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Meagan (wwwgoodreadscomprofilemeagan) | 31 comments Mod
*Contains Spoilers*

I thought that this was an interesting book, I think it would have been harder to get in to except that I checked it out in the audio book version. I thought that the concept of hitchhiking across the US was cool, and in the '40s was probably relatively safe.

The Dean character baffled me, I had wished early into the book that Sal have nothing to do with him. It seems liked all Dean wanted was sex, and even once he had that he wasn't satisfied, lining up a wife and a mistress, just to leave the wife to marry the mistress and then to make the ex wife a mistress again! So weird! He was also so illogical, I couldn't understand Sal's endearment to him even after Dean left him to hitchhike across the country, or even in Mexico with no food or money Sal still thought the world of Dean. That drove me crazy! It seems like the book was more about Dean going crazy over the years than Sal's life. We are actually told very little about Sal in respect to all the information that is shared about Dean. I did find myself thinking, why can't Dean get it together. It always seems like things would be looking better for him and then he would just up and leave, drive across the country for another girl. Always on the lookout for something better, something more interesting.

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Jamie Boyd (jaleehawk) | 4 comments I've been reading a Lynn Gardner book that I am enjoying. It's called Emeralds and Espionage. I hear a lot of her books are really good. Usually a little romance mixed with adventure. We could try something of hers.

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