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The 39 Clues Series > top secret ekaterina only.DO NOT READ UNLESS EKAT!!!!!

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*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments my fellow ekaterina,it is time to strike. i have worked out an agreement with the janus and our first target is tomas. i will interface any codes and or security.

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(oh,cool mysterious!) Okay. (what are codes again?)

*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments 1st book, the grey numbers that are out of order, is put through a code (1=a, 2=b and so on) it says grace cahill did not drown, like in the online mission. book 2, has it where you must go back 2 letters in the alphabet( i think) in d somehow it will say look to india, like in the mission. the third book just follow the code on the inside cover, and it says the competition is about hope.

*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments by the way, can i be a mod.

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I'm not sure, I think we have enough mods right now... I'll talk about with the other mods...

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I'll send you a message with our decision, Brady.

*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments please dont think im lying, but i figued those codes out before, and i JUST now looked at the other one.

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Why would you think I think that your lying? Ekats don't lie to each other. I believe you. :)

*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments thanks. right now, of our group, you are my best friend

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*smile* Oh, shucks! *smile again* thanks! Your mine too.

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New Message from The 39 Clues:

May 2

From: Bae Oh
The rumors are lies!

Fellow Ekats,

Recently there have been rumors circulating about my health scare. They are all greatly exaggerated. I am fine. Really! I was only out of the office with a teensy cough for a few days. I am fully recovered!

On another note, I am in need of a new secretary if anyone is interested in the position. And if you see my beloved nephew Alistair, please tell him I’m, um… concerned about his safety.

- Bae Oh

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May 1st

From: William McIntyre
Health update

Dear Cahills,

I’ve recently received inquiries as to the health of the Starling triplets. I am happy to report that their eardrum repair surgery went well, but that they are prone to asking you to repeat things. They also say, “WHAT? WHAT?” quite often, although this isn’t uncommon for members of their branch.

As always,

William McIntyre

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Brady, I love the "grey words" you have! :) Very clever.

*blink 182 is the greatest band ever* Brady | 192 comments thank ya, thank ya, thank ya very much.XDXD

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Your Welcome :)

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From: Yasmeen Badawi
The secretary position

Dear Fearless Leader Mr. Bae Oh:

I am writing to make inquiry about secretary position you spoke of in your last message. I am high school student in Maadi, Egypt and a very hard worker. I would like to be your secretary so that I may improve my English and serve my Ekat branch. Please, if it pleases you, send me details of this important position and I will respond with my application.


Yasmeen Badawi

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Elizabeth (checkedoutforear) | 132 comments Hi! I'm a Ekat too!

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Cool! :)

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Elizabeth (checkedoutforear) | 132 comments awesome!

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