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message 1: by Ank (new)

Ank | 10 comments This is an amazing book that resembles todays society/politics although it was written back in 1941. small quarter size book...easily readable...a must read for everyone..

message 2: by Saima (new)

Saima | 3 comments I read it in my high school. So I can’t remember it more. As much as I remember it was a mockery about socialism. It was not in my hand now, but I want to read it again if I get it.

message 3: by Ank (new)

Ank | 10 comments it is about socializm but at the same time it isn't about it only. it mocks at the politicians and tells a story how these guyz, once a messiah from the bad guyz, becomes one themselves. interestingly enough Mr Orwell was himself a socialist although he hated socialism, he was a bureaucrat and loathed bureaucracy. And did u know he was born in west bengal!

message 4: by Ananya (new)

Ananya Rubayat (ananya_rubayat) | 3 comments did read it a long time it..simple amazing

message 5: by Sauharda (new)

Sauharda | 2 comments yeahh! i have read it!! one among the few book i have read!!! really POWER CORRUPTS !!!!

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