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why do people search for comfort in all the wrong places?

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Esmeralda In this book we see all the tragedies that have happened. Keisha seems out of place now with the death of the person who was her everything. When she met Jonathan Hathaway everything changed. She thought she had found what she needed to be happy. Even after her parents warned her that there was something fishy about him. She was pretty ignorant and only thought about satisfying herself in this case. This led to her almost being raped and killed. In life many people do the same. We go to unnecessary things to find comfort from everything around us. Some people find it in drugs, others in alcohol, and other things as well. Instead of doing whats right and trying to find a way to be happy with out being in harm we go our own way and learn the hard way.

Priscilla Mendoza They fall with the wrong people because they are just looking for the comfort they can't have or that the lost in this case Keisha. She is still getting over the fact of her boyfriend dying and she just wants someone to replace him. When she meets Jonathan she just feels loved again. She forgets how cruel the world can be and how many bad people are out there and she ends up getting hurt.

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