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Welcome to Heaven Headquarters. Of course, no one calls it that here, but it's easier. It's a simple thing humans have been using for the past decade or so to differentiate the two vastly different areas of the afterlife.
If you're an angel, you often find yourself in a random hallway once you've arrived. Nothing specific. As a human, though, it almost seems as though you've had a concussion; your vision brightens from a black to a blinding white color, and you find yourself on the lowest floor.
There's roughly 50 floors at the HQ, each filled with rooms and offices. It's not all neat and tidy; there's a lot of torture chambers too. Don't judge though; the angels do it for you.
In the hallways angels walk with a purpous, often wearing pantsuits and classy attire. As a human, you probably think this is extremely earth-looking, despite all the white and over-sanitation. But it works. They like it.
It's easy to navigate, in a sense. Works just like any other office building. But it is rather tough if you're trying to find a certain angels. Higher ranking ones often reside on the higher floors, as they would. They don't have name tags on doors or anything.
If you are human, all angels are overwhelmed with an awful premonition of your entrance into HQ. If an angel in HQ has met you before, they'll be able to tell if you have entered based on your scent. Other than that, they don't know who has entered their HQ. Everyone is on high alert, so if you plan on attacking, do it fast.
This area is not ideal for fighting. Angels have a huge upper advantage in their own area.
And no, God does not live here. No one but a few angels have even seen Him.
Keep your wits about you, angel or not. This is a deadly place.

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Samael and Orianna appeared with a flutter of wings. Samael lowered the hand immediately, before closing his eyes for a moment.
"I've just alerted one of my sisters. She'll be meeting us here momentarily; we just have to keep out of sight." He whispered, tugging Orianna behind a wall as they waited.
The hallways were almost blinding there was so much white. Sam always thought it was tacky, but then again, he was younger and had no say in the issue.
Three long minutes later there was a clacking of high heels down the hallway, and another angel turned around the bend sharply to come face to face with Samael. She was pretty; brown hair, blue eyes, and light freckles. Her mouth was agape in a silent scream as she stared at Orianna.
"Samael, do you not know of the law? She is not allowed here! Oh, my, is she... yours?" She looked horrified, but Sam quickly stopped her thoughts, placing a fir, hand on her shoulder.
"Silent, sister. She is not mine, for I've not had long enough to form a bond with a human let alone fornicate with one." His tone suggested that it was a joke, but it wasn't very funny.
"This is Orianna. She had naught a word in her creation, for she is innocent. She did not have this burden placed upon herself. Please, Ariel, help me convince the higher-ups she deserves a chance. Perhaps they could grant her more Grace and give her a job." He suggested feebly.

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((This will be my last post for a day and a half; tomorrow is the last day of school and my friend's having a Harry Potter marathon that will last over 17 hours, so I won't be posting until mid-Friday. I may post on my phone or something though.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Warping into the Heaven HQ, Orianna was overwhelmed with both a feeling of uneasiness in her stomach and the presence of white. It was everywhere: white walls, white floors, everything was coated in a white coloring. Being suddenly tugged behind a corner, Orianna listened intently for any sound. What would happen if someone other than who Sam had told found them? She really didn't even want to think about it but for some reason she couldn't help but let her mind wander.

It was only a few minutes later when the sound of footsteps reached Orianna's ears. She wishes to look and see who it was but she figured it was best to stay behind Sam. Someone turned the bend all of a sudden, their mouth agape. The Angel was pretty, beautiful even, with shimmering blue eyes and long brown hair. She didn't look hard and cold like how Orianna had pictured they would be.

As Sam tried to calm the girl down, Orianna stood back, listening. She didn't want to interrupt and cause the girl to dislike her or not trust her or any number of other things. But at Sam's joke, she couldn't help but wince a little. Ariel looked at her, her face a mask of curiosity and horror, so Orianna flashed her a weak smile. Hopefully Ariel would help them. If she didn't, Orianna didn't know what they'd do.

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Ariel frowned slightly. "Does she even hold the intellect of ourselves? Does she contain the general information branded into her mind? Of course not. Samael, I have no idea why you would bring her here." She looked distraught, and she ran a hand through her long hair, a rather human-like gesture that was rare among Angels. Must have picked it up somewhere.

Samael kept a pleading look on his face. "Ariel, you have done so much for me. You've trained me to even be allowed on Earth. Please; merely try to help me grant this girl some Grace. I promise she will contribute only good things to humankind. I will protect and watch over her; she'll be no burden to Heaven itself."

At these words Ariel's face did soften slightly. She looked towards the half-Angel. "And what is your name?" She asked, her voice portraying virtually no emotion.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Having not been expecting to be talked to, Orianna was slouching while the two talked. She stood up straight when Ariel spoke, "I'm Orianna Tien Lark." She blurted out, wondering why she had told her full name. She guessed that at the time it had seemed like a good thing to do.

Butterflies were fluttering in her chest, a sign that she was nervous beyond belief. She hoped that it didn't show, but she knew her cheeks must be incredibly hot. She always got red in face when she was nervous and this time was probably no different. Orianna just really wanted them to accept them here; she just wanted them to see that she could be trusted and that she wasn't all that different. Maybe she wasn't exactly the same as the Angels - from what she'd seen and heard, she was definitely different - but she was half and that had to count for something.

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Ariel narrowed her eyes at the girl before they widened. She whipped her head towards Sam. "You carved Enochian in her ribs? I swear, Samael, the day you fall from Heaven will be a sad one indeed." She shook her head, before looking back at the girl. Without asking she placed a hand on her collarbone, and a slight energy flowed through her.
"I've removed the markings. If someone besides myself saw that you would have been killed, Sam." She snapped at him, before turning around. "Follow me. I'll take you to Celeste." Her heels clacked on the ground, her yellow sundress flowing behind her every-so-slightly.

Samael gave an apologetic smile to Orianna, before following after his superior.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna was slightly surprised at Ariel's touch but she tried not to let it show. An acute rush of energy zapped through her like a wave and she stood there, letting it wash over her. When she withdrew her hand, Orianna felt like she had just a few moments ago, like nothing had changed.

At the sight of Sam's grin, she nodded and smiled back. Orianna was really starting to care for him, especially after all he'd done for him. She sincerely hoped nothing bad would happen in the following times but she knew that was only wishful thinking. But instead of dwelling on that, she followed Sam and Ariel, who's bright yellow sundress was hard to lose sight of.

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After a good ten minutes of walking, and two different elevator rides later, they arrived into a small and messy office room. A man was sitting at the desk. He looked a tad older than Ariel, late thirties. He was of Caucasian decent with black dreadlocks and piercings, along with a large amount of tattoos. He seemed to be wearing drapes rather than clothes, and was fumbling over a large amount of papers.
"Orianna, this is Celeste. She's in charge of health and restoration in our Garrison." Ariel said weakly, waving a hand towards the Angel. She seemed slightly embarrassed to be presenting her sister.

Celeste smiled kindly. "By the way, I identify as female, though I prefer the male vessel much more. Gives you more freedom on Earth, and they're so much fun to dress up!" The words sounded odd coming out of a male vessel, but she stepped towards them, looking towards Samael.
"Sammy! It's great to have your presence here. What do you need?" She asked, hands tucked into random pockets scattered across the robes.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna gave a wave to Celeste, just a little bit confused. She didn't pretend to understand exactly why she identified herself as a female but used a male vessel, but she didn't dare question it. Questioning anything the Angels did would probably not be a good idea. Instead, she just nodded and smiled. Then looked up at Sam, hoping he'd explain to Celeste so she didn't have to. She felt guilty about it, not doing it herself, but it didn't seem her place. She wanted to come off as respectful as possible, and being as quiet as possible seemed the best answer.

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Sam cleared his throat, looking up at Celeste. "I was wondering if you, Celeste, being one of the higher-ranking Angels, could be as so kind as to give my dear friend Orianna some of your Grace. Just enough to give her the full capabilities of our kind, as she's a half-Angel, not full." He thought he explained it as good as he could, but it didn't matter.
Celeste's smile vanished, and she looked around. "I'm not sure. Is Orianna okay with this? She'd have tune ins to Angel radio, connections to Heaven, and wings..." She mentioned the last part in a sad manner.
"Listen, sweetie, being an Angel is not all it's cracked up to be. I know my good friend Samael has done a great job showing you all the good, but you must remember he's no less than a fetus in Angel age. Most of us are billions of years old. We've had to live through the hardships. You'll have to be devoted to serving Heaven and God himself. You'll never be truly free." She spoke slowly, trying to be clear as possible, but Sam stepped in front of her.
"Orianna will be killed either way, and I'll watch over her."

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna watched as Sam stepped in front of her. Orianna will be killed either way... Her heart was racing in her chest; she would be killed? She'd always known she would die one day - maybe peacefully in her sleep - but she'd never expected it to come so soon. Orianna guessed though that with tensions rising and tempers flaring, many people would most likely die. The thought of that made her stomach churn.

From behind Sam, Orianna spoke up, "I want it." She wasn't sure why she'd said it or if she even should have said it, but what was done was done. No going back now. And it was true, wasn't it? She really did want this: to have belong somewhere, to be able to do great things, to have wings. Especially to have wings. She wished for that more than almost anything.

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Katelynlesa (Can i join?)

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Sorry, but I'm afraid not. This is kind of private and any extra people I'm afraid would ruin it. I'm sorry.))

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) (I'm answering that for them. No. As of right now, this area is inaccessible to those who in the the school)

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Katelynlesa (No need to get mad lizzie)

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) (I'm not. I was just telling you. No need to get so offended.)

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Katelynlesa (Ok bye)

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*ℐℯหหу* wrote: "Orianna watched as Sam stepped in front of her. Orianna will be killed either way... Her heart was racing in her chest; she would be killed? She'd always known she would die one day - maybe peacefu..."

Celeste nodded, but her eyes held sorrow. "If that is what you wish. This won't be painful, but you'll feel extremely powerful and calm. I'm going to ask for you to contain any urges you may get to use your newfound power." She noted, before taking out her Angel blade.

She cut a sizeable gash in her stomach, pulling up the robe to expose it. Rather than blood leaking out, a white light could be seen inside the split skin. A clear vile appeared in her hand, and she held it to the wound, the white light seemed to pour into it, filling it to the brim. She winced slightly, but handed the vile to Orianna.
"Drink it. I suggest now, just so you don't kill anyone down there." She went and sat in her chair, watching through dark eyes. "Once you drink it your world will change drastically. You'll sprout wings, be able to see other Angels wings, be able to hear 'Angel Radio', be able to fly places at supersonic speeds, receive an Angel blade, and so on." She listed the items in a monotone voice, clearly not that excited.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Listening to the Angel speak, Orianna nodded where appropriate, letting Celeste know she was paying attention. When Celeste had taken her blade to her stomach, Orianna couldn't help but wince. The Angel didn't appear to be in much pain when it occurred, but Orianna couldn't imagine putting herself through that kind of treatment. It certainly looked painful. Taking the vile in her shaky hands, Orianna gazed down at the shimmering white liquid, wondering if she truly wanted this. There would be no going back; she would be fully engrossed in her angelic half, her human life no longer of much importance. Celeste had spoken of consequences, that she would no longer be completely free and doomed to eternal servitude.

It seemed like a fair trade though, at least at the time. Grace for freedom.

Throwing away any doubts she may have had, Orianna put her lips to the vile and drank. The light flowed through her body like a tsunami tide, everything coming into focus. It washed away her sorrows and inhibition. Orianna felt reborn. She felt... Illuminated.

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Samael watched with vague interest, cocking his head to the side. He kept his eyes on her back, watching her new wings glitter into existence. It was surprising to see, and his own unfurled defensively.

"Now take her home, Sam. Now." Ariel shot out quickly, taking a step backwards.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna began to feel the calmness that Celeste had describe. The feeling of radiance was still there, but it was just a little less... prevalent. It felt like it was buried away in a safe place that only she could access, like a vault. Orianna glanced over her shoulder at her new wings. They were just as she imagined they would be: beautiful snow white feathers and down. They might not have been the most ornate wings in all of Heaven, but for Orianna, they were just perfect. She smiled to herself, her heart filling with joy. She thought about calling out to Sam or hugging him but when Ariel spoke, she thought it might not be the best idea. Her eyes trailed over to Sam, silently asking what he was going to do.

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Sam nodded, before turning towards Orianna. "Flying is really weird your first time, I would guess. I simply think of where I want to go and take off, and you get there in less than a second you fly so fast. But you're able to see my wings easier now, so just watch." His words were fast, but he closed his eyes and unfolded his wings further. Once they were fully extended, they seemed to slam downwards, causing Sam to vanish completely.
He was back in a flash, standing beside Orianna. "Just think of the house." He said, before taking off again.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((Just to let you guys know; this is awesome to read about.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments (( Glad to hear! I'm just trying to keep up with all the Angelic lore and whatnot. Speaking of which, Angels kind of just poof into existence when they fly right? By the way, Tea you are an awesome writer!))

Orianna listened to Sam's words. Keeping her eyes trained on his wings, she watched as he disappeared. Before she tried it for herself, she turned to Celeste and smiled, "Thank you." She then extended her wings and closed her eyes, concentrating on picturing the house. It manifested in her mind: the boarded up windows, the angelic sigils painted on the walls. It was almost completely there. The last thing she pictured in her mind was the front yard, which may have been why when she warped she landed in the bushes.

((To the house?))

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Leighton took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Whew. At least she didn't fly off to Egypt this time. She got a glimpse of two angels flying away. Just the usual. From the looks of it, the girl-angel wasn't a natural-born pureblood. Good for her. But why...WHY? Honestly, if Leighton had the choice, she'd be a human or half-angel. Preferably human. Leighton sighed. Different angels, different opinions. She went to one of the highest floors, and opened a door. A rather fat angel was sitting in a leather swivel chair. Through a thick white beard, the angel grunted, "Whaddya want, kid?" Leighton blanched and mumbled something. "Wrong door." Taking a deep breath, she opened another door. She didn't know if she was relieved or not to discover her mother sitting there. Through a fake, plastered-on smile, LeAnn Engel greeted her daughter with a stiff-sounding, "Well come in, sweetheart!" The way she said 'sweetheart' sounded like LeAnn would switch Leighton for a pile of dog poop.
After a long, nerve-racking discussion about trivial issues, Leighton left, her face practically purple. She walked off without a word to the angels staring at her. One impudent angel, Martin, who was young and tried to be cool (really? A fake, 2-cm,hardly-visible Mohawk, more like a random, ugly ridge of hair?), whistled, and, under Leighton's icy, I'm-going-to-kill-you glare, said, "Not even a slap today? Wow, you're either really angry or really happy." Leighton replied with a smile. "No such luck." She slapped Martin, fuming, and flew away.

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((Angels don't have parents. They refer to God as their father, and are simply created by Him. They asexually reproduce, I suppose would be the best analogy, though not a great one.))

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 63 comments david appeared and drew an scythe and began tossing it arround

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