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Moving from Fresno to Sactown

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message 1: by Ted (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:34AM) (new)

Ted Rohe (vangelicmonk) | 1 comments Does anyone have any suggestions on great bookstores, great coffeeshops to read, or anything else that is happening in Sacramento in the literature (interesting book clubs etc.)???

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Well, unfortunately I live a bit south of Sacramento, but there are a lot of Universities in the Sacto area. So I would suggest that you bookmark the homepages for CSU Stanislaus, UC Davis and the McGeorge School of Law and check them regularly. All three campuses tend to attract really interesting authors as guest speakers, and usually those events are free to the public.

Just my two cents.

message 3: by Vikatolia (new)

Vikatolia Puni | 2 comments kay umm... sacremento??? im in the city... meaning san fransisco. this group is seriously dead. but you all should read twlilight.

message 4: by loree (new)

loree (loveinthemist) | 2 comments i use to work in dt Sac...21st & Q streets area. I could walk to at least 3 bookstores in that area. But my best friend and i when we just really wanted a buy books day..we spend a Saturday afternoon and just hit all the bookstores in downtown Sacramento! There was that many. Now i have not lived there for 8 years but i cannot imagine most are gone. I saw that Tower Books had closed and changed to another record/book store. But that was never one of our favorites. We liked the kind of bookstore that has couches to sit and read. I sure the women's bookstore on J or K st must still be there and i believe right across it was a excellent bookstore...sorry i cannot recall the name.
The person is correct about free or some what cheaper speakers and music at the college campuses.
I just do not want you think that Sacramento has the same feel as san francisco. I about went in culture shock when i first moved to sac from frisco area! Was very clicky at first....but in time people got to know me and all worked out well. Just people are not as free about being themselves. So good should still have tons of great bookstores in just dt sac. You still have like Davis, Carmichael, Greenhaven area to hit...even Vacaville had really great bookstore. Hmmm i have book that list all the independent books stores...sure it is out of date but i bet you local independent books store might have one!

message 5: by loree (new)

loree (loveinthemist) | 2 comments Sorry...try and hit that bookstore across from lioness books..or even go in to lioness books and they will help you. I just recalled name of feminist bookstore.
Coffee places to sit and read again area all over dt sac...mainly because so many state workers ..and they all need coffee and place to read on lunch breaks! lol yea sure..but no there were many.
This is where Java City originally started down on j and 15th?. Plus..Sac does have really great resturants to grab soup or salad and read.
I should be the welcome wagon for dt i worked down there for about 20 years..that is why! Me personally, i lived there only few years..too big too many people too much noise. good luck..hope this helps...

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