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where can I get this book?!!

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message 1: by Tamara (new) - added it

Tamara Geraeds I have a question for the people who rated this book. It was never published, so where did you get it? I would love to have it, because I like this series a lot, but everywhere I look it says: not available, never published. :-(

message 2: by Soelo (new)

Soelo Barnes and Noble sells it on the nook:

There are nook apps for iOS, Android and PC.

message 3: by Tamara (new) - added it

Tamara Geraeds Thanks, but I still can't find it. Only book 1 and 2. Can you give me an exact link?

message 4: by Tamara (new) - added it

Tamara Geraeds Oh, I found it, thanks. Thought this was about Adam Slaters book, sorry. :-) I already bought this one a while ago. The writer published it himself.

message 5: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Q. Why can you not find this book anywhere? Amazon and good reads both had it listed as published in 2009? I read the first three before then, and I really want to know the ending

message 6: by Tamara (new) - added it

Tamara Geraeds I've got it. maybe it's out of print by now? You could write the author. he's published this himself.

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