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Bookworm Athena was watching the humans in her watch glass and decided that she was really really bored and she decided to go down by the humans

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Lany walked along the sidewalk when she felt the presence of another godess.

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Bookworm Athena stopped mid-stride looked to the left and noticed Lany walking

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Lany locked eyes with Athena, then turned and kept walking untill she walked into a small java shop. "One latte please." she said, hand the worker a dollar.

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Bookworm Athena followed her wondering what another Goddess was doing in the human world "A Frappuccino please!" Athena said handing over the three dollars and sat down near Lany

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Lany glanced over at Athena. "Do i know you from somewhere??" she asked her randomly. That girl's face was kinda familiar. But being 4,350 years old, most people are.

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siyao (siyaoi) | 234 comments ((ha, lol!))

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((i know!! hehe))

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siyao (siyaoi) | 234 comments ((i am going to make a charrie later...mayb 2morrow))

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siyao (siyaoi) | 234 comments ((ps: join music academy rp! it is on top of gods and godesses!))

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((mk, mk...))

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Bookworm "Mhm i'm Athena" She said to her

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"Oh! Athena! I didn't know it was you!!!!" she exclaimed, happily. ((She was there when athena was born...or whatever...when she came into this world!! lol.))

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Bookworm ((Good Idea! I'll call you Auntie))

"Haha Lany how are you my dear Auntie" She whispered the last part

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"Im fine! How have you been? i havent seen you in AGES!" she said, emphasizing the ages, and laughing a bit at her own joke. The worker handed her the latte. "Thanks!" she said, handing him a tip.

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Bookworm "Oh here and there messing with mortals heads since i'm very good with illusions, how have you been dear auntie?" Athena asked as she got her Frappuccino and handed him the tip "Thanks"

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"Practicing, im really quite good at becoming my cat-self now!" she said, smiling.

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Bookworm "Oh very interesting" Athena said sipping her drink

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The worker came over just then. "Excuse me, miss, did you just say, 'Cat-self'?" he asked, timmidly. He was about 15, Her fake age. "Oh, we are talking about a video game!" she said, smiling.

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((oh how can i jump in?))

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Bookworm "Haha i can't get past level 10 you?" Athena said trying to help with the cover story

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((idk, krista, uh just walk into the coffe shop and you can sense we r godesses!))
"Oh, im on level 15! Ha, need help?" she said, as the boy walked away.

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Bookworm "Whew that was close!" Athena said

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"Ya, maybe we should go to that booth." she said, indicating the one in the far corner.

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Kita walked into the coffee shop, "Ill just have a mocha shake." She said taking a seat.

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Bookworm ((G2G Bed Time))

"Good idea" Athena said

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((aww, ok.))
Lany got up and moved to the booth. She sat down and pulled a small, metal object out of her stylish, purple purse.

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Kita looked across the way and saw two girls about to take a seat in one of the booths, she got a weird tingling feeling about them.

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Lany looked at the girl and knew right away that she was a goddess. "See that girl?" Lany asked athena, pointing at her. "She is a goddess, too." she whispered.

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Kita saw one of the girls point at her, she paused, that weird feeling she was having earlier tripled, there was tingling all over her body.

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Bookworm ((Please don't do too much while i'm gone!))

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Lany sttod up and walked to the girl. "I know what you are.." she whispered, smiling.

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Bookworm wrote: "((Please don't do too much while i'm gone!))"


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Bookworm wrote: "((Please don't do too much while i'm gone!))"

((we'll try not too!))

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♥Sorano♥ wrote: "Lany sttod up and walked to the girl. "I know what you are.." she whispered, smiling."

Kita looked at the strange girl, "What do you mean?" She asked confuse.

((She doesnt really knows she was a goddess...long story))

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((ohh... weirddd....))
"You mean, you dont know, why you have been living so long? more than 100 years? and still loking like an 18 year old?" she asked.

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((have you seen hancock? you know with will smith?))

Kita looked at her weirdly, Iv only been here for eighteen years...All I can remember is waking up in the hospital..."

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"Ohhh.... well... You're a goddess. Me and my friend over there are too..... I'm 4,350 years old and i can transform into a cat. Weren't you tingling when you saw us?" she asked.
((no, i havent seen hancock..))

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Kita just stared at the girl, "What the heck are you talking about?!" Kita was starting to think this girl belonged in one of those looney-bins, "Goddesses are in like mythology, its not real!" She started to get up.

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Bookworm "Wow there girlie you should listen to her!" Athena said "Sit down"

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"Now awnser me this," lany said. "Did you tingle when you saw us?" she asked.

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Kita couldnt take it, "Theres no such thing!"

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Bookworm "Just listen believe you me i can force a very strong man in his sit whimpering" Athena said to her

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Kita ignored her, "You're all crazy." She said pushing them away from her.

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Bookworm "I warned you!" Athena said grabbing her arm and sitting her down again "You are going to listen to her whether or not you want to!"

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"We aren't crazy. Now to prove it, come here." she said, motioning to the girls' room.

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Kita was freaked out, "Get away from me!" But no matter how much she struggled somehow she was in the girls room.

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Bookworm "Now Lany show her" Athena said

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