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Spring Fling Dance Review

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message 1: by Starfame123 (new)

Starfame123 nonyabizz | 9 comments How did everyone like the dance last Friday? The food? The other kids? The decorations? The DJ and music? The chaperones? Please let me know if you liked it or not! if not, i would like to hear how we can improve it for next time!

Thanks again everyone who went! We are thinking about hosting it again next year, except the theme will be like cowboys and cowgirls and we will host it in a barn in the middle of no where!!

If anyone has any ideas of what we could do next year, please message me! i would LOVE to hear your ideas!Thanks!

~Starfame123 or (Hannah)

message 2: by MK. (new)

MK. (heymatthewbk) Next year sounds fun. xD
I didn't go to it, by the way.

message 3: by Starfame123 (new)

Starfame123 nonyabizz | 9 comments oh, well. it was funn. I am hannah, my mom hosted the whole thang. how old r u? do i kno u from any homeschool groups? homeschool ice skating? u look familiar.

I homeschool here in Rochester. Irondequoit actually. down by the bay. well, thankx!

message 4: by Nat (new)

Nat | 2607 comments i didn't go

message 5: by Sarahfina (new)

Sarahfina  (sarahfinaforever) | 840 comments i didn't actually GO but i was THERE for the whole thing ...and it LOOKED awesome ..and from what i heard it WAS =]

message 6: by Kaytrina (new)

Kaytrina | 174 comments Can I come to the barn dance,even though I'm going to be 15???!!PLEASE???!!I love country themes!

message 7: by Starfame123 (new)

Starfame123 nonyabizz | 9 comments Oh, ya!! OF COURSE!! we would LOVE to have you come!



message 8: by Kaytrina (new)

Kaytrina | 174 comments Cool!Thanks!

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