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Jack Steventon Not sure if there are spoilers below, but be careful. Anyway the synopsis says that Leo realizes that they cant escape from the other side. it mention Leo, so what do I think. Yes, hes my favorite character, but someone has to close the doors of deaths.

Hanki No, from the line

and oath to keep with a final breath

I think with Nico's promise, he will sacrifice himself to close the doors....and...DIE

Nalinie Perhaps Leo, with all his awesome building/engineering skills, will build something to close the doors and keep everyone alive, all because he promised himself that he wouldn't let anyone die...


Yeah idk

I'm thinking its either Frank or Hazel; or both.

Atlantic Gem BLAGHHGHHHHHHHHHH. I don't knuuuuuuuuu!

Atlantic Gem And the above post is what hapens when you try to think while jetlagged.

Hanki Ububububub. Then Leo might die. He promised, but I doubt the one of the seven will die until the last book or something

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