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Current events of the day not in historical novel

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Margaret I really like the book and was moved by the premise of an army brat sister coming to terms with what war means by developing the photos that her brother takes while he is serving in Vietnam. Someone criticized the book because the landing on the moon was not mentioned. Did anyone else catch that? What do you think? I want to reread the book now and reassess, but I haven't gotten my copy back.

Christina It was mentioned. TJ says he likes to take pictures of the moon because he liked the idea of footprints being on it now, and it made the moon closer and more familiar, or something like that, but it was mentioned, just in an understated manner.

Nonnie I thought the focus of the book was the impact of a son/ brother/ boy going to a war zone / Viet Nam and how each member in the family coped with the emotions that evoked. The photography being a vehicle for the connection between the brother and sister. Also in Viet Nam the moon was probably the only thing not horrific that would not scare the family. The pictures became less and less of what was around him in the war and more of a connection between the two.


Lena The focus of the book wasn't the moon landing. I didn't see a problem with that. I would have liked it to be about twice as long though. I felt like a lot of things could have been expanded. I wasn't ready for it to end when it did.

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