some of you in contact with each other to connect.
Thank you for your understanding of this. It was a tough decision for us to make because we both were so in love with this idea.

message 34: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments OK so here is an idea. I am more than delighted to post book festival information as soon as I get them. When I post them, whoever lives in that area that might want to go start a thread and try to get others to go/commit. Since we are a book group this seems to be a great progression. This way, no one will feel obligated and if you can't make one you might be able to make another. How does this sound?

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments Ohh you should definitely all come to the one in NYC! So close to me!

message 36: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy85) | 94 comments Close to me, too! When is it! I should definitely be able to make that one! Jamie- whereabouts are you?

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 369 comments I'm in Bucks County, I'm not super close but it would only be a train ride. I know alot of people who go for the day or work in NYC and it is apparently not a bad commute. Where are you?

message 38: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments I am so sorry this is not going to work out but the book festival idea sounds fantastic!

It would be neat to come up with a US map and put stars on everyone's location. I only know where a few of you are. I would have liked to have something like this as I was traveling across the country last month; I may have went right by some of you and never known it!!

Maybe some of us could get together as a conference call at some point; that would be fun and at least I could put a voice to a name/picture!

message 39: by Holli (new)

Holli I'm also disappointed that the Charleston trip did not come to fruition but after discussing it with Tera yesterday we decided that maybe it just needs more time. I'm happy that some of you would be open to meeting up in smaller groups at book festivals in your areas and I think Meg has a great idea started with how to organize them. I've actually got something in mind on how to get the organization going here in the group so be on the lookout for that soon!

message 40: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy85) | 94 comments Jamie wrote: "I'm in Bucks County, I'm not super close but it would only be a train ride. I know alot of people who go for the day or work in NYC and it is apparently not a bad commute. Where are you?"

I'm on Long Island, so also just a train-ride away. Hopefull we'll meet up at the NYC festival!

message 41: by Holli (new)

Holli Meg needs to start a NYC Festival post in the Book Festival Meet-ups thread I think! :)

message 42: by Thauna (new)

Thauna I'm playing around this morning...or maybe I should say goofing off. I'm on baby vacation and baby and new momma are sleeping. I should be cleaning the house, but instead I'm here trying to catch up. ;o)

Jumped on the map idea (cause I'm a techie).

I think I made it so anyone can edit and add to it and I sent Holli a link to collaborate and Holli you can invite any other collaborators. Or scrap it, just an idea.

Addresses are not necessary so we don't need to give out any personal info. I just put my first name and my city/state. If any one is ever in my area I'd love to meet up for coffee or a meal or whatever...even just give you suggestions on what to see or do here.

If you're traveling you could just DM someone to make contact.

It would be great to post festivals and events as well. Does anyone know of anything going on out here in the West?

message 43: by Holli (new)

Holli I started a festival thread for any of you that would like to add to it...feel free!

Thauna, the map idea is wonderful although I can't figure out how to add myself to it. Let me go back and play with it some more!

message 44: by Thauna (new)

Thauna Oh and the map is unlisted, meaning it's only accessible to those who have the URL.

message 45: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments Thanks Thauna!! But..I'm like Holli, can't figure out how to add myself either!

message 46: by Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (last edited May 12, 2009 12:32PM) (new)

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) I put up a thread in the Book Festival Meet-Ups section about the NY Book Festival coming up on (Saturday) June 6. I'm definitely going since I re-arranged our vacation to do so, lol!!! (Did so before I saw it was suggested that Meg do so, sorry).

I am so so seriously disappointed that our trip has been canceled but understand. I was so excited, especially since I've been involved with the idea since nearly the beginning with researching one of the 3 places we voted on.

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Check out (I think that's it) and it gives a listing by state and city.

message 48: by Holli (new)

Holli That's wonderful that you started the NYC thread, thank you Jo!

message 49: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments That is fine JO, I am glad you started the thread. I have told the bf we are going and he is going off with your hubby. It is his birthday weekend so he'll be up for getting out of dodge.

I know Teri lives in NYC so she will probably be a go also if she ever comes back from Italy!

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