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Her best Friend or Summer King???
deleted member Jun 12, 2013 09:57AM
Which one should she pick Share your Thoughts!!!

never liked seth never even likes Ash! ugh. Never liked the story, come to think of it. But I liked Keenan which would be why I survived reading the whole thing lol :)

It's been a long time since I read the book, but I still feel strongly about it. So.....SUMMER KING! I forgot exactly why I cared for him, and I would read the book again to see and examine how I feel, but I'm afraid I would feel differently about it. Also, it is possible for me to say more on why I chose the Summer king but.....by the way your question is worded it sounds like you didn't finish reading it yet.

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hmmm I see

I hate Keenan, for the same reasons LastBreath specified. Ash loves Seth, and *spoilers* when she became fey, was no more in love with him. She took the test because Keenan made her, she felt like she had to. Not because she loved Keenan like Donia did.

i read this book while ago and i remember that Seth was good but nothing else ...what i do remember is that i like Keenan a lot so I'm team Keenan

I am team Seth all the way! But I have only read the first book so I wonder if that will change..

I wanted to like this book, but for some reason i couldn't get into it, maybe i'll try again, because the series does sound good x

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you know for some reason when i read this. i didnt understand it. ill probably read it again

I want her to choose both, but she couldn't...... It would of been a hard decision as she was in love with her best friend, but then again she did felt something for the Summer king, but that just because their we king and Queen together. The summer king was in love with someone else so I say she should choose her best friend..... I read the whole series so I know what happened anyway and who she'd chosen. :D

I am definitely team KEENAN!!!! I don't know, Seth was just never the one. I don't like him at all.

NEITHER..... i didn't like what either of them did....

For obvious reasons I want her to pick Seth. He's the kind of friend you know will always be there. Seth is far from the conventional. He lives in a railway yard inside an abandoned train; has a philosophical outlook on life; and has such extreme patience. Yep, patience and intelligence do it for.

Then there's Keenan, the Summer King. I can't stand him. He has seduced so many girls and tricked them into accepting something that they truly do not understand. I mean, he has to full back on all his Fae gifts just to get them to notice him. Then placing everything back on his Mother, claiming that she's the reason why all the 'victim/lovers' become what they become.

So yea, I'm team Anti-Keenan.

But it doesn't necessarily mean I'm team Seth either.

I just want her to hedge her bets to possibly the next installment.

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