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νєяαℓι∂αιиє  | 54 comments Mine is Classical of course, you can guess that from my profile picture... :D

(The picture is of Itzhak Perlam, my favourite violinist of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!)

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 6 comments OH OH OH!! i like him too especially since he is jewish lol. nah jks love his music!!!!! heheh bet you guys cant say the h in his name ^^ ch lol

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I love…mainly rap, but I loooove all genres!

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I hate rap. Just sayin'! I love Laura Story, Point of Grace, Brandon Heath, Casting Crowns, all that good stuff. AND OWL CITY! LOVE OWL CITY!

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I loooooove Owl City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm the only rap fan here. I hate heavy metal. Just saying! *whistles*

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I love classical so much...I've been learning Chopin's Nocturne in C sharp minor on the piano and I'm listening to it on youtube right now, it's gorgeous!!!

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Tiny Alien (Crazy) wrote: "I loooooove Owl City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm the only rap fan here. I hate heavy metal. Just saying! *whistles*"

Don't like heavy metal either. Makes my ears bleed! lol.

@ Maria: I play classical music on the piano all the time, but I also love playing fiddle music. Old music is just tried-and-true. You can't go wrong with old music. :)

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Candace (readingfool1993) | 28 comments Owl City is top fave! Demi Lavato, I like the song "Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon haven't gotten to listen to the rest of their music yet, Selena Gomez, Casting Crowns. I do not like rap or heavy metal either.... if I can't sing with it, I don't like it lol!

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Yup. I AM the only rap fan here. What is it about rap that nobody likes? I can get why people don't like heavy metal because of all the screaming and noise, but what is it that nobody likes about rap?

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I can't understand what the heck their saying! And I like songs where you actually sing, not chant. Lol, there's just something about rap that I just don't like. :D

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I don't mind rap once in a while. But then I also like heavy metal, so. :)

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Candace (readingfool1993) | 28 comments lol, I don't mind some rap, but I'm so slow I can't keep up :P

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Oh, I guess that makes some sense. :3
I love especially Sonic rap.

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Goodness gracious, Crazy 1.:D

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Want me to show you one? It's really REALLY cool!!!

Speak With Your Heart

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Tiffany Adams Wilke (mylinkinromance) | 4 comments I love Rock like ... Linkin Park (FAVE), My Chemical Romance & Good Charlotte.
But I also love Pop like ... Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears & One Direction.

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Tiffany Adams Wilke (mylinkinromance) | 4 comments @mary Cool. Love ur profile pic of Zayn.

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Ollie Bradshaw (sebastian-bach) | 3 comments I love progressive metal and broadway amd sully dunn ( hes his genre )

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O.O You have been shamed from the club of music-lovers. Get out of my sight. (lol jk) Wait, you're not actually in my

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