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Tales of the Solar Rangers: The Times Thieves of Mars
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Title: Tales of the Solar Rangers: The Time Thieves of Mars
Author: Victoria Young
Genre: sci fi/ space opera
Formats Available: Kindle
The year is 2001; exactly fifty years after the first space rocket was launched to explore Mars. It was a time of wonder and advancement for Earth. Intelligent life was discovered among the majestic ancient cities of Mars and Venus. Earth, Venus and Mars later formed the Solar Federation; a planetary alliance functioning as a union for open-trade, justice and immigration. In this union the Solar Defense Force was born.

A team of five elite Solar Defense Force Rangers search Mars for the mysterious time traveling orbs. The team of outsiders race against time to find the orbs before a shadowy group of outlaws obtains them and uses them to their own evil ends. The Ranger’s mysterious past is revealed and they must ultimately confront their own true selves or risk jeopardizing the mission and their own lives.

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Vrinda Pendred (thymeoperator) | 20 comments I'd like to read it : )

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