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message 1: by Karl (new)

Karl | 9 comments Mod
I am referring to the Dorsai series by Gordon R. Dickson. Are any of you familiar with those books?

message 2: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan_peterson) | 5 comments I love the Dorsai... the ultimate mercenaries. The series was great and I was saddened when Dickson's death left it unfinished. I wonder if some other author will pick it up as has been done with some other author's work.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris | 2 comments Hmmmmm, I may have to check that out.

message 4: by David (new)

David Dail I must have somehow missed that series. I am a little behind at times. I would throw another hat in the ring as far as interstellar mercenaries go I am partial to Hammer's Slammers hard to beat a hover tank.

message 5: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments Hammer's Slammers rocks! In fact, David Drake rocks.

But "Ultimate"? Sorry, but no. That's gotta be STARFIST.

message 6: by David (new)

David Dail I'm 5 books into Starfist and it's good.

message 7: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments I really liked that particular STARFIST book, but I have to admit that I found the idea that tanks would become obsolete to be a little hard to believe.

message 8: by David (new)

David Dail Im actually on Technokill now the one with the tanks was 3 or 4. I am hoping to get the rest of the series soon. Plus I understand that there is a spinoff series.

message 9: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments I have only read one of the Force Recon books (Point Blank, the second one). It was OK, but it did not compare to the original series. Eventually, I will probably get around to reading the rest of the Force Recons.

message 10: by David (new)

David Dail I havent read any of them just saw them listed online on the authors website will try them eventually I am sure.

message 11: by David (new)

David Dail I added 4 of the Starfist novels to my collection for christmas unfortunately I just finished 5 and 6 and 7 were not among them so I will see if after christmas sales yield those. Also got a force recon novel so interested in seeing how that one reads.

message 12: by David (new)

David Dail I got the first book of the force recon series but haven't started it yet got sidetracked on brent weeks night angel trilogy.

message 13: by Patricrk (new)

Patricrk patrick | 29 comments I certainly read the Dorsai series as fast I could find them but I liked the Janasarri series better even with the characters fighting with middle age technology. The Honor Harrington series seems to be I've got more missles than you. Island in the sea of time series is good though even more primitive technology than Janasarri. I keep seeing pieces of the starship trooper technology being developed but not quite there yet.

message 14: by David (new)

David Dail I'm well into the second book of the Starfist
Force Recon series and I have to say that it's not a s good as the original series. The action sequences are slower. More time spent on politics less time spent blowing things up. If I wanted that I would be reading something else right now.

message 15: by Wpnstech (new)

Wpnstech | 2 comments The starfist series isn`t bad, but Webbers Harrington series, Empire from the Ashes, John Ringo`s Vorpal Blade series, Prince Roger Series are all better.

message 16: by Przemek (new)

Przemek (przemo_li) | 11 comments I also like Honorrington series. And I feel sad every time they do space opera or military sf list without it.

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