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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Clark | 7 comments Mod
Read and critically think about the article.

Based on the story, what do you think the downfalls of society could be? Is this a good or bad place? Why? How would you change this society? Why?

Why do you think the author wrote this story? What does Vonnegut think is wrong with society?

Answer two of the questions from the back of the article that most interest you and show your high level of critical thinking.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Clark | 7 comments Mod
For example:

Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are ... because... This is a ... place because ... I would change this society in the following ways: This would allow...

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw... because...

2. Hazel isn't handicapped because...

5. The shedding of Harrison's handicaps is symbolic because...

message 3: by Jocelyne (new)

Jocelyne Galan | 3 comments Based on the article "Harrison Bergeron", the downfalls of this type of society can be a sence of rebellion by the citizens who are beggining to be displeased by their managed way of life. This is a bad place to live in because it seems that we should live in a place with freedom in general. I would make changes such as: letting everyone be smart in their own level of thinking, be as athletic as they desire, and to let them speak out their mind to any extent. These type of changes can lead to basically a much less rebellious group and can set the people to continue adding on ideas on to our generation.
The author's purpose was to show that if everyone in society was equal it would not be as fun as we think, instead it would lead to an undeveloped way of living. Everyone has their own strenghts and their own weaknesses because that is what makes us unique and different than others.

3. It seems that George feels that being handicap is now part of him and that it is better than being competitive.

6. The significance is freedom. The style changes from controlling to living since they both basically live without restrictions, even if its just for a few minutes in life.

message 4: by Kenia (last edited Jun 18, 2013 08:46PM) (new)

Kenia Jeronimo | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, "Harrison Bergeron, the downfalls of this society are methods of maintaining everyone equal because some have to suffer from mental handicap radios, masked faces, and other instruments to restrain their higher abilities. This is an unfair society because it does not let people be who they are. There is no freedom of speech or expression in this society, which makes it impossible to be different. I would change this society in the following ways: remove the handicap radios to let one's mind roam freely, remove the masks to allow the beauty of people be shown, and help those like Hazel increase their intelligence level rather than lower the standards for those of a higher intelligence level. This would allow people to be more of an individual and benefit those that are not performing to the best of their ability.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of the society because it was not able to let people be unique. Everyone in the story was tamed of their own ability and was considered normal if their intelligence was low. Because of the low standards of the society, it was shown that the society was quite odd and unfair.

2. Hazel is not handicapped because her intelligence is average, meaning she can think but not enough to be a threat to Utopian society. Hazel does not pose any threat, for she forgets things quiet easily.

9. I consider the message that Harrison was trying to communicate that one should be themselves. Even if others may oppose your ways, that should be no reason to degrade your character. For instance, when Harrison announced he was a greater ruler than any man who had ever lived, it showed how he wanted to show society that it is okay to defy the government when it comes to freedom of expression. In other words, Harrison encouraged to accept oneself.

message 5: by Lissett (new)

Lissett Gutierrez | 3 comments Based on the story, " Harrison Bergeron," I believe that the downfalls of the society can be revolting because within the government of the story. It shows how all type of people are equal and if they don't agree with the society being the same. The people will have to deal with the consequences. I believe that this is a bad place to live because people deserve to live were a society allows them to be who they are and letting each person express their own personality. No government has the right to rule in a society where the people only get pain, no right, and no free speech.I would make changes in the society in the followings ways: removing the handicap radios to each person, letting each person to be themselves in smartness, style, physically, emotionally, and personality. This would allow for all people to live under the same society with no pressure but to live in a society where there is freedom.
The author's purpose was to show that if all society were equal with the same structure and rules and equality.There would be no point for everyone to be equal because it wont be a society of excitement, but a society that has a daily routine.In addition, the author is letting readers know that within a society there should be a variety of all type of people. such as tall, short, weak, strong,loving,not loving because in the end everyone is the same person within themselves.

1.Equality has been achieved by people not being stronger or faster than anybody else. people not looking better or worse than anybody else within the U.S society. Basically, all people from the society were living under a government were everything was the same for each person.

2.The reason on why Hazel is not handicapped is because Hazel had a well average intelligence.The fact that Hazel has a average Intelligence, it would make her forget things more faster. However; if you compare George to Hazel, George intelligence was above normal. This shows how George has to wear the handicap radio because it helps him forget things, so he would not be able to ruined the society ways of living.

message 6: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Delgado | 3 comments Based on the story, "Harrison Bergeron", the downfalls of this society are people not having the chance to exceed in the talents given to them because they are being treated as equal as everyone else in a way where they are being punished for being "Better". This is a horrible place because I believe a good society should contain people who are hardworking and are striving to be the best. Without competition in the world, we would not have so many advances in the the music industry, medicine, and etc. We should treat people as equal in a way that we respect one another not deprive others from the success they can reach. I would change this society in the following ways: I would remove any kind of handicap items used to make people equal, make the the 211th amendment talk about how all women are equal, take out the 212th and 213th amendments, and have an International Equality Day where we appreciate everyone and celebrate just being friends with everyone who does not have your skin color or the same height as you. This would allow people to continue the competition and be able to live free as they should but see each other as equal in a more spiritual kind of way.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw of actually making everyone equal to each other by placing them objects that would not allow them to be better than everyone because she wanted to show people what equality is in a way where people will have to critically think of what type of equality they want for their society instead of just asking for "Equality".

2. Hazel is not handicap because her intelligence was normal. Basically, her normal intelligence meant that she had short term memory.

5. The shedding of Harrison's handicaps symbolized the rebellion the government will soon undertake towards the people that dislike the handicap laws. Also, this symbolized the freedom the people have been deprived from doing what they please.

message 7: by Monica (new)

Monica Garcia  | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are failing to utilize the diverse talents of individuals because everyone is equal in all senses. This type of environment, characterized by oppression, unhappiness, and cruelty breeds lives of forgotten discontentment. The people of this society are not happy. They constantly wipe away tears they do not remember they shed. Society was changed to this system because people were in constant competition with one another. Evidently, the previous downfall was not recognizing people have different strengths, and it is often synergizing that causes the greatest breakthroughs when working in teams. This is a not a good place to live because people are oppressed so that they never reach full potential. Their brains are controlled by the government. Their thoughts are plagued by excruciating noises. Their necks are crushed by the weight of the world, and their emotions are toyed around until they are all but forgotten. Not a single person can let a part of themselves shine because it would cause inequality and would put the world at ends. I would change this society in the following way: I would eliminate all handicaps. This would allow for individuals to express their feelings without government control and for people to have personal thoughts and better the entire lot of society. Because the previous society had fallen because of too radical competition, I would regulate people at odds with each other and would instead promote growth and constant renewal.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw people are often so strongly governed by the government; they listen to the authority without question. They are restricted by all the laws and other conformists that they get trapped in a scenario where they are incompetent against real power and cannot have a voice within their community.

2. Hazel isn't handicapped because she is already handicapped at an average intelligence. Hazel cannot think of things except for in short bursts, which is why she does not require the handicaps her husband has, although she does express jealousy of not being able to hear the noises her he is forced to listen.

3. Although George finds his handicaps tiresome and brutal, he believes they are necessary to keep order within society. When his wife proposes they remove some, he demonstrates respect for the law and concern for the rise of the dark ages again if he does break the rules.

message 8: by Maria (new)

Maria Gonzalez | 3 comments Based on the article, the downfalls of society are the talents and strength of different people because if one person can get things quicker then they will be put "handicapped" to show that this person can process things faster and is "sick". This is not a fair place to live because people you cannot see the different talents and ideas that these handicap people can bring us. I would change the laws and regulation that they have on handicap because they can show and help the others.

The authors purpose was to point out the flaw of people are ruled by the government; they have to do as they are told or consequences are formed. This shows that they are trapped and dont have the right of freedom.

1. "Equality" was achieved in this article by that they the people were equal in every way. Nobody was smarter, faster, prettier, nothing.

9. What I consider the message of the text is to be thankful of the talents that you have, and show it but dont show it to much at the point were you get all cocky. What lead me to the understanding of this message is knowing that George was handicap of his talent. People are known for their talent and if you take that away who would you be as a person?
Another message is hate, there are people who are going to hate you for example, page 5 its states " Diana Moon Glampers, the handicapper general, came into the studio with a shotgun." This shows that the handicapper general, and Diana was mad because Harrison and his Empress broke the laws

message 9: by Yanelys (new)

Yanelys | 3 comments Based on the article, the downfalls are that they put handicaps on people who are more strong and talented then other because they wanted people to be equal in this society. This not a good place to live because they treat people unfairly because they do not let people have their own personality. I would change this society because I want everyone to be equal because they should be able to whatever they want.

The author's purpose was to show that the government controls the people in that society. This also show that people do not have the right to say or doing anything about it without be punished.

1. Equality has been achieved because no one can be smarter or faster because they would be handicap which is not right because people should be able to do anything.
9. What I consider to be the message of Harrison Bergeron story was that you should never doubt your talent or appearance because everyone should be their own person.

message 10: by Jocelyn (new)

Jocelyn Garcia | 3 comments Based on this story, one of the downfalls of this society, and probably the largest one, is portraying diversity as a negative quality and instead enforcing absolute and unfair equality. Because of this, the citizens of this society are not allowed to do anything at their fullest and best potential. The citizens are not happy in their homes because they have to live with everyone being the same and not having any sort of competition. Competition is not always a bad thing because there always needs to be some healthy competition; healthy competition is what brings out people to their fullest potential. Maybe is was once this healthy competition that turned into something bad and eventually led to the downfall of the previous society. This was probably what led to the creation of a society where everything had to be controlled in order to prevent a future downfall. I would change this society by eliminating the masks that prevent the beautiful people from showing who they really are. I would also get rid of the handicapped people who are forced to be less athletic, less intelligent, and less individuals because in the end, it is the brain, body, and soul that makes each individual unique and inspiring, so I do not understand why the government would want to get rid of it.

The author's purpose was to show that the government influences the lives of the people in ways that are not healthy. The government has a little bit too much access to our lives and to what each individual can do. The author's purpose was also to show diversity and uniqueness is seen as a bad thing by so many people when it really shouldn't be that way. Instead, the government oppresses the voices of their citizens.

2. The reason why Hazel is handicapped is because the government is not worried about her being more intelligent, beautiful, or athletic.Hazel is already an average person and there is no need to make her inferior when she is not above anyone else. At one point in the story it seems like she would like to be handicapped because she continues to ask her husband about the noise he constantly hears. It seems like maybe she wants to be more intelligent to be able to have what her husband has.

3. George does not really mind being handicapped anymore. At one point in the story, George says he doesn't even feel them anymore when his wife suggests maybe he should take off some weight of the bags around his shoulders. I think George has been manipulated by the government so much he thinks it is okay to handicap those who are above average because it is the only way to keep order in society and make sure no one tries to overthrow the government.

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Dominguez | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are that everybody is equal because people seem not be themselves.This is a disfunction place because people try to hide themselves and what they really love.I would change this society in the following ways: everybody stop being equal,take out everything that is affecting their image,and find other way to not break the amendment.This would allow people to show their beauty and not having the risk to get killed if no longer handicapped.
The author's purpose was to point out the flaw that equality is not sometimes the right choice because you have the perspective of the people their appearance and they get tired of how they can be themselves.
3.George seems to not like his handicaps because they bother him too much.It causes him damage and wishes to take them off.Yet he is scared to take them off because he knows there is consequences.
7.The Vonnegut decides to write the scene this way because they wanted to let a message out.They wanted to let people know that there is consequences if they removed their handicaps.Letting people know that the should stand out for their opinions or their rights.

message 12: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Gutierrez | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of the society is the government making sure that every person has the same equal amount of rights because the government does not want others to think that they better than others that live on the same society. Even the women that had beauty on their faces had to wear mask to cover their beauty. This is a bad society because no one is allowed to do what they pleased with out being handicapped and forgetting their memories every twenty seconds. I would change this society in the following ways: remove every handicapped person to be remove as soon as possible, everyone would have their own memory and no one can take it away from them. This would allow everyone in the society to be free from the government. The author purpose was to point out the flow is that everyone should be free because no one life and actions should be taken away from them.
2. Hazel is not handicapped because she has a problem with memory and therefore, she couldn't think about anything except in short burst.
3. The way that George feels about his handicaps is normal to him because the has no control over it. The government takes away everything that is on his mind. Every twenty seconds he forgets.

message 13: by Lilibeth (new)

Lilibeth | 3 comments The downfalls of the story from Harrison Bergeron are people where all treaded equally but in a cruel way. This is a bad downfall because the people were all put on a mask that would not let them show there face and so everyone would be able to look the same. This is really not the best to treat a person be because everyone is different and thinks differently. If I could change some of these parts it would be to treat everyone with respect but also take away the mask they had.

The other might of written this story to show that as the years pass by everything will be the same but nothing over the equality will change if we don't even help around. Another reason why the author might of written this would be to show everyone we should treat each other the same way and not let someone fall down instead help then to pick them up again.

Harrison is considered a threat for society maybe because of his appearance ,and on what he even does so people think that he is a rough in many ways.

Hazel was not handicapped because she had an average intelligence meaning she was calm and she really would not do anything to hurt anyone.

message 14: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are that everybody is being treated the same. Many of them suffer a lot especially those who are better at some things. Nobody can be better than anybody else they all had to be the same. The people could not even have a normal conversation because some of them had a mental handicap radio in their ear. This radio would send some sharp noise to the person who is wearing it, so they were not able to take advantage of their brains. This is something unfair because people do not deserve to live like this they need to be capable of thinking whatever they want and say what they want

The authors purpose was to point out the flaw of the people living the same and how it was destroying every single one of them because they cannot be their own person and have to suffer. This also showed us how it is not really a good idea to be the same as everybody else we should all be our own unique person.

2. George is a smart person which is good, but bad when you live in place where everybody should be equal. Just because George is smart he needs to wear a little mental handicap radio in his ear, so he would not take advantage of his brain. Hazel did not had to be handicapped because she had a perfectly average intelligence.

9. The message that Harrison Bergeron said was that everybody should stand up for themselves and live the way they want. Also that not everybody should be the same everybody has their own unique talent and they should show it.

message 15: by Issalma (new)

Issalma Franco | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text "Harrison Bergeron" , the downfalls f this society would be citizens are not able to be their selfs or show their talents or used them in any other way because this is a society where practically everyone is handicap because its a society where no one can be better than anyone else, no one had the chance to try to do anything better because they would get hurt or even killed. I would change this society in the following ways: I would let everyone be their selfs, this would allow people to show their talent and have different kind of personalities ideas as talents. Also, I would change the idea of handicapping someone everyone is different and it should stay like that and not hurt them for being different.

The author wrote this story in my opinion, was to show how everyone has different capacity and show that everyone being different makes our society spacial. Everyone has their own special traits to use and show and try no to wish everyone was the same because everyone being different shows how things can actually be good. Shows a lot of people who wish to be the same that everyone has their own ideas.

2. Hazel isn't handicapped because she has a different kind of idea and also it is harder for her to actually think and know like other citizens in her society. She is not handicap because she is back down by herself and her own ideas and thoughts. Hazel has a harder time than others before and now all the citizens were put down in her critical thinking.

5. The shedding of Harrison's handicap is a symbolic because it shows how Harrison had many good qualities that made him realize a lot of his society which shows that it kept hurting him. He was pretty smart which he realize a lot but got a bussing in his ear which made him get hurt. This symbolic to us because it shows how they were not allow to know more than anyone that everyone had to be exactly equal.

message 16: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia | 3 comments Based on Harrison Bergeron,the downfalls of this society is that talents separate everyone and it gives more power to others. This is a bad place because our differences is what separate us. In Harrison Bergeron, everyone is the same. No differences, just all same people with no talents. What I would do to change this society would be to get rid off all of the handicapped items used on talented people. I would also take all the masks from the pretty people because it was not their fault to be born good looking.

I think the author wrote this story because there are people in the world that do not notice their personal talents. This shows people that do not believe on themselves, that they have a difference and that they should take advantage of it before they lose their opportunity.

3. George feels that his handicaps have become a part of him. He feels indifferent about the handicaps.

5. To me, the shedding of Harrison's handicaps is symbolic because it shows that Harrison is tired of not being heard and he wants to express who he really is how he really feels.

message 17: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Lopez | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text “Harrison Berger,” the downfalls of this society are the systems of the ways they try to make everyone be equal because they figured out a terrible way to make sure that no one else is better than anyone else. This is a terrible place because people had to wear mental handicaps, there were so many different kinds of handicaps for intelligence, beauty, and talent. But the handicaps are really dangerous like for example the handicaps radio are just to make a lot of noise so people will not think to much, and if you don’t think to much you will be an average in intelligence. Trying to make everyone be equal is really hurting everyone’s personality. Everyone is always born different to make a difference, but by making everyone equal no one will be able to make a big difference. I would change this society by having a different method. I will not try to make everyone be equal, I will try to make people be who they are. This would allow people to be who they are and make a difference.

The author’s purpose was to show us that everyone cannot be equal because everyone has their own personality. Also that we need to have different people to make a differences in life, if everyone was equal, life will never change. There maybe can be a way to make everyone equal, but it will be dangerous and it will lead to an unhappy life for everyone. They will feel like if they were puppets, and there will only be one person that is different from everyone else.

4. Harrison is a threat to society because he is the only one who has the courage to try to change society and make people known who they really are.

9. The message I think Harrison Bergeron is trying to say is that everyone is never going to be equal. Everyone one is born different, to be different, and to make a difference in life.

message 18: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola Hernandez | 8 comments Based on the story Harrison Bergeron, the downfall to the United States society was having a controlling government. Every human was being controlled no one had a say in anything, they were not even able to think. This type of society is not pleasant neither would it be a utopian society. If I could change this society it would be by taking down the United States Handicapper General because that what is consuming everyone's freedom. I just feel everyone should be able to obtain freedom to live how they want.

The author's purpose was to show how equality is not always as perfect as everyone thinks it is. Also showing that in order for everyone to be equal sacrifices are going to be needed. The author shows how a so called equal and utopian society is impossible.

5. Harrisons shedding of handicaps is symbolic of how people decide to be different and stand out from the crowd.

6. What is significant of Harrison's dance with the ballerina is that they show freedom with their dancing and are willing to die for freedom.

message 19: by Joanna (last edited Aug 13, 2013 09:06PM) (new)

Joanna Herrera | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are that everyone (the people) want to be treated equal because nobody wants to be different. This is a bad place to live in because what if someone actually wants to be different from the others? I would change this society in the following ways: have the same/equal rights, but for each person to have different character traits.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw is how some people are willing to do anything to get there freedom because from my opinion, I would do anything to get my freedom.

1. "Equality" is been achieved because "nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else."

4. Harrison is considered a threat to society because he is willing to try new things to figure out solutions. For example, he danced with the ballerina to prove that he can actually do it.

message 20: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 4 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are everyone has to withdraw what makes them unique because the smart ones have to dumb themselves down, the pretty ones have to be ugly, the athletic ones must become nonathletic, and so on...This is a horrible place because it is not fair for some people to be having more handicap items than other, which can also affect their health.I would change this society in the following ways: Take down the United States Handicapper General and let everyone express the way they want to. This would allow everyone to be unique. Life would be boring having everyone be the same. We need uniqueness from everyone to entertain us.

The author's purpose was to point out the flaw that having everyone be the same is not always a good thing because how are gong to manage life if one person is not talented in a field, such as medicine, technology, and food. The essential fields that need to be study to keep a society.

2. Hazel isn't handicapped because she is not the brightest one. She is not smart enough, pretty enough, or anything else.

5. The shedding of Harrison's handicaps is symbolic because he is stripping off all the pain he was given to hide his talents. He is slowly revealing to the world what his true self is. He wants everyone to follow him, so everyone can bee the individual person they are with their uniqueness written all over them.

message 21: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Frias | 3 comments Based on the story, Harrison Bergeron, I think that the downfalls of society could be that the people are equally treated the same in the story but there are different people like handicap people and people that have their minds half with knowledge and the other half with dumb knowledge. This is a bad place because in the sence of the story there is unhappiness, tears, and danger. I would change the story's society by giving the handicapes help with therapy lessons and the people that have half minded brains I would help them by giving them a class with reading, writing, numbers, and letters so they could remember what they have learned. I would help the handicapped people with therapy lessons because I would want them to be happy that they could walk again or be happy that they have their different parts of their body back. I would help the minded people with a good education because I would want them to be very proud of themselves that they had learned something new everyday in life.

I think that the author wrote this story because the author might want us to know how the people are in the future and how they have hard times understanding things in their future life. The Vonnegut thinks that the society is filled with danger because harrison Bergeron is bad, he controls the city, and he robbed banks.

3. George feels that the handicapes are similar to him because he feels that they have the same problems as him. He feels that all the handicapes are all the same.
5. In my opinion, the shedding of Harrison's handicaps is symbolic because he wants to show the people that he is bad. He also wants to take over the society and make the people follow his rules.

message 22: by Itzayana (new)

Itzayana | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of this society are making methods that keep people down because of the government's believes. This is a place where being different is something bad. I would change this society by teaching people that being different is something good. This would allow people to be their selves.

The authors purpose was to show that change is something good. He did this by showing us the downfalls of a mimicry society.

1, The U.S society described in the first paragraph can be described as an equal place. In the story every person was equal. There were no differences in weight, intelligence, or looks. Making it a very dull society.

2, Harrison is considered truly dangerous because he overdoes the standards of average in every way. Harrison is very handsome man, with a upgraded intelligence. Making him a danger for the average society.

message 23: by Maria (new)

Maria Figueroa | 3 comments Based on my reading of the text, the downfalls of society are oppressing the unique abilities of people and decreasing the diversity of a society all because of wanting equality for everyone. This is a unhappy, dull, and unfair place because people are not able to show their talents. Men and women are not able to look more beautiful than other people. They are not able to outperform others in academics or sports. People are not able to give a diversity to society that makes it a more lively place. I would change this society by allowing people to live in a place where they are able to think thoughts that are at a higher level than everyone else. I would allow women to show their beautiful faces without having to hide it. In this society there would be equality, but in different areas, such as everyone being treated the same fair way, all races of people being able to vote, and giving the people the same opportunities. This would allow the society to be in a more balanced state. There would be no uprisings because of people thinking the government is corrupt. This would also all people to express themselves in their on ways without having to limit themselves to others abilities.
The author's purpose was to point out how a society would turn out to be if everyone was equal. It;s written to give a different view of equality and what it would do to the people. It was written to point out the flaw that people would not like the new system and would rebel against the government.

5. The shedding of Harrison's handicaps was symbolic because it is showing the government's power being challenged. This shows that the people have the strength to stand up. When Harrison was breaking his handicaps it was showing how he was not in agreement with the new rules that were put into place and how he would break those rules.
8. Hazel is sad when she sees the televised murder of her son; however, I do not think she even realized it was her son. George tells her to forget sad things and she does. It seemed like they did not put much thought into the death of there child.

message 24: by Joana (new)

Joana | 3 comments I think the downfalls of this society is that you will never be able to remember a happy memory and enjoy your life. You will be sad because you will not be able to remember anything and do things if you have extra pounds on you, to make you even. I think making everyone equal is not a good thing because then you will not be able to bring new technology or find out new things. Our technology will be so slow. I would change the society by making everyone different. Because if everyone is the same then your community will not get anywhere, it will never progress because no one will be smarter than the other.

I think that the author wrote this to show us that the world will never be equal, someone will always be above us because that is how life is. If everyone was the same then people would not be happy since they will not have new improvements or anything. Vonnegut thinks that it is wrong everytime society tries to make everyone equal because society will never be equal. And if society was equal then our lives will not be pleasant.

5. I think that the shedding of Harrison handicap is a symbol that nothing will stay the way you want it to stay. Equality will never be able to exist no matter how hard you try. Because someone will always be above you, that is how society works. Someone has to be smarter to bring to world to bigger and newer advances. It shows how everyone should have liberty no matter what is going on.

7. I think that Vonnegut decides to write the dance scenes different to show that Harrison and the ballerina were both different from everyone around them. He is trying to show more emotion on Harrison and the ballerina, to change the tense of how things were written to a more happy version. So he is letting you know that Harrison and the ballerina are breaking the equality among everyone in this society.

message 25: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine G (jasmiineg) | 3 comments Based on the story” Harrison Bergeron”, the downfall of this society is the fact that all people are forced to be equal in all ways. In this society, everyone must be at the same level of intelligence. No one is smarter, good looking, or stronger than the other. This is a downfall because everyone is not allowed to be their own unique selves.
I believe this type of place and society is bad because being equal to everyone else around you is simply boring. We are all born differently. We are all created with our own special talents with our own unique appearances.
If I could change this society I would allow everyone to be their own selves. We all have our own purposes in life and being controlled all the time will get us nowhere in the world. On the other hand, I also believe that there needs to be rules and regulations to keep all activities in order. It there aren't any limitations then society would easily get out of hand.

I believe the author wrote this story to show a whole new meaning of “being equal”. For many years, people have fought their hardest to be equal. We fight for gay rights, religious rights, gender rights, all human rights, and many others. In this story, the author does not focus on equal right but on equal people. The author wants to depict a world where everyone is at the same level and is not allowed to be better than other. I think Vonnegut thinks that the lack of equality is what’s wrong with society. Vonnegut wants to show a world where everyone is constant with each other and no one is superior.

2. Hazel isn't handicapped because she has an average intelligence level, which allows her to forget things more easily than George. George, on the other hand, has an above average intelligence level, George has a stronger mind which is why he must hear handicaps to control his thinking process.

5. The shedding of Harrison’s handicaps symbolizes his freedom for that brief moment. It was his way of being himself again and more superior to others. It also symbolized the power he gained because he was considered a threat to society.

message 26: by Vania (new)

Vania Marquez | 3 comments I think the downfalls of this story is not being able to do anything you want, or not being able to enjoy life happy.another downfall would be being able to have all equal right and being treated the same way as other no matter how the person looks or acts.

If I can change this society,I would make sure everyone gets respect. Allow anyone to be themselves and have the same rights as others.

2. Hazel is not handicap because she is intelligent and can be capable doing different stuff,even thought she struggled on remembering stuff.

1. Equality was achieved in u.s society because everyone was treated equal,as in no difference in learning, or disabilities.

message 27: by Deanna (new)

Deanna Garcia | 3 comments Based on Harrison Bergeron, the United states becomes equal, but they took it to a new direction. The word equality was taken to literal, and I honestly think it is wrong. It takes away the uniqueness from one another. If I could change it I would just give everyone equal rights.

I think he wrote this because he wanted to show that being equal does not have to be extreme.

2. I do think Hazel was not handicapped because she was average. She was not too smart so her intelligence was not a threat like her son's.

1. Everyone in the U.S was equal in ability. No one was better than the next person.

message 28: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Enriquez | 4 comments Based on the story, the downfalls of society could be a lack of individuality, being an upstander, and thinking critically. Harrison displayed his own individuality when he stripped himself of his hindrances since no one else would or could take the stance. Even today, many let their own handicaps, both literal or metaphorical, be a barrier to standing up for what is right because of insecurity and fear of opposition. However, it is essential to train one’s mind to think critically so that the appropriate decisions are made and words are said because it seemed George had the idea that inequality led to harmful competition. Although he did not have the stable state of mind to think his thought out clearly, it is evident that he was brainwashed into believing society’s idea of equality was right. With these qualities of a downfall society, I agree it would make society a bad place because it’s the people of the world that can make or break it. If we have people who are not confident and can’t project voice, progression in the right direction will not be achieved. To change this type of society, I would emphasize the importance of speaking out when you feel necessary and appropriate.

Vonnegut, in my opinion, wrote this story because society has always pleaded for equality even after laws have been passed in its favor without considering a few things: firstly,  the meaning of equality; secondly, the type of equality most beneficial to society, if there is one; and lastly, if sheer equality is possible for all and reasonable to even those egalitarian and not. The very mere details of interpretation are essential. Furthermore, Vonnegut wanted to explain that we are seeking for something we might regret later on and not targeting the right issue. From my own interpretation, Vonnegut thinks society’s problem is not only within the people’s desires as mentioned above but of the political system itself. The political system is corrupt in some ways and can often play the bad guy in the eyes of many; it was just severely emphasized in this story, almost making it seem like a communist society.

1) As mentioned in the first paragraph, “equality” in the U.S society has been achieved through every aspect whether it was their intelligence or physical appearance. Strength was leveled and speed was equal so that all reached mutual solidarity. It was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution and persistent agents of the United States Handicapper General.

2) Hazel is not handicap the way George is because only those with higher intelligence, strength, or better anything are made handicap so that they aren’t able to use their special qualities. Hazel’s average intelligence is incomparable to George’s, so she was not given anything to restrain her from using it. George is stronger than his wife, so she was not given extra weight to carry with her at all times. Hazel seemed to meet the low requirements the government had for all to be equal so it was deemed unnecessary for her to have any.

Here are the rest of my answers to the discussion questions:

message 29: by Karla (new)

Karla Gomez | 3 comments Based on the reading of Harrison Bergeron, the downfalls of society was the ignorance of the government ignoring people's intelligence and talents. The government fails at making people equal correctly. The government oppresses the fact that there are people with incredible talents by hurting their heads or applying weight on their bodies. This society is terrible and must be changed. I would change this society by giving people the liberty to be themselves. If anyone wants to be better than his partner, then he can try to better himself individually. I would want my society to achieve self achievement and greatness.
The author pointed out the flaws in this society to show the reader that we must find a balance within equality. Equality does not have to mean suffrage; it has to mean liberty.

1. Equality was achieved by making everyone have the same abilities no matter the cost. This means that people could be hurt periodically for the rest of their lives in order to not have any ideas of making themselves better.

2. Hazel is not handicap because she is not the brightest person; therefore, the government is not worried of people being jealous of her looks or intelligence.

Crystal Garcia | 2 comments -Based on the story, I think the downfalls of society were how people were made to be equal to each other. I consider this as a downfall because many people have their own talents and are better at things then others. Not being able to be yourself is a horrible feeling and being the same as others is tedious.
-I think the author wrote this story to show people how life with be if we were at to be equally a like and maybe even communist people. This story was written to show America how fortunate we are to freedom and rights as we do now. The author thinks its wrong in society because equality show be limited and not to a extensive point of extremist. Not being able to show your strengths is unfair and makes people live in dismay;therefore,being as equal as you can be is unjustified.

message 31: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin Diaz | 1 comments Based on the reading of the article "Harrison Bergeron", the downfalls of this society are equal. It seems that mostly everyone were equal. The society is not fair because they don't let people be who they are the cannot express themselves.For them it must seem like prison, they cant be free they don't have so much freedom. I would change this society in the following ways by removing the handicap radios so people can themselves.
The authors purpose was to point out the flaw of the society how the people who got to have the handicap radio couldn't be themselves. Everyone needed to be equal if they weren't equal then its not a society.
1. Equality has been achieved because people were equal in any way.

2. Hazel is not handicap because she was normal. she had an average intelligence.

message 32: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Nicole Gonzalez | 3 comments The downfall of this text is that people's rights were taken away from them and had to act like everyone else, for example, like a unite. We would need people like Harrison to stand up for what they believe in society to make a change in the world. Everyone's opinion matters; for someone to have no lack of structure of organization instead of putting everyone equal, there would have been a difference in life_ including the people being able to communicate with others at there level of society.
Equality may be a good and bad thing in the world. It can be an advantage because everyone will be treated the same and won't have any favorites. But then again a disadvantage because others might not be on the same page as others.
1) Equality was achieved by having order in society, no one can be different enough to make other people jealous of what they have or how they have it.

2)Hazel is not handicap because she doesn't not stand out to give the appreciation that she's handicap. She may be a bright person but she is like everyone else.

message 33: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Lagunas | 3 comments The downfall of society in Harrison Bergon was that all people were treated equally. So they handicapped all people who are smarter than anybody else or stronger, or more beautiful. I think that this would be a bad place because its showing that you can't express yourself and have to hide your identity. They take away people's skills to make them equal. If I could change this society, I would let people express themselves, because every person is different. Everybody would have their own talent and appearance. The reason why the author wrote this story is to show that the society we live in now judges a lot of people be their appearance or the skills they have.

1.) the US society wants every single person to be equal. The society wants to achieve equality by handicapping people who are smarter, stronger, better looking and quicker than others.

2.) The reason why Hazel is not handicapped is because she has an average level of intelligence. Sometimes she forgets things that just happened recently.

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