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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 29, 2009 05:42PM) (new)

all three of the mods agree, if you break a rule for ANY folder, you will be kicked out!

*origanily ONLY (no fanfics)
*keep it clean
*no cussing
*keep plot moving
*no text talking during roleplay
*no god-like charecters
*don't kill another persons character without permission
*no double posting

message 2: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 50 comments Mod
So, if I don't have fun... I'm out of the group?!? Thats a lot of pressure Bells!!!!! AGH!!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

deal with it Lye

message 4: by Ash (new)

Ash | 2 comments rp is awesome!

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) ... No double posting??? how abput triple??? and what....keep it cusssing? you know how hard this is for me??? An it's not called test talk!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

text talk.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) OR THAT! It is called I-M. Like IM u.... Well I leaving this group! Never get on! Adios!

message 8: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 50 comments Mod
Dude, you are so sad.... J, you can call it anything you want. It's the same thing.

message 9: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (bookishadventures) | 5 comments Text talk or IM, you use the same style of speech on both. Except me unless I'm in a hurry and can't text or if the text is too large, then I use things like 'ppl', 'txt', and 'hw'; but other than that, not much else.

Plus, I believe that if you type things out, it'll make you think better about your writing and help others understand it better.

Hey, Neko these rules are easier than the ones I set on mine! That's for sure...but than again Coolie-o is only for the top RPs that are obsessed (like my sister and my self) and those I know who feel the same...Feel lucky J because there are tougher rules out there in other RP groups than Neko's rules...

Oh and you may want to add 'NO MARY SUES!' and you can change it to Godmoding. That's the 'god-like characters', if you care that is, only as long as the point gets across I guess, right?

message 10: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (bookishadventures) | 5 comments Are you just doing this for everyone, Otaku?

message 12: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (bookishadventures) | 5 comments I'll take that as a 'Yes'...

message 13: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 50 comments Mod
Cool pictures!

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