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Ian approached the gate and noticed a guard. He walked up, "Uhm, when are the visiting hours?" he asked. The guard had a confused face, "Visiting hours? EDGE members only, sorry pal" Ian tilted his head to the side, "Only EDGE? They came and ripped my sister from her hospital bed!" Ian said beginning to sound angry. "I said there are no visiting hours, now please leave before I get back up." the guard warned. "I am not leaving until I know that my sister is at least alive!" Ian argued and tried to push past him. His only goal was to clear the guards out of the jail

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Ian tried shoving the guard aside to get through the opened gate. The guard pushed him back a called for back up. A couple of guards rushed from the building, but Ian continued to fight. He hoped this would help buy Angie some time.

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Ian took a step back, "Alright. Fine. I'll go home. As soon as I see my sister." Ian crossed his arms, "You will never see my face again as long as I get to go see my sister." he promised. The guard shook his head, "Only EDGE allowed sir!" he repeated, Ian jumped trying to get over their shoulders and the guards pulled Ian down and held him back

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Ian made it seem like he finally gave up, "Fine, that's it for today, but next time I will get to see her." he threatened. He turned and walked away, Anfie was in the corner of his eye. He smiled and gave her a short nod and headed for the trees straight ahead

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Ian approached a large trunk on the ground and sat himself on it, waiting for Angie.

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Ian smiled at her, "Any luck?"

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Ian nodded, "Well its good that theyre alive." he smiled at her, "We can come back

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"Let me see what I can do, I know some people." he said thinking of Alex

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Ian smirked a little, "What? Surprised that I have friends?"

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Ian smirked a little, "Well... We've, known each other for a while, he is a PUP... That just so happens to work for EDGE..." he said softly

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"His power is strictly mental, so it doesn't effect his blood, appearance, nothing." Ian explained

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"I guess, but I think I'd be too afraid of getting caught..." he said truthfully

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"You know Alex?" Ian chuckled a bit, surprised that she knew exactly who he was talking about

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((no no, it's okay!!! Maybe she was being sarcastic an they go way back? Jus to save it? Lolz))

Ian smiled a little, "Well, you must be really smart if it just popped in that head of yours!"

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((works too))

"So now youre a mind stalker!!!???" Ian teased with a chuckle

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"sure." Ian said sarcasticly, nudging her, "Alex can see someone's past, what's happening in the present and their future."

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"Maybe he can see if you find your family or not. Plus since he works for EDGE he might know where they are." Ian explained

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"Not sure... I might still have his number, bu I haven't talked to him in a while" he sighed

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"A few, he might be with his girl friend, Jenna. We coud check her house first."

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Ian nodded, and stood from the log.

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Ian gave a slight nod and lead her to Jenna's house. "So, did you like, gain any cool powers while you were in there?

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Ian nodded with a smile, "Cool!"

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"We could stop at a hotel or something, get some sleep then go look for Alex, if you want." Ian said, he wanted both of them to be their best when they found Alex.

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"Hey, it will be alright." he said comfortingly, "You need sleep"

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