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Leyah (serferrant) | 5 comments Hi, I'm Leyah. I'm 13, and I'm definitely what you could call an aspiring writer! This story, called 'flicker', is a story I've been working on for a while and I think I could finish it sometime... maybe. Here the first part of chapter one:


No-one remembers how it happened. No-one knows the details. It was like we all forgot in unison. But even now I look back on what I can’t remember and know it must have happened. A normal girl who sacrificed herself to save Time itself. And she was my best friend.

For me, it started when I found a letter on my table, addressed to me. For her, it started two years earlier, when her brother disappeared. A mysterious disappearance, unexplained. No one knew why. No one cared. I didn’t even notice it. It’s still fuzzy.

No one should forget. What my friend did, what she sacrificed, should’ve been unforgettable. A marked moment. Except we all forgot. And she knew we would, but she at least she had someone to rely on. So she wrote a letter to me. So someone would know, someone would remember. And now, we’ll all know how she saved Time. And saved us.

This is what she wrote before she died.


Kass, if you’re reading this – thank you. I couldn’t face this alone. To know that someone knows makes matters so much easier. I’ll be gone and you’ll be living your beautiful life and you will be alive. Don’t cry, because I know you are. It’s for the best.


It was a rainy, miserable Monday – the first day of the second term. I woke up with a start, my hateful Mickey Mouse alarm clock the cause, and drearily put my uniform on. I dreaded the first day back with a fierce, burning passion that put anyone else’s out of the question. It wasn’t just the fact that the holidays were over. People were… different. For me, it was the weirdest thing in the world. I seemed to notice it while others didn’t. I didn’t like to feel I was different. Like the rest, I wished to fit in with everybody. Become a square of the patchwork. Perhaps, one day I would fit in. One day…

Fantasizing, I headed out the door, pausing a moment to stare at the tattered, faded photo of my long-lost brother. My fingers traced his beautiful face. I was the only one that still remembered him clearly. Even Dad was vague when I brought up the subject. When he disappeared, no one even bothered to search for him. They didn’t even remember his existence, even though he was the captain of the high school and one of our best surfers. Sometimes, even I couldn’t find his face among my memories. My life was full of unexplained mysteries, it seemed. Even then, I knew something was wrong.

“What’s that?”

I jerked, the photo clattering to the floor. My mind grappled to find a reasonable explanation that would satisfy Dad. I had learned from very early on the truth was never acceptable to anyone in this matter. They never remembered.

“T-the … project… for the… uh, the English project...” I stuttered out, lamely, my fingers crossed behind my back. “F-f-famous people… research…”

Dad picked up the photo, his head cocked in confusion. The more he stared at it, the more his eyes unfocused. Finally he shook his head and handed the photo back to me. “Yes… good choice…” he murmured.

I tried to smile. “Thanks, Dad. I-I’d better get to school. I’ll be late as it is.”

“Yes – go,” he said distractedly. “Bye, Myra.”

School was, apart from the aforementioned ‘difference’ of people, relatively normal. Classes were underway, the playground bicker resumed. My ‘English project’ was apparently real, and I silently thanked the teacher, unlike the simultaneous groans that echoed around the classroom.

History, as usual, was kind of unnerving. As our school was based in a three hundred year old building, our projects and subjects were usually based around that. It used to be a hotel for the aristocratic; before that, an old style ‘apartment.’ I found it rather scary to think of all those long gone people wandering around the place, living and dying; first love has happened here, childhood innocence has been broken, young wives have wept in the bare rooms. And here we were. Twenty-first century, being reluctantly educated about the past.

My best friend Kassie bought me lunch and we searched for a place to eat out of the drizzle where the year tens hadn’t marked as their territory.

Kassie was the only one who half understood me. My wooden post. I clung to her when my senses got too much for me, and she helped me in whatever way she could. There wasn’t much anyone could do, but I appreciated it. Others would only laugh.

“You’re thoughtful today.” declared Kassie.

“Thoughtfulness is a skill one aspires to achieve,” I smiled back.

Kassie laughed. “So true, so true. But really, you’re quiet.”

“I’m wondering if my life affects those I love. My ability to see where others can’t.”


“But Myra, that’s a wonderful skill. Isn’t it?” Kassie exclaimed finally.

“No,” I retorted. “Kass, it’s really not.”

More silence.

“Myra, I wish I could help.”

“I wish you could, too.”

Our silent contemplation was interrupted by the shrill yell of the school bell and we wearily got up. Together we walked back to class, back to normality. Or what I thought was normality. My life was about to plunge into a deep, dark sea complete with thrashing waves and underlying monsters. It would never be the same again. I noticed what others didn't. And it scared me.

No one noticed the flickers. Only me.

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johanna (johannad_m) That ...

Was amazing.

Absolutely stunning.

Well done!!

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Leyah (serferrant) | 5 comments Aww... tankees! Thanks so much!

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johanna (johannad_m) You are very talented! :D You should definitely keep it up:)

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Leyah (serferrant) | 5 comments You just made my day! Thanks a million!

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johanna (johannad_m) :) You deserve it.

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Ruth | 267 comments Mod
wow! that was amazing!

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Leyah (serferrant) | 5 comments Thank you <3

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