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What you wanna do

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Supernatural or realistic?

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments hmm, I don't mind either but i love doing supernatural.

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Okie dokie!!! What kind of creatures?

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How bout angel and demon?

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Alright characters or jump right into action

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments just jump into action :)

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Alright, can u start?

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Am I an Angle or demon

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Your pick!

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments okay!

Elizabeth was young. She had not yet gone through the transformation into a full blooded Angel. She rested against the wall as she finished cooking her food.

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Jake flew back up to earth, he enjoyed annoying humans. He kept himself invisible from all of the humans to watch them. He smiled as he controlled the items around the humans, hittin them, hurting them, and annoying them.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Elizabeth knew that at present, she looked human. It really annoyed her that she had to live on earth until she comes of age. She heaved a sigh and dished up her food.

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Jake finally stopped and just began walking down the street, kicking rocks and looking around. He needed someone to mess with, someone would be tough in his face then run off crying. He was craving a fight.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Elizabeth was almost screaming in frustration at the severe frustration she felt with the boredom of being stuck on earth. She sat at breakfast table and began to eat. Even her food didn't taste as good as usual at the thought of being stuck here.

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Sitting on a nearby bench, Jake tried to calm himself. His demonic side was trying to take over his human side and it was giving him a headache. He groaned in pain and stood trying to walk it off

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Elizabeth sighed softly and walked out of her house. She felt the need to go for a walk. She got that way sometimes.

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Jake groaned, his headache wasn't going away and he felt his dark side take over. His eyes went from a gently brown to black and he felt his blood begin to boil.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Elizabeth wandered past some stranger who was groaning in pain. Her Angelic side came forward and she walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

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He felt a hand on his shoulder and felt a tingle in his stomach, Angel... he thought. Jake turned to look at the girl and grinned a little, "Fine thanks for asking"

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "Good good" She grinned back, giggling. He was a handsome man when he smiled. She sat beside him. "You seemed to be in pain earlier and that's why I asked"

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"Just a headache." he said resting his elbows on his knees, "I'm Jake." he smiled and held out a hand for her to shake. He had a plan and hoped it would work.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She giggled, shaking his hand in return. "My name is Elizabeth" She smiled sweetly, adorably at him. She was acting weird around him but she didn't care at the moment.

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Jake chuckled at her smile, "You seem very happy." he nudged her gently with a smile.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "It's the first time I have been out for a while, I was grounded. It's also the first time I have talked to a guy" She blushed then nudged him back.

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Jake chuckled, "But your so pretty! There is no possible way I'm the first guy you've talked to!"

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "You are!" She blushed brighter, giggling. "All guys I know think that I am ugly" She pouted. "They don't talk to me because they think I am a freak"

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"Well if I'm the first guy you've talked too i guess youve never been kissed huh?" he smirked a little at her blush.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "Nope" She giggled nervously and looked at the ground, scuffing his feet along the floor. She bit her lip gently.

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Jake smirked, knowing exactly what to do, "Well today is your lucky day." he whispered lifting her chin, leaning in slowly.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She backed away from him and pushed against his chest. "I-I'm not supposed to kiss anyone" She whispered, pushing still but she was too weak to move him.

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Jakes face was an inch from hers, he smiled softly, "Why not? You scared? Nervous?" he whispered not moving.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments Elizabeth lowered her gaze again. "My parents won't let me because of my ra..religion. But yes, I am nervous and scared"

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Jake smiled softly and pulled back, "Religion says that I can't kiss you?" he plan wouldn't work! The Angel was smart and easily found loopholes, he could tell.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She nodded. "Yeah" She pouted slightly. She lifted her hand, touching his face gently. "It's a shame really" She giggled.

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He pushed her hand away, "Hey! Your not allowed to say I can't kiss you then go and tempt me like that!" Jake chuckled, "That could get you into serious trouble missy!" he said with a smile but held back his laugh.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "Aww sorry for tempting you, I didn't mean to" She frowned slightly and looked away. "I don't want to get in trouble. You don't know what would happen to me if I did"

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Jake chuckled, "I think I've got a pretty good idea..." he muttered, Barolo audible, "I'm sorry... Am I allowed to hug you?" he smiled trying to cheer her up

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She nodded, allowing herself to grin. "That is one thing I know that I am able to do" She giggled and wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder.

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Jake smiled and hugged her, he then changed their surroundings to a holding cell. "Poor little Angel." he whispered in her ear

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She gasped. "What are you talking about?!?" She pushed him away and saw where she was. She rested her back against the wall and slid down so that she was sat on the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chest.

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"You don't see? This isn't Earth, or the heaven you are used to. Welcome to my dimension! I'm not an idiot Elizabeth, I know your an angel, it's shown in the way you talk, your smile and in your touch" jake said looking down at her crossing his arms. "Dont worry, no one will hurt you, your an angel, we aren't allowed to hurt you." he smiled a little

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments "I am not yet an Angel! I am only half Angel. I have never been to heaven, I have only ever lived on Earth. I never called you and idiot, I would never do that. Why is it that you wouldn't hurt me Demon?" She asked, now knowing what he was.

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Jake chuckled and sat on the ground next to her, "Do you think I want you hurt?" he gently moved a strand of hair from her face, "I'll have you know that I saved you! Demons can do anything they want to anyone they want on Earth, down here we are limited to what we can do to you angels." he explained

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She sighed softly and bit her lip to stop her tears. "I do think that you would want to hurt me" She whispered as one tear stubbornly rolled down her cheek. She wanted to lean into his touch but she scolded herself and backed away. "What exactly do you want with me? and Why me?"

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James heartfelt heavy when she said that, "I don't want to hurt you..." he whispered softly, "It's our job as Demons to bring as many Angels here as possible." he tried explaining but now that he had dragged her down here he began to feel bad.

Little Melia *Lady Of The Lake* (michelle) (livinglifelivingfree) | 6101 comments She gave him a sad look as more tears flowed. "Why? What do you want with us?" She asked, pulling her knees tighter against her chest. She rested her head on them and looked at him as she cried.

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