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Morganville Webseries!

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Racquel Kechagias It is finally happening! Morganville is coming to the screen! Some people have seen this and some haven't so I decided to post the link here.


Let's all get together to back Rachel Caine up and raise the funds to the goal and beyond so we can have plenty of episodes!

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Mairead Even if we reach the 75,000 goal, we need to keep giving because the more money raised the better the episodes will be

♥*♥* The Jokers HarleyQuinn ♥*♥* O..............MY..............GOD!!!!!!!! So excited i hope it gets done :) donating now :)

Megan OHMYGOODNESS!!! Someone actually donated 5,ooo dollars already! Wow. This is extremely exciting. Wish I were rich right about now!

Nicole I'm so excited to it on the screen. Can't wait!

Esra I really want this to happen
I loved the ending by the way

welcome to Morganville you'll never want to leave.....
mwuhahahaha *evil laughter*

Brittany Well I am now a backer of the web series, I pledged 35 dollars. I am seriously hoping this series goes through cuz I thing it will be awesome to see something I have been reading for years come to life! We are at like 31,934 dollars, and we have 15 DAYS to come up with 43,000 to reach the 75,000 goal. I can only hope others see this and too pledge a little something to have this wonderful series come to life.

Lilac This is so cool! I hope we make the 75,000! :)

Megan We made it! Rachel Caine posted it earlier today :D

Brittany WOOP WOOP! I just saw! Excited!

Racquel Kechagias We made it!! And there were VAMPIRE BUNNY SLIPPERS!!!! *cue fangirl squeal*

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