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((Have fun and start when you are ready.))

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Alay was on her break. She looked at her watch. This was her third day non-stop work.

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Alay saw Claire upset. So she walked over to Claire's house and knocked on the door.

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"Just wanted to know if you were okay." Alay said softly

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" Will you let me in so we can talk?" Alay asked

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" What happened?" Alay asked as she shut the door.

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"So what did happen?" Alay asked

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"Who and what did that person do?" Alay was the level head person here

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((it is okay ttfn))

Alay nodded. "Still who?"

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luke works on his car

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"Well I will find out later. See ya." Alay walked out side and took a walk untill she saw Luke. "Hey."

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) Erik was playing around with his guitar in the park.

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Alay walked into the park.

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Rachel Rae walks over to Luke who was working on his car.

"hey Luke. nice ride." she smiled

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) Erik started making his own songs up. He couldnt do that in his band. For some reason the got mad. Unless it was finished then they were all for it. He was singing to himself silently while playing a song he is going to call "Take Me"

"Take me away from this place.
This horrid, wonderful life,"

It was a beginning.

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Alay heard music and followed it.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) making a second verse

"Oh, i just cant see thru the dark,
Only light can save me now,
So take me away from this place,"

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Alya saw a guy.

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Viviett Sat at her desk at home, papers were laying around her and her computer had many word documents pulled up. Rubbing her temples in frustration she stood and grabbing a jacket, heading out side. Her mother was out with her younger sister.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) Now he was just playing. he couldnt think of a third verse yet. or the chords to go with it. So he played random songs that came to his head. He started playing, My Paper Heart, by the All American Rejects.

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Alay clapped.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) Erik looked up. "oh hey, i didnt notice anyone was around," and it was true, he gets sucked into his music when he plays.

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"Hi." Alay said.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "Whats up" he didnt socialize much. So he wasnt really sure what to say.

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"Um..nothing. Got told to take a break from work. You?" Alay asked as she yawned

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "Trying to write a song. Stuck on the third verse, so i switched to a song i knew" he said smiling a bit.

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Benn was walking ot work since his car was fairly low on gas. The day was pretty nice so he was content.

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"Hmmm... did you write it down?" Alay asked and sat down next to the guy

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "No but ill sing it for ya if you want me to."

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"Okay." Alay said softly

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) He started playing his guitar and started singing the two verses he had,

"Take me away from this place.
This horrid, wonderful life,
Oh, i just cant see thru the dark,
Only light can save me now,
So take me away from this place,"

Sound any good to you?

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"It is good." Alay started to think

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "any suggestions for a third verse?" he asks.

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"Not really. I have a song stuck in my head." Alay said softly

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "oh? what song is it?" he asks

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"Tears of an Angel." Alay said softly.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "Whose it by?"

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"RyanDan." Alay said softly

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"thanks"luke smiled

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Rachel "Need any help? I'm good with cars." She said moving a little closer to luke.

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Tommie (tommiewolfe) "Dont think i've heard it... Why dont you sing some of it for me" he asked her

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Cover my eyes. Cover my ear. Tell me these words are a lie. It can't be true that I am losing you. Sun can not fall from the sky. Can you hear heaven cry? The tears of an angel." Alay sang that little peice perfectly.

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"sure "luke smiled

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Rachel Ariana walked over and picked up a few tools. she stood next to luke and got to work. They worked on the car for a little when she got up, she had grease all over her. even her face.

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luke handed her a washrag

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Rachel She went to a mirror and laughed.

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luke kept workin on the car

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Rachel She wiped herself up, and went back to work,

"so is this car for you?" she asked Luke

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"no my friend"luke replied

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Rachel "oh. it's so nice of you too fix it up for him." she smiled

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