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Just came across this great article from BrainPickings about famous literary pets.

Hemingway & Cat

Literary Pets: The Cats, Dogs, and Birds Famous Authors Loved
by Maria Popova

"Twain and Bambino, Browning and Flush, Dickens and Grip, Hemingway and Uncle Willie, and more. The wonderful recent Lost Cat memoir, one of my favorite books of the past few years, reminded me of how central, yet often unsuspected, a role pets have played in famous authors’ lives throughout literary history.

Cats have inspired Joyce’s children’s books, T. S. Eliot’s poetry, Gay Talese’s portrait of New York, and various literary satire, while dogs have fueled centuries of literature, philosophy and psychology, interactive maps, and some of the New Yorker’s finest literature and art. Gathered here are some of literary history’s most moving accounts of famous writers’ love for their pets, culled from a wealth of letters, journals, and biographies."

Full article here:
Some great stories pics and links to other things. It's also where I found that interactive map link that I posted earlier.

Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas

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