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Here we are!

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Ok, ok sorry!
I can make my charrie now, if you like. What kind of relationship do they have? Hate, love? I'm going with the fact they don't really have (Or at least haven't noticed) there feeling yet. Is that ok?

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Yeah; is it father/daughter, brother/sister...?

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Ummm, I'm going with a younger boy, but you can be the sister or a cousin or something.

Name: Daniel
Age: 16

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I'll be a little cousin.

Name: Lili
Age: 11

Do you want to start?

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I've lowered his age by one year. I want it so he still has to go to high school and can't drop out yet.

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Do you want to start?

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Dan sighed and pulled out his earbuds. Family reunion execution: Commence. He thought to himself. At least the car trip was finally over, though. Looking out he saw just under 50 people milling around. All relatives.

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Lili watched as another car pulled in. She hated these things. Her mom expected her to get a kiss from all of the old people.

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Dan got out and stretched. He was wearing this
just to be irritating to his folks. It worked. And what's better was that he knew he had the body to pull it off. Immediately, expertly dodging granny's and uncles he made straight for the food table.

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Lili had already ate, so she sat on a wooden swing. She was wearing and had the breasts to fill it.

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Dan, once he had his food, retired to a shady corner of the field/park thing. He finished his plate in record time and lay back. As he did he caught a glimpse of a swing set behind him. But that wasn't the best part, despite how awesome swings were, oh no. There was a familiar but still not familiar enough hottie sitting on them. He knew he was a bit of a freak for his thing of younger chicks, but he couldn't help it. He stood up and walked over to the other swing sitting on it and gently moving back and forward.

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Lili smiled, "Are you one of my cousins?"

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Dan looked up, as if just noticing her. "Ummmm, maybe? Who's your parents. Actually... Is that you Lili? If it is, wow you have grown!" In more ways then one, he added in his head.

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Lili said, "Thanks, I think."

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"It is Lili, right?" He asked suspiciously.

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"Right," Lili said. "Who are you?"


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((Okay, see ya))
He feigned hurt. "It's me, Dan? Don't you remember that fizzy drink fight we had a few years ago? And you virtually annihilated me?"

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Lili nodded remembering, "That was so fun!"

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Dan chuckled. " For me, not so much. If I have to be with my family I might as well be with you. How have you been?" He asked, sounding genuinely curious.

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Lily answered, "I have been great; you?"

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He groaned "Depressed. School and family aren't as great as I thought when I was younger." He maintained a pained expression before breaking into a grin. "Do you still do truth and dare?" He asked her in a malicious tone.

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Lily smiled, "Yeah; why?"

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"Do you wanna?" He said, a dare in his voice.

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Lily said, "Sure!" SHe was always up for a dare.

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Dan looked at her "You first" he said.

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Lily said, "Does that mean I pick truth or dare? Or do I ask you?"

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"Either or" Dan told her, his white hair blowing briefly infront of his face.

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Lily said, "Fine; Truth or Dare."

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He sniffed and tilted his head, as if thinking. "I'll go with... truth" he wanted to do at least one truth before he did dare.

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"Who was your first kiss?" Lily asked.

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He coughed "My what? Your just as evil as ever then" He said. "Mine would be... A guy name Ryan." He smiled.

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Lily smiled with him, "Thanks but I think I got moe eviler. So you gay?"

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"Well... not anymore, but yeah. I think three guys in total. Against around 80 chicks." Dan counted mentally in his head. "I guess that makes it... My turn." He smiled evilly "Truth... or dare" He asked her.

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Lily instantly said, "Dare."

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Dan thought about it "I dare you... To kiss anybody here today." He gestured over to Emily, a few moths older than Lily "Girls included" He chuckled. He loved this game.

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Lily looked around then deciding just to kiss Dan. She leaned forwards and planted a kiss on his cheek.

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Dan looked at her, wide eyed, before shaking his head "Ok... Whatever" He pretended he didn't mind, but didn't she know how he felt about her already, without the kiss? "Your turn" He said.

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Lily smiled, "Truth or Dare?"

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Not willing to let her outshine him Dan said "Dare"

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Lily thought about it, "I dare you to make out with someone here."

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He hung his head. "I guess I deserved that." Dan stood up. He had a plan. "Ok, I know where somebody suitable is. Come with me if you want proof." He walked into the house that was the venue for all these people. Dan knew full well everyone was outside.

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Lily followed him into the house wondering who he was going to make out with. She knew that almost everyone was outside.

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"Ok" He nodded at a door, which lead to a bedroom. "She should be asleep in here." He whispered. He opened the door. It was darkish in the room. He waited for Lily to follow.

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Lily walked into the darkish room looking for the girl.

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Dan grabbed Lily's arm, roughly, and spun her around to face him. He pushed her down on the bed "Found her" He whispered and crushed his lips down onto hers.

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Lily moaned and held down a scream from him scareding her. She kissed him back putting the thoughts that is was wrong out of her mind. They would be kissing for only a few seconds she told herself.

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