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message 1: by Bruce (last edited Jun 11, 2013 10:01PM) (new)

Bruce Hesselbach | 2 comments I am looking for a beta reader and would provide a beta reading in return. My book in progress is a literary novel with fantasy elements and a dark theme of revenge. I would be interested in return to be a beta reader for a fantasy, sci fi, or historical fiction book.

message 2: by Baird (new)

Baird Wells (baird_wells) | 7 comments Hi Bruce,
I enjoy and read in genres with those themes and would be happy to read for you. Email is

message 3: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Hesselbach | 2 comments Thanks for volunteering!

message 4: by Baird (new)

Baird Wells (baird_wells) | 7 comments Received it, thanks! :)

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