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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)
A series of tunnels that run through out the town and allow vampires to move around during the day if needed.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) What time was it?

Jin glanced at his watch and saw that it should still be late afternoon above them. He was on his way back home because he got a call from his editor earlier about his next book. His draft submission was a few days behind schedule. Jin had been using his move as an excuse, but he couldn't do that anymore.

He sighed tiredly. Even if he did get back home, he knew he'd probably only get a few sentences out before he had to go out and feed again.

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(Yay! Se is also a Death Dealer! :D)

So...time for human blood, huh? Se snarled hungrily in his head. He was hungry and couldn't find a human. Living a few days only on animal blood, Se's temper was wearing down and getting short. His hands curled into fists, Se stormed through the tunnels, towards where humans tended to live. In attempt to distract himself from hunger, Se closed his eyes and tried recalling his earlier days before he got bitten.

Wandering in his own darkness, Se slammed into something and stumbled backwards, eyes snapping open in surprise. He looked at the vampire standing before him. Black hair, brown eyes, pale...

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He must have really been distracted because Jin didn't even see Se coming towards him. He stumbled back a few steps too and stared at the other vampire for a moment.

When he finally noticed he was staring, he snapped himself out of it. It was time to leave. "I apologize," he muttered as he gave a small bow to show he was indeed apologetic.

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Se stood there for a moment, dazed and stunned. But he, too, recovered quickly but not as smoothly as the stranger. He nodded a few times before apologizing too, "Um, ah...oh yeah, I'm sorry too. Ah...I better be going now, huh?" He gave the stranger a small wave and crept along, tense for some reason. I must look really stupid...oh man, and I call myself a Death Dealer...he muttered to himself.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "You. You're a Death Dealer, aren't you?" Jin asked. Though he really didn't have to because he knew perfectly well that he was. He always made it his business to know who he will be working with.

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Se stopped in his tracks and turned back to the stranger. "Yes, I am a Death Dealer, why?" he asked, slight irritation lying beneath. He couldn't stop himself, his hunger was getting stronger by the seconds. Trying to drown away his desperate need for blood, Se took a good look at Jin. Hm...he seemed to be a Death Dealer too, with all the muscle, Se doubted he would win if they ever came into a fight. The skinny him that barely won the championship in his past wouldn't stand a chance against the strong and well-trained Jin. Swallowing, he waited for an answer.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Jin noticed the irritation and impatience in the other vampire's voice and he could only guess why. Truth be told, Jin had a lot of things he wanted to ask. Mostly about the other Death Dealers and what to do about the niece that was currently stalking him.

However, that could possibly wait. The hunger in Se's eyes told him that he couldn't wait anymore. Having lived, hundreds of years he understood that look well.

Jin didn't start fights unless necessary. It was never an honorable thing to do that after all. More so to someone who didn't equal him in age and strength.

So instead, he simply turned around. "No. It can wait. But it seems that you can't. Until the next time then." He began to walk away. Maybe this was for the best. He had work to do after all.

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((Gtg now, I'll reply later. Sorry.))

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Se stood speechless, watching the stranger leave. He felt selfish for letting his irritation slip and ruining someone's mood but then...he really couldn't wait. So the only thing that he thought was right to do was..."Thanks!" Se called as he turned away, racing towards the village he intended to hunt in.

(So...do you want to skip forward until they meet again or just leave that for tomorrow?)

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