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Long ago there lived four clans . . .
DragonClan for the cunning and swift
GriffinClan for the brave and loyal
Pheonixclan for the wise and strong
ScarClan for the cruel and vicious

The three good clans were constantly locked in battle with ScarClan,which was growing rapidly by the second.
Do you have what it takes to save the Clans?

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"Rat attack!" a high pitched shriek shattered the camps peaceful silence. Froststar,who was having a tick removed my Moonwhisp looked up sharply.
"Sorry,Moonwhisp. Duty calls." Froststar apologized to her medicine cat,who had her paws full of mouse bile. Moonwhisp sighed wearily but nodded.
Froststar took off like a shot,gathering her warriors around her.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((oooh!! can i join??))

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((How should I join in?))

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((go up and ask Moonwhisp if she needs any help))

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw silently padded into the clearing. She headed towards Moonwhisp. "Can I help you Moonwhisp?" she asked.

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Moonwhisp looked after the assembly sadly. "We will. Could you gather some catmint for me?"

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments "Sure." she replied, wondering at her sadness. "There's sure to be some at the lake, right?" she asked.

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"Of course. Go right ahead."

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments Fireleaf Stood on his toes, ready to fight for his clan. He ran Towards where Froststar was gethering everyone, waiting to be thrown into battle.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((hey, can Fireleaf be deputy? ive ALWAYS wanted to be deputy))

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((he should be deputy of PheonixClan! His name is sort of fiery.))

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw left the clearing and headed left into the brambles. Once they were clear she arrived at the lake, and began picking the herbs.

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Moonwhisp smiled in spite of the grim situation. Crescentpaw would make a good medicine cat.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((ok!!)) Fireleaf came to Froststar.

"our warriors are fine in Pheonixclan, and we can send some over to help out." he said proudly

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Once she had picked all the herbs she could find, she began to head back, shuffling with the heavy load.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments Fireleaf saw cresentpaw struggling, and trotted over to help her.
"do you need any help with that?" he asked as he picked up a mouthful of herbs she had dropped.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((can i PLZ join!?))

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((um,sure. Just make a character))
Froststar nodded absently. "Let's go."

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw straightened up. "Oh, hello." she said. Then she saw he was helping her with the herbs. "Oh, thank you. The herbs were giving me a back ache. If you could just help me bring them over her..." Crescentpaw pointed back toward the camp. "...That would be great." Then they padded back to the camp. Once they ahd reached her destination, she said, "Thanks soo much! I could've never gotten her without you. By the way, may I ask your name? I'm Crescentpaw." Crescentpaw blushed at her own curiosity. She really did wonder who this friendly cat was.

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Moonwhisp smiled softly. "Well,then. Hallo Flameleaf. What brings you here?"

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments "im flameleaf, as you can tell already from moonwhisp," he turned to moonwhiso and bowed.
"hello moonwhisp, my clan heard of the attack, and since my leader is still thankful for helping us out in leafbare with all that green and whitecough, he thought thatd itd be necessary if he sent a few of his warriors over to help."

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments he then turned back to cresentpaw, "your very welcome crescentpaw. are you a medicine cat apprentice? or training to be a warrior?" he asked, a little shy.

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((Are they going to be lovers?..., they can't as she be medicine cat though... Not unless Ragnarok change rules... ))

Crescentpaw was a bit shy too. "Oh, I'm training to be a medicine cat. Moonwhisp is my mentor."

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((ooh! it can be a secret!!! itd be the perfect thing!!!!))

"ahh. im the deputy for phoenixclan. c-can i help you out anymore?" he asked, bashful

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((But me character does not like to break rules... Can Ragnarok change rules??))

"I think I'm fine... But thank you sooo much for helping me." she replied, a bit sheepish.

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((alas,what I do for this group. Sure. In my clans,Madicine Cats can be lovers. **twirls magic wand** magical magical))

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Froststar's green eyes flickered,"Thank you. We must leave soon."
Moonwhisp stared mournfully after them,sensing cats would be killed. But she kept the thoughts to herself.

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((THANK YOU!))
Crescentpaw gazed after Flameleaf. He was so gallant and handsome. She sighed. A sigh of pure love and longing.

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((yer welcome!))

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((awww...okay...))

as fireleaf walked away, his thoughts were crowded by Crescentpaw. he sighed too.

((hey, when will crescentpaw become a medicine cat, or get her medicine cat name??))

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((IDK... Ask Ragnarok))

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

((ummmm . . .usually it's when the full med. cat dies but maybe I could twist the rules a bit(AGAIN) so she could be . . . idk,assistant instead of apprentice???))

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((kk))

message 36: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw turned back to Moonwhisp. "here's the herbs. Is there anything else you need?" she asked.

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Moonwhsip thought. "Come with me to the site of the Rat attack. And bring some Greater Lictus oil. We'll need them for the bites."

message 38: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((HI RAGNAROK!!!!!!))

Crescentpaw came back to full atteninot. "Okay. I'll head to the storage rock. Do you want ALL of the oil or just some?" Crescentpaw replied.

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Moonwhsip scuffed her foot. "A little more than half,just in case. Rat bites can fester quickly. I'll send you back if I need more."

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw nodded her head and went to the rock to fetch some. After conjuring a small bag of the oil, she picked it up in her mouth, and walked back towards Moonwhisp.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((ok now can i join?))

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((did you make a character? If you did,then sure))

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Moonwhisp nodded approvingly,"Good,good. Let's go."

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments Crescentpaw quietly padded after Moonwhisp, heading to the battle field. ((**dark music** DUN DUN DUN DUUUN... LOL.))

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, when does crescentpaw get her full name??))

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((when she is assistant med cat and completes her training))
Froststar was locked in battle with the rats. Her warriors were fighting valiantly beside her.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments Fireleaf and Froststar were back to back, fightong off a massive amount of rats.

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Nicole (NicoleChoi) | 130 comments ((FIRELEAF?? I thought it was flameleaf??))

Crescentpaw rushed around, applying the poulitice to those who had rat bites. She even dabbed it on the ones who were fighting as she wasn't afraid of the rats.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments ((nope, fireleaf))

Fireleaf seemed to be moving at a pace the rats couldnt even keep up with, because he had ABSOLUTELY no scratch on him. he had the rats blood, but none of his own.

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Froststar whipped around,spearing a rat with her claw. She managed to nod appreciAativlet at Crescentpaw and Moonwhisp,who were helping even those who were fighting.

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