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((I know it's a little early to be starting topics but still . . .))
How could Colfer kill Root? He was awesome,even though in the first book . . .yeah. And than he almost killen Butler. And he killed Holly and brought her back to life. But still,I am heart-broken that Root died! **bursts into tears** I HATED SOOL! I was so glad when he was out of the picture. I've never liked Trouble,but he's a better commander than Sool. I literally cried when Root died. (that rymes!)

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I was expecting it. besides the fact that most of my favorite die,Trouble was sort of a rising star and than the whole "Commander Holly" thing. It was only a matter of time untill he died . . . **sob**

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Holly WILL be the next commander!!!!!!!!!! If she isn't things will happen!!!!!!!!! BAD things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY bad things!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sakureiru | 219 comments yeah, i hate Sool too (that shold be So Out Of Luck...xD..)
holly be the next commander? that's sounds great...if eoin don't have idea to kill her!

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If he does I will . . . .um . . .be very very cross! Go Commander Holly! Down with Sool! I hated him so much . . . . .

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Long live Commander Holly!

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But of course,Trouble would have to die first . . .ah well. Sacrafice for the better good.

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After I finished the Artemis Fowl files I liked him a lot better. I don't like Grub,though.

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He's too whiney. 'I stubbed my toe!' 'I tripped!' 'I broke a nail!' Grub should not be in the LEP

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even directing traffic would be too hard for him. he'd probably get himself run over.

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and then he'd probably tell on Trouble to their mother

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i think he has to be . . .((foalybutlerfoalybutler???)) my second favorite character with foaly coming in third. I'm also glad he wasn't with Artemis for the entire series cuz that leaves Artemis to fend for himself

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it would be annoying if Artemis was never in any danger and the books wouldn't be half as good.

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though of course it would sort of be over kill without Butler because Artemis would be in danger every second of his life with everybodt trying to kill him and if he escaped every timeit would make it less realistic

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yeah :) I just meant fantasy-book-terms realistic

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I wonder if Colfer will kill Butler. He's been half dead three times

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yeah,though sometimes(I know it's ruthless but I can't help it) I actually want my favorite character to die at the end of series. I can bawl my eyes out
2.i won't be wondering what the heck happened to them after the series ends

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have you ever read the chronicles of Prydain? it has the WORST ending becauz all the characters exept for the main character and his fiance are supposed to go to some other land and then BOOM series ended. whatever happened to poor Fflewdurr?

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no,what's it about?

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Diana | 210 comments Mod
Ragnarok of the Flaming Mace wrote: "yeah :) I just meant fantasy-book-terms realistic"

I like how it is fantasy, but not overwhelmingly fantasy. It's awesome how Artemis explains that magic can exist; it is simply another form of energy. That was really cool.

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I'm usually a fan of Tolkein-Eragon fantasy which is set in their own little worlds. But Artemis Fowl is definatley an exception to the rule. It manages to pull off an excellent fantasy in the real world.

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it looks pretty good!

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personally,I haven't read any of Westerfield's books but they have them at the library.

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sure,I've seen those,I think. Isn't it Uglies,Pretties and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Specials?

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oh yeah . . . I'll have to see if the school library has it

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as in: "Just as the wolves were about to rip her to shreds . . .to be continued in october 2012"

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good . . .I read a book that ended like that. And guess what,it was the end of the series!

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no . . .I haven't even read Twilight yet! I already have several other books going plus the books I'm writing. I think it was Animorphs. Definatley not first class science fiction.

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most of the librarians at our library are nice. just the one who does the calls sounds so accusing. You would have thought we;d murdered somebody instead of had an over due book.

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Diana | 210 comments Mod
I liked the Uglies series a lot but I didn't like Extras. It seemed...extra. I started it but didn't like the feel of it, just that it seemed different from the first three. I'm satisfied with the first three.

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Sakureiru | 219 comments i like trouble too!
if holly will not be with artemis, i hope she will be with him!

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I like Trouble more now that I read that short story in the Artemis Fowl files.

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Sakureiru | 219 comments me too!

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yeah,I used to think he was a jerk . . .

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i like Trouble.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!! ARYLL IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sakureiru | 219 comments why you think so?

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me too.

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Sakureiru | 219 comments you think that u like trouble...
i just want to kn0w why...(^^)

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Carly | 145 comments he's kinda funny in a weird way (but so is Root)

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Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 111 comments Mod
Ragnarok Skye wrote: "have you ever read the chronicles of Prydain? it has the WORST ending becauz all the characters exept for the main character and his fiance are supposed to go to some other land and then BOOM serie..."

i likes prydain but it was a little unmemorable....

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