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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 18 comments Book/Author
What motivates the main character in your book? What does he/she want? What is he/she trying to accomplish? If your book is non-fiction, describe the most interesting thing you have learned.

Manuel Maldonado | 25 comments The main character in the book is motivated by his love and passion of the game of basketball. And he's trying to accomplish of breaking the scene by not just staying it in the ghetto but rather find a way through basketball.

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments Adoration Jenna Fox By: Mary E. Pearson

Jenna's motivation is her family in which she try's to remmber who she is and her life. She wants to get to know who she is and get back the memories she once had before her accident and coma. The more she can remmber the closer and better she can get to remmber her family, friends and herself.

message 4: by Carolina Reyes (new)

Carolina Reyes (carolinareyes) | 25 comments Witches Forest/Janet Harvey
What motivates the main character is adventure. He wants to become the best adventurer in the world and he really does need all the help he can get because he is a beginner.

message 5: by Tiyanna (last edited May 04, 2009 08:57AM) (new)

Tiyanna  Dozier | 23 comments Hittin bricks/Noire

One of the things that motivates the main character is her mother. Her mother is addicted to drugs and has a very abusive boyfriend, and she doesn't want to turn out like her, so she moves to another city and tries to live a better life. The most interesting thing I have learned is that no matter how much you love someone, you cant trust them.

Brittney Hicks  | 23 comments Brotherly Love/Janine A. Morris
I think what motivates her the most is her family. She tries her best to keep her family together

Kassandra Ramirez (kassandraramirez) | 17 comments zoey just wants to figure out who is she and keep everything from falling apart

message 8: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments The main character of my book is motivated by her children. That is the only reason she stays with her husband that and because she cant leave the house with our him. Her ultimate goal is to leave her husband and her life in Kabul. My book is fiction but is based on events in Afghanistan. I learned that if a girl paints her fingernails over there she will get her finger cut off...under Taliban rule.

Armando Rodriguez | 11 comments from the Odyssey/Homer
The main character of my book is motivated by the want of being home with his family. He misses them and his homeland so much. Also, he wants to be a good leader and bring his men back home as well.

message 10: by Laurysa Duran (new)

Laurysa Duran | 18 comments Eclipse/Stephanie Meyer
Love. She wants to be a vampire. To become a vampire and stay with Edward for the rest of her life.

message 11: by Walter Hughes (new)

Walter Hughes | 5 comments Danger Zone/David Klass
the main character jimmy what motivates him is that he doesn't think that he is good enough. which leads him to prove himself.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments How To Survive Your Freshman Year/Hundreds of Heads

My book is real suggestions by freshman and upperclassmen and women in college about what to expect and what is a good idea your first year in college.

one thing that I learned is to "don't go with something your good at, go with something you like"

message 13: by Betsy Miranda (last edited May 05, 2009 10:30PM) (new)

Betsy Miranda | 22 comments A Thousand Splendid Suns/Kahled Hosseini
The main character is named Laila and what motivates her is her wealthy and loving father. Laila feels an urge to return to Kabul and contribute to the restoration effort. She's trying to accomplish her goal of education, and making it through her love struggle with Tariq. Something interesting that I've learned so far is that, to get somewhere in life and to accomplish our dreams first we must go through hardships and struggles.

message 14: by Vincent Mojica (new)

Vincent Mojica | 21 comments who do you think you are? story of friends and enemies Joyce Oates.
from what ive read its about a couple students that play with eacothers minds an hurt one another for only them to get more friends or so at school.

message 15: by Phillip Miles (new)

Phillip Miles | 24 comments Raising Kanye/ by Donda West
In the book she really talks about what motivates her son the whole way, and how shes really proud of him. The book is a true story on kanye west from his mother. Kanye is just trying to be succesful and become a rapper (a very hard hard task).

message 16: by Marcus Wimbley (new)

Marcus Wimbley | 27 comments Art of War/Sun Tzu
There is really is no motivation in my book. The book is non-fiction and it mostly talks about tactical strategies in war and peace. The most interesting thing I learned in the book is that after 2,500 years the book is still being used

message 17: by Kiley Douyon (last edited May 07, 2009 07:19AM) (new)

Kiley Douyon (kdouyon09) | 23 comments The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story By: Richard Preston

There is really no main character really. But the motivation of all the main people in the book is to eradicate this horrible disease. They would like to figure out what is the root cause and how the disease spreads. My book is non-fiction. the most interesting thing that I learned the diseases causes hemorrhages, and it tries to turn you body into the virus itself.

message 18: by Katie Ridgway (new)

Katie Ridgway | 21 comments Choice by: Sarah Weddington
I learned that Roe Vs. Wade originated here in Austin, Texas.

message 19: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments The main character is motivated by her ailment. She only wishes to write and do things as she used to but that is no longer possible according to her doctor.

message 20: by Ashleigh trent (new)

Ashleigh trent | 23 comments Masquerade/ Melissa De La Cruz
The main motive of the main character Schuyler is to find a way to make the conclave and elders to see that the silver bloods are back and everyone is in dangerous.

♪♫3rik  ♪♫ | 24 comments the main character is motivated by his girl. he writes poems to her and do a lot of things for her, but like the main point of this book is that she doesnt care that much about him.

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