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message 1: by Jessica (last edited Jun 28, 2013 09:10AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
Our June book is the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. We will be meeting in person to discuss the book on the last Sunday of the month. (check out the group's events section for details)

Whether you can join us at the meeting or not, feel free to discuss the book here.


Bluenose311 | 2 comments Well, I just found

Bluenose311 | 2 comments Sorry about that last posting - hit the wrong button there! Bad way to begin my first entry on the South Shore Readers discussion page - oops. Not a great first impression!
Anyway, I joined Goodreads just a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find the SSR group, which I joined about 5 minutes ago (thank you). Just want you guys to know that I have read Gone Girl already, and I loved it. I don't want to write too much here for fear of giving away plot secrets, but if you have not read the novel yet I encourage you to do so. It's brilliant, and full of surprises, just as a gripping mystery should be. Add to that the fascinating observations about marriage and relationships and you have novel that I found difficult to put down. GG has been on the best seller charts for a year now, and for good reason. It's raining in Cohasset today, so get out of the house, buy borrow or steal a copy, and curl up in your favorite chair with this terrific read.

Michele | 14 comments Just finished Gone Girl tonight...holy moly. Very hard to put down, indeed! And impossible to discuss on this board if others haven't finished it yet! Sorry to have to miss the June meeting as I would love to discuss this book.

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
I have my copy from the library and will hopefully start reading it later this week. I'm looking forward to it!

Jackie | 59 comments The event page is deceiving. Are we meeting next Sunday? Where.

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
Yes, we are meeting this coming Sunday at Zendo at The Launch (Hingham Shipyard).

Charlie Kelliher (pottermaniac9886) | 2 comments Hi my name is Charlie, and my sister and I are planning on joining this book club for the first time this weekend. What time are you meeting on Sunday? Still currently reading "Gone Girl", almost halfway through now!

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
Hi, welcome! We are meeting at 1 pm. Please RSVP to the event if you will be attending.

Charlie Kelliher (pottermaniac9886) | 2 comments Ah if it's at 1 then I can't make it on Sunday

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
I am in danger of not finishing this book in time for the meeting. And I know this is a total spoiler alert sort of book. :).

message 12: by Nancy (last edited Jun 29, 2013 07:42AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nancy (nancy_m) | 39 comments So I read this a while back and I was curious to see what this group thought of the book. In an online discussion group I'm a part of, we all really did not like it.

Some of the comments we had were "predictable," "poorly written," "two dimensional characters" and more.

My motto when I read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen was "I will not let this book defeat me. I will finish it." I felt the same way about this book and kept waiting for the big payoff at the end but never got it.

I wish I could go and discuss in person but I have a family event tomorrow.

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
FYI for those attending: I have a reservation in my name and they are going to try to seat us on the patio.

Joanie | 490 comments Mod
I may be a little late. I'll hopefully be there close to 1:00 but go ahead and order etc., I'll be along. And I haven't finished the book either! I was tempted to fake sick last night and skip the fireworks so I could read but didn't. I may bring earplugs!

Joanie | 490 comments Mod
Okay, I finally finished this yesterday. I did enjoy it but when I started trying to explain what happened it sounded totally ridiculous! Oh well, it was a fun summer read!

Denise (ribeachgirl) | 125 comments Looks like the final casting decisions have been made for the movie.

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