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Alice (alice20) Hey Celeste!

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Hey! So what genres do you prefer?

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Alice (alice20) Paranormal & romance. You?

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I'm up for anything, really!
What kind of paranormal do you like? Werewolves, faeries, vampires, etc.? Any prefrences?

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Alice (alice20) Nope. I like all species

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Okay cool! So, paranormal romance? We could have it where a girl/boy falls in love with a paranormal but let's say the paranormal is some type of prince/princess. It could be a forbidden romance then :)
I just request that I either play the girl or we do doubles...

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Alice (alice20) I like the idea (sry for taking so long). Let's do doubles then.

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Cool! Hmm...What species do you want to do then?

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Alice (alice20) A sorceress for the girl, a werewolf for the guy. What species are you going to do?

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I think I will just have my girl a human...maybe she can discover she is something else later. My guy is going to be a vampire....I'll go ahead and make mine. One moment...

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Name: Winifred Gene Robinson
Nickname: Winnie
Age: 17
Appearance: Winnie has wavy, dirty blonde hair that extends down to her waist. Her skin is fair but she tans easily. Winnie is around 5'6 and has a nice, womanly figure.
Species: Unknown

Name: Everett Nikoli Penzvolto
Nickname: Ever
Age: Appears eighteen or nineteen (really 175 years old)
Appearance: Ever has dark, pitch black hair that is a little on the long side, extending just an inch below his ears. His eyes are dark grey, switching shades depending on his mood...and color depending on his hunger. He is about 6 feet tall with pale skin and a lean build. Unearthly attractive.
Species: Vampire

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Alice (alice20) Name: Peter Casanova
Age: 18
Gender: M
Appearance: Lean, muscular, graceful, beautiful, yellow eyes, dressed casually; In his wolf form, he has golden hair, which is rare for his species
Species: Werewolf

Name: Lena Magy
Age: 17
Appearance: Tall, stately, dressed in an elegant purple dress, sharp eyes, turquoise eyes, pretty
Species: Sorceress

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Cool! And I really love the fact that his last name is Cassanova...I actually named a dog that once. Lol :D
So, this is modern day, right?
And how should we start?

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Alice (alice20) Haha thanks. Yeah, it could be modern day

So its Winfred & Peter, Ever & Lena, right?

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Yep! Want me to start or you?

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Alice (alice20) You start please :)

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Okay! One moment...

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Winnie was relieved that it school had finally ended and weekend was starting. This week had just dragged on and on for her. She sighed, walking out into the school courtyard and sitting down on the small stone bench. Winnie felt drained. She had gone to this school for a month now and the kids were like piranas. She guess that was the small town effect, making a new kid look like some miracle. Winnie couldn't go five minutes without "meeting" someone new. She dug in her bag, finding her car keys. She knew she had to be getting home now. Maybe tomorrow she could go to the beach, have some time to herself finally...

Everett sat in a small cafe on the square, a local teenage hot spot. He was just looking around for a new victim. Ever's eyes were almost red with hunger. In fact, he skipped school today. His sister wanted him to go, saying that it would be fun. Ever didn't think there was anything fun about wasting away his eternity in a teenage wasteland with young bimbos who thought they had life figured out. Ever scoffed to himself before taking another sip of his latte. His crimson eyes scanned the room, landing on a petite lady who must have been in her twenties, with curly blonde hair that bounced when she moved. She would do...

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Alice (alice20) Peter was ravenous. He hadn't eaten for at least a day, now that the new alpha had restricted the rations for the wolves. His hungry, yellow eyes drank in every person in the school courtyard. He wondered what it would be like to just walk up to one of these superficial humans and eat their meat... that delectable meat that would end this unyielding hunger once and for all. But, he couldn't do that. He couldn't break the treaty and put his pack in danger. He walked past a girl with long, dirty blonde hair and caught a whiff of her scent. It was intoxicating, smelling of that fresh, clean flowers that he loved in his food.

The cafe had a wonderful, comforting aura about it. Lena sat in a booth, quietly sipping her decaf and observing the little humans that surrounded her. Then, she spotted the most handsome man she had ever seen. He walked in a graceful manner, apparently focused on approaching a lady in a different booth.

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Winnie had been focused on finding the right key when she stood and took a step. She hadn't noticed the boy walking past. And that became evident as she ran right into him, spilling the contents of her bag on accident. "I am so sorry." Winnie blurted out quickly. She bent down and gathered up her things in a brisk manner, obviously flustered. Her cheeks were a little rosey as she stood up again. "Sorry, again. I wasn't paying attention." And only then did she actually get a good look at him. Winnie blinked, suprised by his golden eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm....I'm Winnie." She introduced herself. His eyes were mesmerizing.

Ever made his way to the blonde girl and sat down across from her, immediately starting to flirt and compliment her. He could be quite the lady's man. But then he picked up a scent...the scent of a sorcress. His eyes narrowed for a moment, wondering if she was after him. But, after glancing at her from the corner of his eyes, he figured not. He always had to be careful when it came to magic users... "I'm Logan." He lied. Ever offered to buy the blonde a drink but didn't get anything for himself...knowing he would get his drink later...

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Alice (alice20) Peter could only stare at the girl for a minute. Only when she had turned her face towards him had he noticed the beauty in her delicate features. There was something about that lilac scent and that upturned nose that reminded him about a girl he once knew... but he shook off that notion. Winnie's hand was still extended towards him, and he shook it as lightly as he could, with the least skin contact possible. Her scent was unbearable. "I'm Peter," he said. He didn't dare breathe as he said it, so it came out more as "Ib Beder".

The handsome man fascinated Lena. She watched curiously as he flirted with the blonde. She found herself wanting to touch his face, which was so masculine that she wondered how anyone would be able to escape his charm. Realizing how utterly ridiculous her thoughts were becoming, Lena mentally scolded herself, but was still unable to tear her eyes away from him. Her sorceress abilities made her hypersensitive to sound, so she was able to hear a faint, "I'm Logan" come out of his soft lips. As he said the words, however, Lena spotted something peculiar. Two pointed teeth that looked suspiciously like fangs protruded sharply in his mouth, then darted away as quickly as they had come. And then it all clicked in Lena's mind... his otherworldly beauty, his charming aura, those teeth... he was a vampire.

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Winnie frowned in confussion but made a point to hurry back to regain a polite composure. She offered him a friendly smile, wondering why he seemed so...repulsed. "I'm sorry but I didn't quite catch that." She said softly. Winnie had a nice voice that wasn't really high or low, but in between: a true mezzo. Her face was seeminly calm most of the time, but her eyes always gave away her emotions easily. And behind those eyes was a little secretive glimmer. No one knew what Winnie's secret was or if she even had one, but that little glimmer was always there. Today, Winnie wore no makeup, as usual, but her long, dark lashes and full, light pink lips made makeup of no need to her. She truly had the girl next door kind of look to her. Winnie extracted her hand, raising an eyebrow.

The blonde's drink finally arrived and Ever had made sure it would be of the alcohol kind. It see,ed easier to seduce women when they were incoherent. But then, a man came over to them, a tall, lanky guy with blonde hair and brown eyes.
"Excuse me, can I help you?" Ever asked, using his usual charm. He threw a wink in blondie's direction and noticed she seemed quite uncomfortable suddenly. He raised an eyebrow.
"Yes...this is my wife, sir." The man said, obviously a soft spoken gent. Ever sighed. He may have been a malicious, selfish, arrogant creature but he could be sympathetic. Especially to guys like this.
"My apologies, sir...but it seems you may want to be leaving her soon. She isn't worth your time." And with that, Ever got up and walked gracefully away from the table, unfazed. Blondie looked offended, and took another drink. But the man smiled slightly, as if he knew Ever was right. And Ever was.
So, Ever planned on doing the man a favor....making blondie a snack as soon as she stepped away from her husband.

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Alice (alice20) (This is becoming dangerously similar to Twilight :) )

Peter wanted to run away from her. Hell, he could fly all the way to China to escape her scent. But he found his feet firmly rooted to the ground, as if they were encouraging him to learn more about this incredibly beautiful girl.

He cleared his throat. "I'm Peter." This time, he forced himself to breathe, though it was still as little as possible. "I haven't seen you around. Are you new?"


Lena stayed seated at her booth, strangely intrigued about the exchanges that were occurring between the vampire and the man. It was like a drama show, and she was seated in the front row. She tuned her ears to focus on the conversation. "This is my wife..." she heard the man say. Ooooh, this was going to be good.

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((I was thinking the same thing! A little too scary...We need to fix this! :) ))

"It's nice to meet you, Peter." Winnie offered a friendly smile. "Actually, I haven't been here that long...I just moved in with my Uncle a month a go. You probably know him, actually. Drake Robinson. He's on the town council..." She trailed off. Most everyone already knew, or at least thought they knew, what had happened to Winnie. Her parents had only died two months ago, forcing Winnie and her brother to pack up and move to North Carolina. Her older sister had stayed back in Louisiana. Wiinnie resented her sister a little because she acted like nothing happened, like it didn't bother her that their parents were gone. But, at least Winnie wouldn't have to face Erika until Christmas time...

Winnie glanced in the direction of her car and then back to Peter. "Um, do you need a ride home or anything? I wouldn't mind..." She said. Winnie really wanted to learn more about him...but she didn't didn't like being around all the other noisy teens in the courtyard. Too claustrophobic for her liking...

Ever made his way over to the booth where Lena sat, each step more of a long stride. He raised an eyebrow once he reached her, as if asking if it was alright for him to sit. Ever didn't wait for any answer, verbal or not, and seated himself across from her. He gave her a charming smile, which was oddly predatory. The same smile a tiger might have before it attacked an unsuspecting creature in the amazons.

"I just came to make sure you weren't here for any purpose that would effect me." Ever explained, his eyes seeming to size her up. "I hate it when little witch's get out of line...thinking they can do more than they actually can." In fact, Ever had deallt with many sorceress' that "overstepped their boundaries". Just last year a young man came to town thinking he was the next Buffy. It truly annoyed Ever....especially since the kid stabbed him in the chest with a tree branch, missing thankfully.

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Alice (alice20) At Winnie's comment about her uncle, Peter whitened. Drake Robinson was the pack's most feared enemy, a formidable guy who would stop at nothing to see the pack gone from the territory. The alpha, Colin, hated Drake with every fiber of his being, because of a mysterious something that happened long ago. Peter took this as an excuse to go with Winnie. Later, he would tell Colin that he was just exploring the enemy's territory and finding out his weakness.

"Okay," Peter said to Winnie. "Let's go."


Lena could only stare at Ever for a minute. She was not expecting him to come up to her so boldly and suggest that she was a witch. She decided to play dumb. "I have no idea what you are talking about." She wondered how he knew she was a magic-user. Was she that obvious?

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Winnie smiled sweetly, quickly finding the key on her chain. She began walking to her midnight blue volkswagon, just expecting him to follow. "My car's right this way." She said, "You're in luck because Drake aired up the tire yesterday, otherwise we'd be walking." She said, her attempt at polite banter. Although, there was a lingering sadness that stayed in her eyes, something that had stayed there since her parents passing. It never left. And then there was her smile. She tried to fake it all the time but it was always just a sad little smile. Most people never noticed, though. Because most people just didn't care, Winnie had observed.

Winnie opened the door on the driver's side, sliding into the seat. "Where am I headed to?" She asked.

Ever chuckled darkly, no real humor there at all. He was no fool and knew how to spot a sorceress. They had a certain smell to there was the blood. There blood just reeked of magic, smelling of potions. Ever couldn't think of blood right now, though. He was way too hungry for that.

"Oh, really?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in a challenging sort of way. He wore his usual arrogant smirk. "You know, we could both sit here an play dumb all day...which may not be too difficult for you, I'll admit, but wouldn't it be a lot easier to bypass all that and get straight to business." He leaned forward, his tone lowering to dangerous levels. "Why are you here?" He demanded. Ever wondered exactly if this was a wasted trip. She didn't look to threatening to him. Then again, neither did the guy that stabbed him.

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Alice (alice20) "The blue mansion at the end of Elm's Street," Peter directed. He sensed the sadness in Winnie's voice, and despite her effort to look casual, he knew that there was something bothering her. He had been through it before. The first time he transformed, he sank into a deep depression because of the wolverine hormones that ran through his newly matured body. Several times, he thought of killing himself because of the lack of love and support from his troop.

"Winnie," he said gently. He loved the feel of her name on his lips. "Tell me, what's wrong?"


All traces of previous attraction to this stranger vanished the moment he opened his mouth. Lena said hotly, "I came here to enjoy a nice drink of coffee, but I see that's going down the drain now. Please get away from me. I'm doing you no harm."

Lena was lying. She saw the hungry look on his face when he stared at the blonde. She could sense the menacing thoughts he harbored toward the blonde, but although Lena disliked the way the blonde could be so inconsiderate of her husband's feelings, Lena didn't want to see her dead. She knew that her powers outmatched the vampires; she could see from his eyes that he hadn't completely filled in his abilities.

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Winnie nodded. She had seen that house on one of her late night drive's around town. She pretended to not be too impressed, but truthfully, she was. That was one of the biggest house around, possibly the biggest.

And then Winnie was pulled back to reality. She sighed. Of course he would be asking her. He had probably heard the gossip that traveled from ear to ear here. People in this stupid town couldn't keep their mouths shut for anything. "Nothing. I'm fine." She said softly, as if reassuring him. Her tone had a fake lightness to it. Winnie stayed composed, although her smile became a tad tighter and her knuckles tightened a bit on the wheel. She kept her eyes straight ahead. "Is it just you and your parents in there? It seems a bit big for only three people..."

Ever narrowed his eyes, studying her. He wondered how skilled of at sorcery she was...and if she was being honest. But, he heard no change in her pulse, which was common in liars. Of course, Ever didn't want to take any chances though.

He glanced behind him at the quarreling blonde and her husband, thinking that she was the perfect target. Someone who really deserved to go. It would be better for everyone that way. He just needed to wait until she left.

"That's no way to treat a stranger, ma'am...If you aren't here on business, please allow me to buy you a drink." Ever winked. "In fact, we might be able to discuss some business of our own." He was immediately thinking of how this could benefit him....and if this little witch could use her magic to do him a favor...

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Alice (alice20) Peter was surprised that Winnie was so perceptive. She was right... the mansion was meant for more than three people. Twenty other beings lived with him, and every single one of them was a wolf from his pack. But they were all away on a hunt, so Peter knew he could bring Winnie in with him. Anything to stay with her a little longer.

"Winnie, do you want to come in with me?"


Lena laughed to herself. This man had no idea what he was in for. She could tell by the cockiness of his stance that he thought he had the upper hand, but she would not fall into his trap.

"Sure, sit down." She gestured to the seat across from her. She leaned towards him, staring him down with her turquoise eyes. "What do you need from me?"

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Winnie pulled into the driveway of the blue mansion, eyes locked on the place. Curiosity was one of her best features and worst flaws. She wandered what it was like inside and couldn't stand to have a question go unanswered. But...she didn't even know this guy. All she really knew about him was his name and that he had odd behavior.

"Um...I don't know. I really need to get home to make sure my brother is there and...." She bit her lip, and sighed, glancing over at him. "Alright. But I can't stay long." She said. Winnie opened her door, waiting for him to lead the way.

Ever raised an eyebrow and sat. He leaned in as well, so that there faces weren't too far apart. "I may need your asistance with a little...Hunter problem." He said, eyes narrowing. He was watching her expressions, trying to figure out what she was thinking. Ever could tell that she didn't take hime seriously, which brought a mischievious light to his eyes. People often underestimated him, at their own risk.

A thought then struck Ever. Realizing he wanted to stay on her goodside, he figured he should actually introduce himself. "I'm Ever Penzvolto, by the way. Short for Everett. And you are?" He asked, putting on the charm once more because he actually needed help. Although, Ever would never admit how desperate he truly was, even to himself.

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Alice (alice20) Peter felt oddly elated as he opened the door for Winnie and led her through the front door. The mansion was filled with old relics and rich ornaments, such as the red carpet that lined the floors and the glass chandelier that hung from the ceiling.


Lena saw that Ever had resorted to flirting with her to get what he wanted, and she decided to play along. She willed her cheeks to redden and her face to show a bashful expression. "S-Sarah," she lied, pretending to be disconcerted with his charm.

Lena saw that the blonde woman and her husband were getting ready to leave the restaurant. That was good. She planned distracting Ever until they were safely out of his radar.

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Winnie's eyes widened slightly as she entered the home. "Nice place." She muttered. Winnie felt like it was abad idea to come here, but couldn't contain her curiosity. She had to see more of this place.

Winnie glanced at Peter, wondering why she was here exactly. She wanted to know more about this mysterious boy, that was true. What did Peter want? "Um, so what now, Peter?" Winnie assumed that he probably just planned on questioning her about the incident like everyone else had. She twirled a lock of her hair nervously, as she didn't feel like being interrogated.

Ever smiled slightly, that same mischeivious twinkle in his eyes. Sarah, hm? That's a beautiful name." He said, charming as always. But he knew something was off. Ever could hear the quicken of her pulse as she spoke and knew it wasn't just because of his dashing good looks. Ever leaned a little closer to her across the table. "Too bad it doesn't belong to you."

He snickered, straightening again so that there faces weren't close anymore, making his next statement a lot less intimate. "This is why I hate witch's." He winked. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a lunch date." He started to stand.

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Alice (alice20) Peter could sense her unease and was about to explain, when someone's voice cut into the conversation.

"Well, well, well... I see you're bringing girls in here now." The voice's iciness made Peter wince. It was Colin. The huge werewolf stood towering over them, with a menacing stance that warned Peter that he was not in a good mood.

"Colin, I thought you were..." Peter hated the tremble in his voice. Mostly, he hated that Winnie was there to hear it.

"Enough." Colin's voice rang with authority that only an alpha would have. "No excuses. Who are you?" he said to Winnie.


"No, uh, wait!" Lena said, grabbing Ever's arm. She blushed at the contact. This time, it was real. "Okay, I'll tell you my real name. I'm Lena," she said hastily. Hurry, hurry, hurry, she thought, thinking of blondie. Secretly, she got out her wand underneath the table and hid it from Ever's sight.

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Winnie crossed her arms, hugging her chest tightly. She figured this was Peter's father or older brother and her heart went out to him. A rebellious flicker passed through her eyes, as if she was going to tell him off right then and there. But she didn't want to cause problems for Peter. Plus, Winnie was a lot less spirtied and fiesty these days.

"Winnie. Winnie Robinson." She answered softly. "I'm sorry if I'm here at a bad time. I just came to get Peter's help on a homework assignment. I can come back..." She played innocent, not wanting to get Peter in anymore trouble. Winnie trailed off her sentence so that Collin could finish it with an answer, looking at him expectantly.

Ever raised an eyebrow, sitting back down slowly and watching her with an intense gaze. "Lena, much better." He approved. "Now, I said I need your help with something. Are you planning on offering your asistance or not? Be aware because I can tell if you're lying."

Ever leaned in to whisper to her. "I know you just don't want that despicable human to be harmed. All you have to do is agree to help me and I'll spare her, Lena. You can save a life here..." He said, using morals against her. "Decide. Now." He commanded.

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Alice (alice20) It dawned on Colin that Winnie had the same last name as his enemy. He narrowed his eyes at her. "You wouldn't be related to Drake Robinson, would you?"

Peter know he had to act fast. If Colin found out about Winnie's relation to Drake, he would undoubtedly try to hold her for ransom or something like that. "Colin," Peter said. "I would like to speak to you about something important." Peter knew that it was part of an alpha's obligations to always allow their beta's to speak to them privately.

Colin frowned at Peter. He knew that something was up. "Okay, then, Peter. Make it quick."

Peter pulled Colin aside and whispered, "Winnie is the niece of Drake. I was just bringing her hear to interrogate her, but we have to let her go, don't you see? We can't make Drake more angry."


Lena held her wand tightly. "Yes, I agree." She couldn't believe she was doing this. The nerve of this vampire! To go up to her, the most powerful sorceress off all the land and command her to do something.

Lena quickly cast a protection spell on herself, in case Ever tried something on her.

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Winnie was confused. This man obviously did not like her uncle, which was odd because it seemed most people in town adored him. Winnie was not too fond of him herself at times, but he had never done anything to her. They had more of a formal relationship of aquantinces.

She cocked her head slightly, trying to hear what they were saying. Unfortunately, she couldn't hear a thing. Winnie couldn't believe what a jerk this "Colin" was being. The nerve of some people...

Ever nodded, smiling at her. "Good girl, Lena." He said approvingly. "Now, how about we go somewhere a little more private so that we can talk, hm?" He leaned closer to whisper the next part. "You never know who could be listening."

Ever stood up, not waiting for an answer. "You won't regret this, Lena. Actually, you mind find that this arrangement will benefit you as well. Shall we?" He held out his arm, raising his eyebrows as if challenging her to take it.

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Alice (alice20) Peter could tell that he was succeeding in persuading Colin about Winnie. When they walked back to Winnie, Colin held an air of contempt, but did not make a move to abduct her. Peter sighed in relief.

"Winnie, I think you should go back to your uncle, now. Before Colin changes his mind." Peter didn't elaborate on the subject, though he knew that Winnie was puzzled about Colin's hatred towards her.


Lena hid her wand in her boot, and stood up. She looked at Ever's outstretch arm and saw that he was testing her. Hmph. This vampire got more intolerable as time went by. She took his arm and held it as tightly as she could. If he had been a human, the blood flow to his hand would have been halted. Too bad he wasn't.

"Let's go." Lena led the way out the back door and stepped into a dank alley. "What do you want from me?"

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Winnie had no clue what was going on but she knew she wanted to get out of there. "Uh, yeah. See you around, Peter." She muttered before hurrying away and out the door. Winnie jogged to her car after the front door closed behind her, wanting to leave as quickly as possible.

She started the car, feeling safer once she heard the soft hum of the A/C. Before he changed his mind? What did Peter mean by that? And what had he been about to say before Colin got there. Winnie sighed as she pulled onto the road and headed home.

Ever chuckled as he felt her puny grip on his arm. When they reached the alley, he leaned agains the dark brick building behind him. "There is a group of humans in town who think they are invincible. They got a witch with them who's fiing there minds with all kinds of information. And if we don't do something, you, me, and all the others around here are going to get it."

"Can't you whip up some spell to take care of this, Lena?" He demanded. Ever was fed up with these hunters....

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Alice (alice20) Peter hated to see Winnie go, but he had no choice. He would rather stay away from her than see her get hurt. Realizng that he was beginning to feel close to her, he cursed at himself. Why was he letting this human weasel her way into his heart? He had to stop this.

And yet... his mind wandered to her no matter how hard he tried not to. Her face was the last thing he saw in his mind before falling asleep.


Lena frowned. She knew of these humans. They thought of themselves as tough vigilantes who were destined to rid the world of magical beings. Before she was at the cafe, Lena had been trying to track down the witch that allegedly was feeding them information about how to kill magical beings, but Lena had lost the witch's trail, for some reason. Lena never failed to track someone down.

"I was already on it before you came along," Lena said. "And, no, I can't cast a spell on them because I have no idea who they are. I can't even track down the witch." She hated to admit a hole in her powers, but it was the truth.

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Winnie arrived home and it was already dark. Her brother was no where to be seen but Drake stood in front of a mirror in the hall, straightening his tie. "Going out?" Winnie asked, no real emotion in her voice whatsoever.

Drake nodded. "Emergency meeting with the council. James is in his room." He added. "Goodbye, Winifred." He said before heading outside. Winnie sighed and headed up to her room. It didn't take long until she fell into a light sleep.

Ever pursed his lips together. "Hmm...." He tsked at her. "Well, you see, that creates a problem for me. I'm going to need you to figure something out, Lena." He said impatiently, voice dangerously low.

Unintentionally, Ever's shoulders tensed. He didn't just want this people gone. He wanted revenge. One of those petty humans stabbed him and he didn't enjoy being stabbed... "Keep in mind that there are plenty of other patrons in that cafe..." He warned, threatening to harm others if she didn't think quickly.

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Alice (alice20) Peter awoke to Colin shaking him out of bed.

"Wake up!" Colin hissed.


"Drake and his team are holding a meeting. This is the perfect chance to find out what he's been up to. Let's go! Paul and Rivera are already there."

Peter flung out of bed. Drake rarely had meetings with the council, so the issue must have been serious. Colin changed into a red-furred wolf and bounded out through the window, with Peter in his golden-coated wolf form following close behind.


Lena glared at him. "Fine, fine. I'll try harder. But on one condition: you have to come with me. You can't just expect to sit around and do nothing while I do all the work."

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The meeting was held at the Mayor's estate, and all the council membeds were gathered around in the meeting room. Among the attendees were the sheriff, the mayor, the superintendent of the schools, and a few other influential people in town. All of them expected Drake to take over as mayor when the Henry Chorley retired. "As you all have heard, there have been a continuous string of attacks in the woods surrounding town." He continued.

Winnie had woken up, not seeming to be able to stay asleep. She sighed, getting up to go check on James. She opened his door quietly and peeked inside. But something was missing. And that something was James, who was nowhere to be found. She hurriedly got dressed and got in her car.

Ever sighed. "Fine. As you wish, darling. It might be better this way, so that I might make sure you don't mess up." He rolled his eyes. Ever stood straight up, pushing himself a step away from the building.

"Lead the way, sweetheart." He nodded to the only exit of the alley, as he did not know where they were going. Ever was pretty sure he could take care of himself if she wanted to try anything...

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Alice (alice20) Peter could hear the conversation clearly with the heightened senses that being a wolf provided. He soon found out that the meeting was about his pack, and that Drake had found new weapons that could kill off every werewolf in the vicinity.

Worried, Peter turned around, wanting to converse with Colin about the new findings. But, Colin wasn't there. A little boy half of Peter's height stood behind him. Peter was startled. "Who are you?" he asked.

The boy answered, "I'm James."


"Wait a second. Let me think." Lena pondered where the witch could possibly be. She thought about the little clues the witch had inadvertently left behind... the diamond that looked like it had fallen off of a ring or a necklace, the piece of fabric in the woods that had torn from the witch's clothing...

In a sudden burst of inspiration, Lena took out the items. "Here," she said excitedly, "Do you think you can track her down using this?"

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Winnie drove down to the mayor's mansion, wanting to find Drake and tell him, desperately hoping that Drake had taken James with him. "This can't be happening." She repeated in a whisper over and over to herself. Winnie finally pulled in to the huge parking space by the mayor's place and got out.

"Drake! James!" She called out, half sprinting to the front door. But then, Winnie froze. She could swear that she heard something...

Ever narrowed his eyes at the items. "Are these hers?" He asked. If this witch left them on purpose, this could be some type of trap. But, he took the items from her, wrinkling his nose at the scent. Yep, that smelled like awitch. "I'm not a dog, you know." He muttered.

Then, handing the items back to her, Ever was deep in thought. "Are you sure this isn't what she wants? Maybe this is some kind of trap, Lena..." He suggested. This didn't seem right...

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Alice (alice20) Peter heard a familiar voice call out. Winnie. James heard her and was about to run to her, when Peter grabbed his arm. "James, buddy, please don't tell your sister that you saw me here tonight. Okay?" Peter didn't want her to suspect that he had any correlation with her uncle

James nodded, and bound off to Winnie.


"Well, it's the best plan we've got," Lena said huffily. "You wanted me to take care of the problem, and I'm helping. So, you in or out?"

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Winnie then saw James come into her view. Her arms immediately embraced him and she breathed a sigh of relief. "James! You can't run off like that! Don't you ever do that again." She said shakily. "What were you doing anyway?"

James looked up at her with his big, childish eyes. "I heard a dog. I went outside because I thought it needed help." He answered solemnly. James was always a kid that knew a lot more things then any nine ten year old should know.

Ever sighed, admiring her take charge attiude, though. "In." He concentrated on the scent itself and realized that whoever this belonged to wasn't far away. "This way." He said, eyes narrowed as he walked through the exit of the ally and started to turn left. Then, Ever stopped, instead staying at the edge of the ally.

Around the corner, a lady and teenager were quarreling. The boy kept saying that he knew he was ready for some type of assignment but the lady kept denying. Ever wondered what this assignment was, as it didn't seem like some type of homework. And then, he hear the lady say, "You aren't ready to hunt, Thomas." But...she didn't have the scent of a witch and neither did the boy...

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Alice (alice20) Peter watched Winnie's beautiful expression as she bent down and hugged the little boy. The way her hair fell across her face, the shaky voice that she used with him... Peter shook his head. What the heck was he doing, staring like her like that? She was the enemy's niece, for Pete's sake.

Peter returned his gaze to the meeting, which had erupted in shouts of anger and discontent. Drake was standing at the foot of the table, yelling at the attendees to calm down.


Lena widened her eyes as she heard the name "Thomas". She remembered that from somewhere... She recalled the first night she had started looking for the witch's clues. She was in that same alley after hearing a commotion coming from a lady quarreling with a boy. The name "Thomas" was shouted several times, but Lena had always passed that off as petty humans fighting each other.

"Let's follow them, Ever," Lena whispered. "I've encountered them before."

They trailed behind Thomas and the lady, who seemed to be on the way to the local library. The two were still engaging in verbal debate as they pushed open the door to the building, but now the boy was trying to argue the fact that he was "strong enough" to "carry out the mission". Lena intended to find out what that mission was.

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Winnie heard the commotion inside and sighed. She wanted no part of her Uncle's life. Her only concern was making sure James was okay and stayed looked after. She wouldn't let him grow to be like Drake, and that she was certain of. She had taken over the role of mother to James after their parents passed, even though James knew what she was trying to do.

"Come on, James. You can look for the dog in the morning if you like...But we have to get home now." Winnie bent down and whispered the next part to the boy. "If you can keep it a secret than I can make us some hot chocolate and we can watch movies for the rest of the night." James nodded eagerly and they headed to her car.

Drake was having trouble keeping things under control. "Everyone, quiet down! We all have the same goal in mind and we need to stay focused. We need to get rid of the problem no matter the costs."

Ever nodded, following behind the pair with Lena until they reached the building. "Come to the window." He whispered, walking over to the tiny, barred glass sheet that was the only way to catch a glimpse of what was happening inside. Ever didn't have to creep as he walked, for his steps made no sound anyway.

"Thomas, that is enough! She will tell you when you are ready." The lady said, voice dangerously low.

Thomas sighed in frustration. "Perri, you know she never will let me. She says I'm too much of a hazard." He whined. From the looks of it, Thomas was in his teens whil Perri seemed to be a couple years older.

"Because you think too much! You still believe these creatures are moral, and they aren't, Thomas. She isn't going to let you go until you stop being so naive!" It grew dead silent. "Shh! Lysander is coming."

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Alice (alice20) Where was Colin? Peter found himself standing alone outside the window. He had been too absorbed in the conversation to notice that Colin, Paul, and Rivera had disappeared from the window. Whatever. Peter returned to the conversation, not wanting to miss anything important. It seemed like Drake and the townspeople were planning something big, something that involved the annihilation of Peter and his pack once and for all.

Suddenly, the door to the inside of the meeting room burst open, revealing three buff men standing next to each other. Colin, Paul, and Rivera. Peter smacked his head. Seriously? They couldn't be patient for one second? They probably knew that Peter would object to whatever they were planning, so they left him out.

Peter saw them walk up to the end of the table, too the shock and curiosity of the humans in the room, including Drake. Drake had never seen Colin in his human form before, so he probably thought Colin was just another townsperson coming to serve the council.


A senile old man walked into the room, carrying with him a book that looked to be over a hundred years old. "Perri, Thomas." His deep voice rang of power. "She is waiting for you by the lake."

Lena looked at Ever. The way the man had spoken "she" as if he was afraid of her suggested that "she" had to be powerful, and possibly the witch that they were trying to track down. Could it really be that easy?

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Drake raised an eyebrow, putting his hands on the table and leaning against it. "Can I help you?" He asked rheotorically. "This is a closed meeting and I request you leave immediately. My apologies, men..." He waited expectantly, along with the rest of the influential council members.

Winnie made it home, with James in tow as they went inside. She sat with him at the couch, and reached for the remote. But before Winnie could turn on the tv, she heard something. And it seemed James heard it too because he looked at her with alarm in his child eyes. It had sounded like a growl.

Ever watched as Perri and Thomas slipped through the rooms and out the back door, their faces solemn as if they had done something wrong. Perhaps they were to be punished for something. Perhaps they were to be given an assignment. But, Ever could tell that their worst fear was not knowing what this she had in store for them.

Returning her glance with one of uncertainty, Ever then proceeded to creep around the house. Perri and Thomas could be seen entering the woods behind it. And Ever noticed that as they went through the trees, there hands laced together as if for support. "If we follow, it could be a trap. If we don't, we will never know if we missed out on our opprotunity. Your move, witch." His voice was low, contemplating.

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