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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 12 comments if any of you are on netflix, and want to "friend" me so we can compare our ratings, etc. (netflix is not as user-friendly in this regard as compared to goodreads, but it's a nice facility once you have a few "friends")...just send me a message with your e-mail, and i'll invite you in the netflix system...


message 2: by Arctic (new)

Arctic ooh! ooh! me! me! be my friend!

Likewise anyone who wants to be my netflix friend, click here. You can also check out my movie tastes on my flixster if you're unsure.

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 12 comments you and i are 82%, arctic. not too bad.

message 4: by Caroline (new)

Caroline | 3 comments Hi. I'd love to be your friend. And I of course LOVE netflix.

message 5: by Arctic (new)

Arctic Kyle: not too bad at all. though I'm not sure how their percentages work - it says 73% for me. I noticed this discrepancy before with another friend as well. oh well...I look forward to your movie ratings regardless. :)

Caroline: definitely click my friend link above too if you haven't yet!

message 6: by Ed (new)

Ed | 220 comments Mod
I did it as well...let me know how we all can connect. :)

Here's my link to connect:

message 7: by Shelly (last edited Jan 26, 2008 06:19AM) (new)

Shelly (musshel) I'm also on netflix. I'd love to be friends with anyone from Goodreads.

message 8: by Nada (new)

Nada (nusch) | 6 comments Hi all, I'm new to this group and have not had the chance to post much yet, but I love books, and love movies and look forward to connecting with others with similar interests. I'm on Netflix also and I'd love be friends with others from Goodreads:) here's my link:

message 9: by Miss (new)

Miss | 7 comments I will! I love my netflix!

message 10: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I love netflix too, so I've connected to everyone on this post. Just thought I'd warn you if you saw someone new. My netflix nickname is MelBMovieFan. Can't wait to see what everyone is watching. Anyone else who wants to connect:

message 11: by Lesley (new)

Lesley (eyelit) I'm almost as addicted to netflix as I am to goodreads. I'd love to have diverse movie recommendations.

message 12: by Meg (last edited Jan 27, 2008 12:22PM) (new)

Meg (megvt) | 362 comments I am new to this group and to Goodreads. I would like to join you on the netflix list. I have a quirky taste in movies and no one to talk to about the movies I choose. I like the block busters but I love foreign movies.

Has anyone seen La Vie en Rose yet?

message 13: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 12 comments not yet.

message 14: by Stacy (new)

Stacy | 1 comments I'm on Netflix to add me as a friend.

message 15: by Kajori (last edited Jan 28, 2008 05:22AM) (new)

Kajori Aikat | 4 comments Haven't watched La Vie en Rose yet, but did see Persepolis last night. I enjoyed the book tremendously and was hoping the film wouldn't be a disappointment. It was wonderful - a moving coming-of-age story, stylishly told - remarkable considering it's a theme that's been done to death. But there's nothing trite or shop worn about Persepolis, I loved every minute of this one-and-a-half hour film and would watch it again in a heartbeat! The only complaint - the film is way too short.

message 16: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 12 comments thx for the recommendation. i just added "saved" it in netflix. just watched The Black Book last night. wow. as powerful as the pianist or schindler's list. not the feel good toetapper of the season, as an ex-friend of mine was fond of saying, but incredibly powerful and educational film on a particular angle of the holocaust. 4 stars.

message 17: by Kajori (new)

Kajori Aikat | 4 comments Must watch Black Book soon. Did you like Persepolis?

message 18: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 2 comments I am adding all of you that have posted your info here. Please do the same, as I have no friends on netflix and would love to compare and get ideas from others.

message 19: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 12 comments haven't seen it yet...will come back when i do!

message 20: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melon) | 3 comments I am all about movies and books!
My netflix friend link is

Add me!

message 21: by Karen (new)

Karen What a great idea! I would love to have more Netflix friends. I need some inspiration for movies to see. . . I feel like I've been watching a lot of junk lately.

I'm going to add y'all as netflix friends. My netflix name is "petjunkie." For folks who come across this post later and want to add me, here is the link, Thanks!

message 22: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 362 comments

Add me to your friends list.

message 23: by Terra (new)

Terra (veggiegirl) | 2 comments Be my Netflix Friend too :)

Add Me

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