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Evan I'm teaching this book to a bunch of illiterate tenth-graders. I read it when I was a kid, I didn't like it then b/c it wasn't science-fictiony enough. Now that I can understand the themes, I love teaching it, the message is the importance of reading and thinking. I have a picture of Bradbury getting the presidential medal of freedom from bush, which helps me explain irony. It's a quick read, if you're ever looking to fill a hole in your education.

The movie is hopelessly dated. Mel Gibson was in the process of remaking it, before he had his little tirade about the Jews. It could be made into a decent sci-fi film.

Tressa This is one of my favorite Bradbury books, and one of my favorite books in general. He really scared the bejeebus out of me with the description of this new society where people "disappeared" due to their hunger for the written word. And keeping the citizens doped up so they wouldn't question authority. The nuclear ending was dreadful and amazing, but it did offere hope to the literate fringes of society. I always imagined them cranking up the old printing presses and educating the survivors of the holocaust.

The movie is awful! Wasn't Clarice played by someone much older? I was so looking forward to Mel's version. Guess that's been put on ice for an eternity.

Jason incredible book but rest assured that there will be some that remember purposely not reading this book in school only to pick it up ten years later.

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Dale Pearl This is a classic in every sense of the world. Ray Bradbury just doesn't get the credit he deserves for being an all round writer. Fahrenheit 451 lives up to the hype that most books don't. I was hoping that I would be able to 5 star brave new world by aldous huxley the same way that I did this book but to me A brave new world was a sore disappointment. Bradbury hits the mark of dystopia literature where as others just think that they are clever he action has a well conceived vision of the could bes.
It is interesting to see the onslaught of video and now the internet erode away our societies desire to read and to write. I find it interesting that in many ways the internet is making us more illeterite than the television. At least with television's ever increasing commericial space it forces someone to look for something else to do... hopefully that is picking up a book or the newspaper. Hey, maybe spam and pop ups aren't such a bad thing after all. Maybe it too will drive us all back to reading books.

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Anne This, too, is one of my favorites. I love that at the end everyone memorizes one of their favorites so that it is never "lost". I had Bradbury sign my copy a few years ago and will always treasure it.

Coalbanks Bradbury scored high with this one. Dated? Maybe, (so is 1984) but still relevant.

Jordan Bailey Oh man, I remember reading this for school. Heh. I'm not a big science fiction fan, but it is a very good read. Short, but very satisfying. Guy Montag is just so torn, readers are automatically drawn to him.
The others kids in my class detested it. But then again they are for the most part illiterate.... xD

Jeff This an incredible book. I fell in love with it when I first read it. But I love anything that Bradbury has written.

Tressa I love Bradbury's short stories. I read the Martian Chronicles when I was in my twenties and going through some rough times, and these stories took me out of this world and put me onto another.

He wrote so many short stories that are compiled in his books The Illustrated Man; The Martian Chronicles; The Silver Apples of the Moon; The Golden Apples of the Sun; S is for Space; R is for Rocket. I just love them all.

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Meh Illustrated Man is my favorite. He's got some great stories in there. They are a little dated, it's true, but his writing style is amazing.

Coalbanks The central theme of the tale is timeless, always current, sadly.

Tressa Meh, Bradbury's short stories are a little dated in the jaded 21st century, but I love the innocence of them; the excitement of them due to the new frontier of space travel back when they were written.

Tiffany This is one of the few books that I enjoyed reading in school. It reminded me of the historical book burnings my class learned about and its importance. I also thought about all those people in the world who cant read and made me grateful that I can.

Miyata The book really reminds me of the movie - Equilibrium (2002)

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