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What do you want to do?

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1)mental assylum
2)love triangle
3)arranged marriage
4)incest ?
5)Friends getting hot but not dating
6)teacher student
9)bf gf turned Stepbrother/stepsister
12)lost island
14)ancient rp kings and queens

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I say 8 or 6

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6 then ?

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u wanna be a girl or boy ?

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Girl please

Could we do father/daughter?

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Sorry! Wrong roleplay! Do you want to be teacher or student?

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lol um teacher

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WHat does he teach?

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Name : Ezer
Age : 24
Looks :

((um math ))

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((Do you want to start?))

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can u ?

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Lily walked down the hall wearing her short skirt and low cut shirt making all eyes move to her.

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Ezer was checking the test papers of his class they have all done great except Lily and her friend Anna

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Lily walked into the math room having been called in for a "talk" with the teacher. SHe hated math. It was her worst subject and just didn't like it. But she thought the teacher was hot.

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"hey lily come have a seat please " e said offering the chair in front of his desk

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Lily rolled her eyes and sat looking at the floor. She was going to be late for shopping because of this little talk.

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"now will you tell me why its only you how hasn't scored well " he asked in a friendly voice

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Lily said, "I have no freaking clue! I want to go shopping, so make this quick. I hate math with all of my heart!"

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"fine go if you want no need of shouting on me i was just trying to help " he said closing her paper and stood yup

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Lily smirked, "Thanks, I guess."

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he took off

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Lily was happy. She won, but she wanted to know why he wanted to leave. She began to follow him through the halls.

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he went to the princy's office

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Lily watched him outside of the office waiting.

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he was being scolded as he counldnt improve Lily and Anna'a marks

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Lily knew what car he drove and could pick a lock. She headed out to the parking lot and found his car.

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he apologized and came out of the office

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Lily went into the back to explore the pile of papers.

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sry no notify

he walked towards his car and aw his car open "what hell " he said as he rushed "what are you doing here " he asked lily in anger

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Lily said, "Nothing."

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"no you searching your paper right" he said in disbelief

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Lily shrugged.

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"thats your answer ok fine you know what you done here " he said and starts to walk towards the office but then got into his car and left

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((Is she still in the car?))

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((no ))

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Lily smiled as she watched him leave.

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he left the school forever next day he din come but his resignation did

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Lily was curios when she heard that. She knew where he lived. It was just a common thing she did.

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he was searching for a new job he had 4 offers but

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Lily headed to his house after school.

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finally he decided to go to the college as a professor

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Lily walked to the back of the house checking the door.

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he got outs his car and walked to his house's front door

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