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Great dark read, very intense

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Susan Brundige
I love her books. I've read every one of them.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 2 stars

Amy I love Dark Guardian, Dark Magic, Dark Gold and Dark Descent. Dark Prince and Dark Challenge are okay. At the moment I'm reading Dark Symphony. It's a bit difficult to find the Dark series in my country...

Selena Lang This is a good series. I have already read all of them, but am going back to re-read them again now. The first book, dark prince, was pretty good, but I like some of her later books much better.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I like the first book and the fourth (Gregorys) Others are too formulaic for me. This one was great though, I agree, love the characters.

PNR  lover I like all her books and I did enjoy this but I must say dark prince spent time recovering from injuries than anything else. But I still enjoyed,

message 6: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann Raven I give the bookstore I get books from the list of books I want and they order them for me; that way I don't have to go searching all over to find them. I do love Christine's books. I expecially enjoyed Falcon's story in Dark Dream.

Michielle I like to see the under lying plot come together as new books come out. My fave is Dark Slayer.

Glynda Roy This is an amazing series. I was hooked from the beginning and inhaled all the books. They are exciting, imaginative, romantic, scary, and all the things I like about paranormal. Christine Feehan is a very gifted writer who makes you want to read every word. All her series are good and better if read in sequence.

Gaby I love all her books, it's a sinful addiction that I can't live without...

Tilly Slaton I have read this book several times. I recently took a road trip from Georgia to Texas. Woo hoo for audio books! The voice used for Dubrinsky was pretty funny though :)

Terry LaBarba It was a great first. Feehan did good with the personality of the Prince. He was believable for his role. The men kept getting sexier as the series progressed. Maybe I learned a little on series progression from her.

Robinah It's the first one i read and maybe Dark Fire was also memorable. Oh yeah and dark guardian.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Definetly agree, this book is very dark and extremely intense

Gypsi Babii I love feehan books .. The darkness and intensity i feel are what makes me love these books. The feeling in the love , sometime the thought of two people really loving in that way make you want to say. " I wish that could happen" or " If only " . The way the women think and the males ways. Wouldnt you just love to have that no holds bars , i will never give you up type of love , shit even lust.

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