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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Clark | 7 comments Mod
Read and critically think about the article.

Based on the story, what do you think the downfalls of society could be? Is this a good or bad place? Why? How would you change this society? Why?

Why do you think the author wrote this story? What does Jackson think is wrong with society?

Answer two of the questions from the back of the article that most interest you and show your high level of critical thinking.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Clark | 7 comments Mod
For example:

Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are ... because... This is a ... place because ... I would change this society in the following ways: This would allow...

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw... because...

4. Some examples of irony (using language or examples that are usually opposite for purposes of humor or dramatic effect) are .... The Lottery is an ironic title because... The opening paragraph shows irony because...

5. The names from this story are very interesting. For example, Graves is... because...
Summers is... because...

message 3: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Delgado | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are people being stoned because of a lottery event. This is a horrifying place because your luck is your only ticket from probably being stoned to death for no particular reason. I would change this society in the following ways: stop performing the lottery event like the north village had done. This would allow people to live freely and let nature takes it course on peoples lives.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw people's madness because we live in a world where crazy is seen as something odd, and in this story it is totally normal, which sets the tone of creepy in a normal way that leaves people speechless and engaged.

1. I was in complete shock at the ending of the story because i thought a lottery event was something to celebrate about not a horrifying event where people get stoned. Jackson really fooled me by making the scene seem like a normal lottery event where people got together on a "clear and sunny" day to celebrate a winner. Jackson foreshadows the ending in paragraphs 2 and 3 by showing the children staking their piles of stones that they would eventually use to stone the winner of the lottery.

8. I think the authors attitude towards the lottery and stoning is positive. By titling her story "The Lottery", she gives off a good tone to the story, since everybody knows lotteries are full of excitement and anguish at the same time. Also, while the people are settling down, she describes them as smiling and talkative, which contributes to the positive tone she tires to convey in her story.

message 4: by Kenia (new)

Kenia Jeronimo | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are proceeding with the tradition of the lottery and the prize won in the lottery because it leads them to tragic death. This is an unfair place because people must participate in the lottery and be stoned as a prize of the lottery. I would change the society in the following way: quit the tradition of the lottery, for it involves harm to the villagers. This would allow the villagers to live more freely and less worrisome about the lottery.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of the society because the lottery was not removed sooner and had harmed many villagers as well. In our world, we do not have the type of lottery, which makes our society less harmful to the citizens.

1. I had no idea that the ending was going to be so tragic and unexpected. In fact, I did not think death was going to be involved in this passage at all. Due to paragraphs 2 and 3, the ending was foreshadowed by the author mentioning the gathering of the stones. I was led to think the story was about a normal village because of the families gathering around without any specific order or odd clothing. Everyone was speaking normally and did not act like robots.

8. The writer's attitude toward the lottery and stoning was not very positive because it at the end of the text, the writer had a character say, "It isn't fair, it isn't right." This shows the writer disagreed with the way the society was run. The writer disagrees with the lottery and its purpose, for it only harms the citizens of the village.

message 5: by Jocelyne (last edited Jun 20, 2013 08:30PM) (new)

Jocelyne Galan | 3 comments The article "The Lottery" seems like an uncontrolled society because of the lottery and the outcomes of it, which leads to people getting stoned. When I read the title it seemed to me like it was point based on a lottery where the prize is massive amounts of money, but it was the complete opposite of a good lottery. This is a horrific place to live in because people run in danger based on this lottery anyone can lead to death stoning at a point and it is obviously not a good thing. I would change the way that this community runs the lottery. It will change based on the outcome of it, in other words that prize of this lottery. The outcome will be positive not horrifying.
The reason why I think the author wrote this article was because of the irony in this world. Society tends to speak of positive things happening and gives what seem to be positive names for certain things, but in the end the outcomes tend to be negative or not what one expected.
. 3. The characters are different from one another in the reactions and the ways they react towards the lottery. Some seem to defend the tradition while others would like to get rid of it.
4. Irony is shown through the title because the lottery sounds as something good and rewarding while the story consists of it being a bad thing.

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica Garcia  | 3 comments After reading the Lottery, it is evident the greatest downfall of this society is clinging to old traditions, which makes it utterly impossible for an entire community to progress. The town is convinced it must use the lottery in June in order to have a prosperous year. However, many nearby towns have eliminated the practice and numerous young adults have advocated for the eradication of such brutal acts towards an innocent human being. Because the town has opted to keep the tradition, the lottery is only growing tenser throughout the years, and families are being put at odds with each other because there is constant danger looming above their heads. This town is clearly not a good place to live if one values the lives of innocents and freedom. It is chained by the oppression of the lottery and the inferiority of women. Every year, a family loses an important member in a public stoning event. The town is unwilling to give up a tradition that is no longer applicable to its way of life. Furthermore, women are treated with an air of inferiority. They are to stand next to their husbands while the men draw for the fate of the family. No new innovations are established in this growing town, and people are feeling more trapped as their families continue to grow. If I were in charge of the society, I would eliminate the lottery as my first order of business. This would allow the community to live more freely, without the anxiety of watching a loved one being publicly executed. I would also introduce new traditions in place of the lottery. Perhaps, I would add an annual festival of life in commemoration of the death of seventy-seven innocents. I would promote ingenuity and creativity in the schools of the children in hopes of modernizing the town and allowing it to thrive on the youth.

Shirley Jackson wanted to expose the conformity people have towards tradition and how widely acceptable horrific acts are if done collectively. Mr. Jackson points out how even though many nearby towns have eliminated the practice and many young folk have wanted to rid the town of the lottery, people cling to the tradition because they remember bits of it from their childhood and it has existed for over seventy years. The society does not want to rid itself of such an ugly tradition because it is the only thing they know. In addition, Mr. Jackson wants to point out how people can be mindless creatures many times throughout their lives. They will follow the crowd because they think the power lies in numbers and are too scared to show their own backbones. Jackson exemplifies this clearly when Tessie, the unfortunate woman who is killed at the end of the story, is speaking to a good friend, Mrs. Delacroix, at the beginning of the lottery. When Tessie is found to be the chosen sacrifice, however, Mrs. Delacroix switches her attitude completely. She is the first to pick the heaviest stone from the large pile and urge other women to hurry and get their turn in the public stoning. Clearly, Mrs. Delacroix loses all sense of individualism and acts with the mob because that is all she knows.

4. The title of this short story is ironic because usually a person associates the word lottery with winning something and wanting to be chosen. In this situation, conversely, winning the lottery is the worst possible option. The opening paragraph of the short story is also an example of irony because it begins with painting a sunny and beautiful day to the reader. The author states it is summer, and blossoms bloom through the rich, green grass. This image is of rebirth and growth, yet in this story, a life is ended, and the day is absolutely bleak.

9. The “Lottery” may represent various traditions practiced in today’s society. When it was written in the mid-1900s, the Lottery could have possibly represented the unequal treatment of African Americans and the popular acceptance of public lynches and executions. Present day, the “Lottery” is symbol to all bystander acts occurring within society. For example, it is viewing bullying and keeping silent. It is bashing the gay couple yearning to get married because that is the belief held by a person’s church. It is letting rape happen without major punishment in India because that is common for women in that country.

message 7: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Gutierrez | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of the society is that fact that your name being pulled out of the lottery can stoned you to death. This is a horrifying experience because of the event that is known as the lottery taken place every year. Every year, someone has to be stoned to death and that is very sad because he or she don’t have rights in the community. I would change this society in the following ways would be stopping the lottery from happening ever again. I would also make sure that everyone could live in peace in the society.
The author’s purpose was to point out the flaw of the society because the lottery was an event that was taken every year and damage many villagers. In the world that we live today there is not that much damage like the lottery has caused to the society. In our world that we live today we have free liberty to do whatever we pleased, but also have to follow some rules like when to drive, age of smoke, and drinking.

1. I was surprise by the ending of the story because Tessie Hutchison was the one person that was stoned to death. In the story there was some complication that leads the lottery take for a longer time. I believed that the horrifying part would have to be last because that would sum up the whole story in the end. The way that Jackson foreshadows the ending in paragraphs two and three was the part when the children were gathering stones in a pile. They way that Jackson hull us into thinking that this is just an ordinary story with an ordinary town would be the way that he starts off with a creative writing as the intro making me think that everything would be happy ,but it actually turn out to be really shocking at the end.

8. What makes me understand to be the writer’s own attitude toward the lottery and the end of the story was the he was against the whole event take place because of all the consequences taken place in the society.

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Lopez | 3 comments Based on my reading of "The Lottery", the downfall of this society are the people having to participate in a horrible lottery because it was tradition. This is a terrible place to live because someone’s life is always on the line. There is always going to be one person that will not be lucky and will die because of an awful tradition. I would change this society in the following ways: stop tradition, make new and safer ideas for the lottery event. This will allow the citizens to do as they please and live on a better place.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of what kind of decisions people made in the past because it usually involved death and damages throughout time. The author created this story to point out violence and lack of qualities in their own lives during the holocaust.

1. Yes, I was surprised in the end of the story because Mrs. Hutchinson was the one that had to be stoned by the villagers. Mrs. Hutchinson was late to the event because she forgot about the lottery event. I was surprised because it could have been anyone and there was a ninety nine percent chance it would not be Mrs. Hutchinson. This is irony because Mrs. Hutchinson was late, but ends up being the person who gets picked to be stoned by the villagers. Jackson starts to foreshadow the ending in paragraph 2 and 3 would be the nervous people in the square. Jackson lull us into thinking that this is just an ordinary story with an ordinary town will be with having a normal introduction of the time and place.
10. This story was published in 1948, just after World War 2. Another historical event was happening at the time “The Lottery” was written would be the Holocaust. During that time women were not treated equally in comparison to men.

message 9: by Maria (last edited Jul 26, 2013 10:19AM) (new)

Maria Gonzalez | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text "The Lottery" the downfalls of society are that people are getting stoned because of the prize of wining the lottery. I would change this society in the following ways: stop having the lottery as tradition. By allowing this removal, people would have had the happiness that they deserve.
The authors purpose was to point out the flaw of society because the tradition was not removed in the first place.
1. The ending was a surprise because I didn't know that people would die. I knew that people would have gotten hurt due to paragraph 2, but I didn't know death of the people would be part of it. What also got me surprise was that Hutchinson was the on stoning the people of the village. But she was the only on who was late to the event.
8. The lottery is like stones because if you win people will try to kill you or take advantage of you to get some of the money that you have. Also if don't win it will hurt you because you waited all this time to see if you would win but you didn't. Stones are hard and trying to win the lottery is even harder.

message 10: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Dominguez | 3 comments Based on my reading of "The Lottery", the downfalls of this society are that the people are making a big deal of the lottery because people disagree and there is not trust between the people and are being stoned. This is a Horrible place to live because people are following the same tradition which means that every time the same problems are going to occur. I would change this society in the following ways: end the tradition and find another way to settle the lottery,secure the people, and be able to trust someone to read the names.This would allow people to be satisfied and be able to give trust to someone.
The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of how a society is run The lottery has been a tradition causing it to make it occur each year.This causes problems because there is violence each time.
1.yes I was surprised by the endind because I never though it will have a tragic ending .Jackson started to foreshadow because he knew what the stones were going to be use for. Jackson made us think this was a ordinary town because he gives us background on how The lottery was a tradition for years and how they wish to make changes.
4. Some examples of irony (using language or examples that are usually opposite for purposes of humor or dramatic effect) are When at the end they did not wanted a name but at the end it was the name that was pick.The Lottery is an ironic title because at the end the lotttery end up in a dramatic scene such as runing to get stones to defend themselves.The opening paragraph shows irony because they show how intense the people were and how they kids were preparing the stones and protecting them behind their backs.

message 11: by Yanelys (new)

Yanelys | 3 comments Based on my reading of "the lottery" the downfalls of society are that these people are being stoned because of their social class. This is a horrible place to live in because one family has to think which one of my family members are going to die. I would change this society in the following ways: stoping having the lottery in the first place. This would allow people to have safe environment to live in because they do not have to wake up a wonder if they are going to die.
The author's purpose was to point out the flaw in this society because it shows us that the lower class was treated unfairly.
1. Yes, I was surprised by the ending of the story because I thought the lottery was full joy not sadness. I did not know that people were going to die at all because a lot of people showed up. Jackson started to foreshadow the ending of paragraph 2 and 3 because the way he was pilling up the rocks in the corner.
4. Irony is shown throughout the lottery because the title makes you think it's a good thing and it turns out to be something so devastating.

message 12: by Jocelyn (new)

Jocelyn Garcia | 3 comments Based on the story, The Lottery, I can see the downfall of this society is the incapability of letting go of the past. This town is very accustomed to performing a yearly lottery even though many other towns have stopped doing it. The idea of letting go of their traditions seems stupid to the people who belong in this town. Each June, there are about three hundred town people who gather at the square, both excited and nervous, to await the lottery that will result in a person being stoned. This is definitely not a safe nor comfortable place to live in. However, these people continue to live in it because it is tradition and all of what they know. While it is obvious in throughout the story that some people fear the lottery very much, the continue to live in this dangerous environment. If I were to change this society, I would eliminate the yearly lottery for good and instead do something positive the entire town population would enjoy.

The author's purpose for writing this story was to show the readers that sometimes it is good to have change. Yes, many of us are fond of tradition and continuing customs our loved ones had before we were alive. However, time goes on and things change; the way people see things and do things change. Therefore,the author was trying to communicate to the readers how change is sometimes necessary despite what some people want. In his story, Jackson portrays his thoughts of how the poor citizens have things the worst in society. The poor clearly have less of a say and benefit in society, which is why it is mostly the poor people that get stoned.

1. I was surprised by the end of the story because the title of the story is, The Lottery, so I thought the winner of the lottery was going to receive a price of some sort. However, in the second paragraph, the author did begin to foreshadow to the readers something bad was going to happen because there were kids picking up stones. Yet even though the kids were picking stones, the author continued to describe the town in such a simple way that one would think nothing bad was going to happen. The people did not seem terrified but a nit excited in some parts. This didn't really give away the ending.

4. One example of irony in the story is the title. The title of the author is, The Lottery, and whenever someone hears such words, one thinks about money or a special prize. Another example of irony is the opening paragraph because the author depicts the day as sunny, with blossoming flowers, and with green grass. This image is of happiness and life. However, at the end of the story, the complete opposite happens. At the end, there is death and sorrow for the family of the victim.

message 13: by Lissett (last edited Jul 31, 2013 03:23PM) (new)

Lissett Gutierrez | 3 comments Based on the reading," The Lottery", I would say that the downfalls of the society can be undertaking within an event in action, which in this case the action would be the event of the lottery. This is a bad place to live on because a certain random person's life is going to be gone. As a result, the person that is chosen would be stone to death by the rest of the people. I would change the society in the following ways: stopping the generation lottery event. This would allow for all people to live under a peaceful society; than societies were a person has to live through suspense and horror. No society can run a lottery where the lives of people are in game; it is an injustice cruel thing to do

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of what a lottery does and drastic damages that leaves behind every year. The innocent lives of people that are being play in a game that is not even worth it. The lottery is not worth to play if the prize is something that is not valuable for the people in the society.

4. The tittle The Lottery is an example of irony because usually there would be a winner with a fantastic prize. However; within this lottery the prize of the winner is the death. The opening of the first paragraph is ironic because it opens up as town villages were everything seems peaceful. For example, it states, “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green.” This quote shows how a day is shown as a bright sunny day with good outcomes to come but in reality at it brought was bad outcomes.

1. I was really surprised by the ending of the story because I would have never imagined that a lottery event can end to a drastic harsh ending. The way that Jackson foreshadow the ending in paragraphs 2 and 3 because it stated how the children were picking up rocks and putting them in piles. The way that Jackson lull us into thinking that this is just an ordinary story with an ordinary town was by having well descriptions about how villagers act, which led me to think that the story was going to have a well ending than a bad one.

message 14: by Lilibeth (new)

Lilibeth | 3 comments 1.)Based on the story, the downfalls could be that people from the village where all scared and worried about that one person who was going to be picked. This downfall is really bad because it makes everyone try into thinking what if I get picked what would others think about me. If I were to be able to change something about the lottery it would really be to make it less selfish or in a cheating kind of way or even just like taking it away, so people from the village wouldn't be scared at all.

2.) Jackson might of written this story to show everyone how each and every family was judged and put in the spot. For example, the Hutchinson family was all chosen to end the lottery and everyone was literally just thinking about what the next choice was even going to be which was really not right. Jackson might of written the story to show everyone that no matter what there will always be the part in a person where they will be judged by someone else.

3.) The story takes place in a village between the post office and the bank. At first in the first paragraph it says," clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowered were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green". This is showing that the story won't seem bad but in the end the view changes. This setting really made no sense because in the begging it starts out with the most beautiful words but then later on its a whole different story.

4.) I think that I really was not surprised at the ending of the story because it did not show me what else was going to happen to Tessie and why was this the reason to do what they were going to do. Tessie was seamed to be the winner because she had a black dot on her paper.

message 15: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 3 comments Based on my reading of the article, "The Lottery" the downfall of this society is the event that is being performed in this village which is The Lottery. This is something very horrible and upsetting. Who would of known that your prize was going to end up being stoned. This is a very unsafe place where to live people do not feel comfortable and they are scared. This is not the right way for a person to live their life. I would change this society by not performing this lottery event, so people never get stoned and fear something like this.

The reason the author wrote this story is to show how this society is very different from a typical society. People are stoned to death because of the lottery and are not living a normal life and that is not fair for them.

1. At the end of the story I was very surprised because I never thought the ending was going to involve people getting stoned. Jackson starts to foreshadow the ending when he saw that Bobby Martin stuffed his pockets full of stones and others started following his example. Jackson fulled us by making us think that it was a typical morning in the village like if nothing bad was about to happen.

4. This is ironic because the title of the book is, "The Lottery" which made me think that this was going to be a normal lottery game, but it was not any ordinary Lottery. The opening paragraph made it seem as if it was a normal day as if nothing bad was about to happen. Everybody seemed to be having a normal day in the village.

message 16: by Issalma (new)

Issalma Franco | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text The Lottery, the downfalls of this society are that there is a village that has a lottery that is fixed up that has been a yearly tradition; however, stooped for a while now its brought up. The reason why the lottery is happening again is the villages population has increased a lot more tat people are put in a lottery and who ever would be picks would be stoned to death evenly. I would change this society in the following ways: not hurting people in any kind of way so in general i would stop the lottery. This would allow people to live their lives by their selfs with no worry.

The author's purpose was to point out the society hurting so many people. Also, showing the way people were treated; in addition, to make people realize how bad a dystopia society can actually be and we should all try to be good n try to be way much better person.

1. I was not surprised with the end of the story because we knew that it was dystopia society meaning people had a negative ending. Also, never had the real chance to actually improve. In addition, the beginning was to happy and cheesy which are me think this is going to end wrong. Also, it spoke about it a lot as it was really fixed up and it spoke about to many people living in the society. To add on, the lottery had stopped for a reason and it made sense it stop because it was negative.

4. I found it ironic when the first page it spoke about the society uprising it gave me a feeling people were going to die and how they were picked. I also found it so shocking that people had to die for truly dumped reason that is to much that is truly shocking.

message 17: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia | 3 comments The downfalls of this society is that equality is a really strong topic. I feel that equality should be kept the same as it is when you talk about genders but equality should, when talking about race, should be similar to the equality in the story. I think this is a bad place because I did not think it was fair to put the names of the people and then make a lottery for them. Worse, the lottery was about who will be stoned. What I would d is just get rid of stoning people at all. I feel that is cruel because they did not do anything to deserve to be stoned.

I think the author wrote this story to show how the world used to be before today. For example, he might be showing how careless the world used to be like when they used to have African Americans as slaves. Jackson might think that society has gone wrong because maybe he was treated unfairly. He might want better rights or at least take the rights more seriously.

4. The most ironic example is the tittle. The story is called "The Lottery" and in a lottery you win something you like, usually money. In this story, the lottery is a horrible thing that nobody wants to win.

9. One law that this story represents is the immigration situation. Women here are like non-Americans. They are always last and not many Americans care for them.

message 18: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola Hernandez | 8 comments After reading The Lottery, a major downfall that stuck out the most to me. The downfall was how the society was ran because these villagers stood by outdated and traditional tactics. This is a horrible place to live because no one individual seems to have a voice. The only one who seems to rearrange or help remember the rules was Mr. Summers. I would change this society by adding human rights because this village lacks equality and preforms discrimination of age and gender. A strong and educated village does not need the lottery to prosper, therefore I would ban the lottery and have the village educated.

The reason why I think Shirley Jackson wrote this story was to show how corrupt a society or government can be without citizens actually knowing. In this story the villagers just go along with the tradition of a lottery because that is all they ever knew. The author also wrote this story to show that when on individual does not follow the crowd society kills them because one person taking a stand would be wrong.

4. The title of the story The Lottery is ironic itself in today's society winning the lottery is a wish come true winning millions of dollars; However, in this story no one person wants to be picked because of the fear of death. Also in the beginning of the story it takes place in June it is a beautiful summer day. At that moment the lottery seemed as a blessing as well because all things prosper in June, long behold the lottery was meant to kill a person.

9. Since the story took place in 1948 right after World War II Jackson represented later historical events such as slavery towards African Americans. Also Jackson represented human rights and the fight for it and discrimination.

message 19: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Herrera | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text,the downfalls of this society are people getting sacrificed because the people in the village want to have enough food. This is a really bad place because every time the lottery is been set up, one person has to be sacrificed. I would change this society in the following ways: get help from a the government/the consul, that's if there is a government, help each other, offer help, and live as a community, were nobody gets hurt by each other.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of the people who sacrificed one person each time The Lottery was played because back on those days, it was difficult to afford to buy enough food for everyone in the village.

2. The story takes place on a village where there are many towns. The setting affects the story by knowing there isn't a government in the village/town. It makes me more anticipated to the ending because I am wondering what is actually gonna happen, it's more like a mystery to me.

4. Some examples of irony is when the story started out as a sunny/happy day and then it turned out to be a bad day for the person who was sacrificed.

message 20: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 4 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society is the practice of the lottery because they are sacrificing someone to have a good harvest. This is an unfair place because sacrifices will not promote good harvest. It just takes an innocent life away. I would change this society in the following ways:Take the lottery out. This would allow lives to be safe.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw that some practice or tradition can be drop from doing it because society change what they view as normal or what is right.

4. Some examples of irony is the word Lottery because when I think about the word lottery I think or winning a nice price, usually money. However, in this context, lottery is winning your death. The opening paragraph shows irony because it opens as if it is another normal day at any typical village.

8.The author at first makes the lottery see a good thing because the village seems normal but later when the papers were being pulled out from the box, tension rose up with everyone. That was the rising climax that let the downfall of the lottery and stoning. After that it was clear the lottery was a bad thing.

message 21: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Frias | 3 comments Sandra wrote: "Based on my reading of the article, "The Lottery" the downfall of this society is the event that is being performed in this village which is The Lottery. This is something very horrible and upsetti..."

Based on the story, The Lottery, the downfalls of this society is the practice that the government set up because they are forcing and sacrificing that they want someone to have to get a good harvest. This is a bad place because a lot of people are having sacrifices of not having a good Harvest. I would change the society by having everyone harvesting normally and not having them to compete against one another because I would not want people to sacrifice their life for good harvesting. I would want the village people to be safe In their environment.

The author's purpose was to point out the bad of the practice and the tradition of the lottery box that could be force to put down because the government and mayor of the village change the villagers prospected in harvesting in their part of land.
2.The story takes place in a villGe with little many little homes. The setting affects the story by not having a government in their little town. It makes me more anticipated towards the ending part of the story because I want to know what happens next in the story and figure out why people are getting picked to have good harvesting.
4. This is ironic because in the story there were people who where working very hard to feed their family and to support them. But then towards the middle it was ironic because the man Mr. Summers took the black box for the lottery. The ending was becoming bad because the man Mr. Summers would call out different names from each family.

message 22: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Nicole Gonzalez | 3 comments In "The Lottery" the downfalls are vein stoned to death and being called a winner. I think this is a bad place to be because people had to live a tragic life; having to be stoned to feel the pain instead of getting killed with one shot in the head for an instant death. I would change society, if I did not have a choice and I had to kill someone every year it would be an instant death then to hear someone in pain and to see someone suffer minute to minute.

I think Jackson wrote this story for readers to visualize what she possibly went through and how life styles are different from today. Jackson thinks that having a poll, being called a winner, and dying right in front of everyone is wrong! Believing that people should have a chance to say or do to protect their family.

3. Characters are different but in one way only. Tessie was the only one who showed emotion as to knowing she hates the lottery by saying "This isn't fair.."

8. The author attitude in the story, I would say she cares but she cannot do anything about it. Jackson has probably seen this event happen up close and been through that day many times; as seen people die in front of her all the time. You can tell she feels that way because in her story she has no emotion, everyone has the same emotion of carelessness. Knowing someone would die that day no matter what.

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Itzayana | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society is clinging onto old traditions because this caused people to kill innocent people such as Tessie. This is a violent place because there was a lot of violence, that kids had to see. I would change this society by making new and better traditions that are not as violent and barbarian as the the one the villagers made. This would allow kids, and people to be more open minded and become less violent.

The authors purpose was to point out the flaws of a clingy society. Someone people are very narrow minded and are stuck in making odd traditions that harm people. Such as stoning, early marriage, and sometimes even killings.

1, I was surprised at the end of the story because people seem so excited for the lottery. This made it seem like the lottery was something was something positive. You start knowing that the lottery isn’t something positive when Tessie starts saying that the lottery isn’t fair. The foreshadowing for the stoning because the kids begin to gather pebbles. jackson totally fools us because she demonstrates a community that seem pretty normal, with kids who play outside, and people who gather together

2,The story takes place in the village’s square. this made the ending surprising because it is not expected for a stoning to take place in such a public place.

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Joana | 3 comments The downfalls of this society is that someone will have to die each year as a sacrifice to ensure a productive harvest. This is a bad place because you will loose your friends and family and it does not really ensure a productive harvest. I would change the society by finding new ways to ensure the harvest to grow. Because no one should die in the hands of anyone you are just separating families.

I think that the author wrote this because he wants to show that not everything is happy, and that not every tradition is good. He is trying to let you know that not every tradition that is being passed is really helpful and you should look at your traditions. Jackson thinks that society is wrong because they are many things that we see as good but in reality they are not that good. So we need to keep our eyes open and change once in awhile to a more responsible way of thinking.

8. I understand that the author’s attitude toward the stoning and lottery is not so happy. When she writes the story he make most characters sad or scared of what is going to happen, he leaves you thinking with a lot of irony on how things are. And that what we do is not always fair to other people who have done nothing wrong, It makes it clear because in her writing most of her characters are careless or forget.

9.The lottery represents tradition, the tradition is to sacrifice someone to ensure a productive crop. And it also shows that since it is a tradition people cannot go against their community to remove this tradition. She shows that not every tradition or law is always right for people, but it is really hard to change that tradition or law. The lottery is an example of many things that happen in little societies and people cannot do anything about it because it is their tradition.

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Jasmine G (jasmiineg) | 3 comments Based on the story “The Lottery” the downfall of this society is the tradition that takes place on the day of the lottery. This tradition is basically where everyone in the village comes together to find out who will be randomly chosen to be stoned by everyone who lives in the village. In a place where everyone is friendly with each other and are able to laugh and communicate well together holds a violent tradition where it’s a village against one neighbor every year. This could be considered a bad place because of the fear of being the chosen one when gets stoned.
If I could change this society I would either cancel this tradition, so all may not fear to be stoned or change the rules of this tradition so that it is less violent and more enjoyable.

I think the author wrote this story to show how a community might take a horrible tradition really seriously. This society that the author created does not focus on changing their traditions. The tradition had an odd purpose but was very important to this village. I think Jackson finds the high belief and tolerance in this kind of tradition is wrong. Coming together to perform a violent act on a family member or friend is completely wrong.

1.I was very surprised by the ending because I realize what the lottery was for. Jackson uses foreshadowing in the beginning of the story when the children, men, and woman were collecting stones. I didn’t understand why they were doing so, but I realized it was used to stone the lottery winner. Jackson lulls us to believe that this was a normal story of an ordinary town by showing how friendly everyone was with eachother.

10. Jackson showed an example of women’s rights in this story. When Mrs. Dunbar volunteered to vote for her crippled husband, Mr. Summers was unease that a women was voting. He asked if a son or other male family member could vote, but Mr. Dunbar’s son was too young, which forced Mr. Summers to allow Mrs. Dunbar vote.

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Maria Figueroa | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls or this society is that it had a unfair system where society had to stone one of their own people because this was a tradition going on for many years and no one wanted to speak against it. This is a town that is still being kept in the old times making it a place unfit to live in because people would not be able to speak against old traditions that are held in their society. I would change this society by replacing old traditions with new ones. I realize that traditions are sacred to some people; however, I want to make sure that the rest of the people feel as they have a say in their society without having to worry about being punished by traditions. I would change this unfair system and not allow anyone to be killed unjustly. This would allow for people to survive and not get killed by the hands of their own towns people or family. It would allow for new customs and traditions to take place.

The author's purpose is to show how people act according to traditions and customs of their society. They do not follow their own individual thoughts, but instead follow what other people are doing. Ms. Jackson wanted to point out how many young people want to get away from those tradition, but can't always do that people the adults continue with the ways of their society. A major flaw in this society is that everyone are friends; however, when the situation changes they quickly turn their back on friends in order to uphold their traditions.

1. I was actually not at all surprised by the ending of the story because I had already read this story before. I vaguely remember what the story was about, but when I read the part of the young boys making a pile of rocks and the villagers gathering together i instantly remembered what was going to happen. Jackson starts to foreshadow when she is describing how Bobby Martin and the rest of the boys began to collect stones and pile them up. Jackson makes us think this is an ordinary story by writing friendly conversations between the villagers. When she sets up the story in the first three paragraphs you get the feeling that it is a normal village where the children run around.

5. The Graves have a symbolic last name because each year someone would die, so their name represented the deaths that happened each year. Their name shows how there were many graves made for the people that died because of the lottery. Also, the Summers had a symbolic last name because the lottery would occur around summer time.

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Vania Marquez | 3 comments Based on the story "The Lottery" the downfalls were the violence that were caused during the celebrity. The village would be a bad place to be around in because children,or adults would suffer from violence and from sadness. Being in a community or special event would hard everyone and even the celebrity going on,so I would change the society by making a safer society,and making better traditions.

I think the author wrote this story to show how some commities can not be trusted and it also showed how doing harm to friends or family is completely wrong and disrespectful.

9. The lottery might represent a tradition made by people and community. Since it also showed as a tradition,people were not able to make differences or different laws that were unfair and harmful,which means people had to deal with the laws,activities, and excitement going on by other.this also means people had to respect one another.

2. The story takes place in a village. The setting of the story made the story interesting because they did not have much security for the stone they were giving out during the lottery.

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Deanna Garcia | 3 comments Based in the Lottery the biggest down of their society was tradition and refusing to embrace other ideas. On page 4, Mr. Adams stated that another village in the north is planning to to stop the lottery. However Old Man Warner made a comment that they were a "pack of crazy fools". It's not a good place to live in my opinion. I would have stopped the Lotteries once in for all especially since children were involved.

I think the author wrote this to show that sometimes following old tradition can be bad, and it is best to have some changes from time to time.

2. The story takes place in a small village, and I think it affects the story because normally when some people think of a village they think of people staying with old traditions and such. If it were to take place in a city i feel that there would be more people who oppose the idea of stoning someone to death.

4. I found two things that seemed very ironic in this story. One was the name "The Lottery". When I think of a lottery I think of money and sometimes excitement. The thought of death isn't really in my mind. The second thing Was Tessie's reaction. From the looks of it, it seemed what they were doing was fine until you were the picked to be stoned.

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Kayla Enriquez | 4 comments Based on the story, some downfalls of a society could be conforming to the norm, ignorance of events and topics, and failure to act and do what’s right. In a way, those reasons are all connected. If one is educated, she will know the difference between right from wrong. If one knows what is wrong and still knows it is a norm, she might act in opposition rather than conform to it. Considering that I’ve mentioned the downfalls of a society, I’d agree it’d make society a bad place; however, it is not fair to label it as bad if it still has time to adjust itself to be better. Society today is a bit the way I just described, but things are constantly changing, and what was once seen as good is no longer accepted today. For now, I’d say it’d be bad to have a society this way where people can’t make sound decisions because of a lack of knowledge, so to change it, I’d implement more programs additional to the regular school requirements to help give voice to the growing future leaders of society. Education should start very young; there should never be a limit to learning, for there are new discoveries every day.

In my opinion, Jackson wrote the story to show how much nonsense and brutality still exists. Her story is of a ritual that occurs annually, and sadly, no one can remember its origin. From guzzling just that piece of information, I presume Jackson felt the flaw in society is all the pointless violence that occurs without any justifiable reason. These villagers were murdering a human being every year; for what? They can’t remember, but they felt it necessary since it was tradition. People need to stray away from the idea that what has always been there should always be there. This is not the case because as what Jackson is trying to get at is that we need to become more intellectual about the things we are allowing happen. To better society, we must enhance our education.

1)I was completely surprised by the ending of the story, but that just shows my lack in reading skills for having missed such clear signs during the read. Jackson lulled me into thinking it was just another ordinary story with an ordinary town because of the emotions displayed by the people of the town. Everyone was calm during the event and reacted humane, for the most part. Jackson deceived us by the serene, charming setting he described at the beginning. However, if one played close enough attention, one could see that in paragraphs 2 and 3 Jackson began foreshadowing the ending because of the constant mention of stones and the tense mood. From those details, Jackson gives off a sense that something gloomy is ahead and that these stones everyone is persistent in collecting may be of importance.

2)Populated with about three hundred people, the story takes place in the village’s square. This setting affects the story because as Jackson explains it was used for every special event, so it gave some significance to the story as a whole. The details of the setting also helped anticipate the ending for those who played close attention because it was not indoor rather it was outdoors, and although cramped with people, the setting was described to have a center of cleared space, so that could have led to more anticipation.

Here are the rest of my answers to all the discussion questions.

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Karla Gomez | 3 comments Based on the reading, downfalls of society were the ignorance of the villagers and the terrible discipline of the village. People conformed to these terrible rules in their society and allowed people to stone their own people for the sake of the population. The way I would change the society in this village is to give everyone a voice in order for them to advocate for what they believe is right. Of course, I would change the system of laws and not allow people to hurt each other in that way for any reason.
Jackson write the story to show the reader that not every society is perfect, and that they all have their flaws. Even if they are not as severe as this village, the government needs to listen to its people and give them a voice to make their decisions.

1. I was very surprised by the end of the story because this village seemed like a happy group of people who did no harm and cared for each other. Jackson led me to believe that this was another ordinary town by the way people talked to one another: with respect.
2. The story takes place in a village with only 300 people. This affects the story because it means that they are in a rural place, so they are far from any other societies or norms. Their setting can show the ignorance of the society.

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Crystal Garcia | 2 comments - I was really surprised hot this story was told in different perspectives of the author an how he changed the story.
-I really liked how the author used the characters names creatively and their personality.The author mad s get to know the characters well and really dig deep on what the character would do based on their personality.

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Crystal Lagunas | 3 comments The downfall of this society is that there is a lottery that a chosen family will be stoned to death. I do not think this is a good society.

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Crystal Lagunas | 3 comments The author wrote this because the world would never be perfect, and there would not be any type of sacrifices that would change the world.

4. The title "lottery" is ironic because when I first saw the title, I though it would be about money. But when I stared reading it the Lottery was about being pick on the bowl ans get throw by rocks to death.

9. the "lottery" might represent traditional because the story say the villagers throws rock at one person every year. so it seems that they are sacrificing someone every year.

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SteveTerry | 1 comments The author write the story and the world is talking about like there is no other work!!!!!!!!! Lottery is gambling, but sure way of fulfilling dream quickly. I have been playing and winning. Nothing to lose, everything to win, if you invest low!!!!!

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Fox21 | 1 comments Certainly, the story shows the downfall of society! It is true lottery is a game that can change the fortune overnight. People always get happier after winning, but happiness can change into miseries, if you do not spend money wisely. I was the winner of New York lotto jackpot whose info you can read at and have good as well as bad experience both. I have seen that after winning, my social bond got enhanced, friends were giving importance, there was a great change in relationship among family members, which clearly shows how money matters in our life.

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