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message 1: by Kasi (new)

Kasi Blake (KCBlake) | 175 comments Mod
I wish these were real, but I checked and there not. It would be awesome if they would have someone from the show put out all the episodes on book form. I'd buy them.

message 2: by Kasi (new)

Kasi Blake (KCBlake) | 175 comments Mod
I love how these books keep popping up in the storyline. They will haunt the boys until the end of time. Remember when they went to the first ever Supernatural convention and Chuck announced he was going to write more books? Sam tells him it's okay with them if he does and Chuck and I both thought he was being sincere. Then Sam says: We have guns and we'll find you. lol

message 3: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III (Polywag) It would be awesome if there were books. There are graphic novels, but I haven't read them yet.

message 4: by Kasi (new)

Kasi Blake (KCBlake) | 175 comments Mod
There are some original books by Titan and I read two, hated them. These writers seem more interested in creating their own characters than in Dean and Sam.

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