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Where is everybody? Don't they know the first bell is going to ring? This is my first year. I have to make a good impression. I mumbled to myself.

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((i can join, right?? 'cause i made a cherrie))

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((kool..)) Naomi walked into the school and looked around, her pink hair following the wind. "Hmm.... where is... everyone?" she asked herself.((y no weapons?! Naomi always has weapons!!!)) Naomi put her hand in her bag and wraped it arounda throwing star.((she won't use it..))

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((got to be in advanded class we just started))

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Naomi walked slowly toward her class, her hand still on the star.

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I wonder if people will go in my sutecase? I have weapons in it> I said to myself.

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Naomi slowly opened the door to her classroom and saw the teacher, sitting there, reading. "Konichiwa, sensei." she said, bowing, then taking her seat and letting go of the star, but keeping her hand in her bag.

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(i know japense) Konichiwa sensei

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Jen Lauren walked in the school with a pair of jeans and a yellow striped shirt, her orange hair followed her inside the school.

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