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No idea what this is, but it was requested. :)

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Shankhadip Chakraborty (shankhadipc) | 20 comments Play arkham asylum and arkham city, you'll love it. It's got all the batman characters

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Hmm. What's the storyline (if there is one)? :)

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Shankhadip Chakraborty (shankhadipc) | 20 comments big big big!
arkham asylum: joker caught. Harley Quinn helps him escape, takes control of Markham asylum. batman beats them, but before, scarecrow shows up 3 times and plans to drive b-man crazy, fails (if u beat the game) and gets drowned into water by killer croc. batman beats croc and gets an antidote for a cure to stop venom (how bane got infected) from spreading, since joker wants an army of venom Titans. beaten, joker sad, takes venom, becomes buff, gets beaten by batman, and the end!

arkham city: joker still infected by the venom, inserts infected blood into batman, forcing him to almost die, has to receive cure from Mr. freeze, needs Ra's al ghuls blood to finish cure, defeated Ra's, and Harley Quinn stole finished vial of cube, Hugo strange plans to kill arkham residents, batman defeats him, clayface dresses up as joker, loses, joker dies at the end, as wellnas Ra's al ghul. also riddler included hacks into b-man communication system and threatens to kill his gcpd officers. batman defeats him, zcasz, and deadshot as side missions

hope that cleared things up.

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I've watched other people play the Arkham series, and it looks like so much fun! the best thing about them is that they BOTH have the Joker (Mark Hamill sounds awesome)! BEST THING EVER!

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