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Emma Buddy led Owen to the Villa and barked. "What is this place?" He questioned.

Carina was outside when she heard a human voice. She transformed into a Fox and hid behind a rock to see who they were.

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Owens dog lead them to a giant villa in the woods, "Found where they have been hiding." Nathan said.

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Emma "There is nobody here though. Maybe it's been abandoned?" Owen questioned when his dog barked at a rock.

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"Doubt it." Nathan responded as he walked up to the door, "What kind of PUP would have the power of turning into stone?" he asked looking down at the dog.

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Emma Owen pulled out his tranquilizer gun and crept toward the rock. A pup must be behind it. He jumped over it, shot the the gun and threw a next over it. He came up with a struggling Fox in a net. He looked puzzled, Buddy never had a false alarm. "A Fox?" He asked Nathan.

Carina struggled in the net, yelping but getting sleepier by the second. She panicked, when she slept she automatically turned human.

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"Smart dog." Nathan said when she turned human. He knelt and gently pulled the net off of her and picked her up. "Let's take to back to EDGE and check her out." he said trying to get the young girl comfortable while keeping a good grip on her

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Emma Owen nodded as they went back EDGE.

((Pup jail? Or somewhere else))

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Emma ((Work Building? To check her out?))

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((yup! :D))

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Emma Carina walked up to the Villa. They needed to hide or move it somehow. She saw Angus when she walked in. "We need to relocate. They know where the Villa is now.

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Emma ((Autocorrect, sorry))

"Any PUP we can get. Can you copy strength?" She asked.

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((Oooo if the PUPs have to relocate let me know what you want it to be, another Villa just in a different side of the forest or something, then this one could become abandond!!!))

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Emma ((Okay))

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Jamison walked into the villa finding two girls talking, " Uh- Hey.." he mumbled softly

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Emma Carina waved shyly to Jamison. She then turned to Angie. "We need to build another villa and move the furniture quickly before they come back for us. I will scout the perimeter." She ran and jumped, becoming a hawk. She soared into the sky and off.

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"Actualy I'm from here. What about you guys?" he asked bitin the inside of his cheek, he didn't talk much very often.

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Emma She returned in human form later. "No EDGE in the forest perimeter." She said.She smiled at the guy but didn't talk. She was a little too shy.

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"What's wrong with this one?" he asked looking around, "This one is perfectly fine!"

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Emma Carina said quietly, "The EDGE has discovered it."

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"Alright well why build a new one? Do either on you two have invisibility an strength as an ability?" he asked leaning against the wall

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"Awesome, make the Villa invisible along with yourself and carry it to a new place. You're a shape shifter right? Maybe as a small snake you could slide under the foundation with a couple of cords so we don't have to build a new one." he said. That was the most he had said to anyone in a month.

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"Because like you said before, EDGE knows where it is now, therefore when they go to walk on the ground where the Villa "was" they will run into it." He sighed, "Forget it, leave it here to throw them off, I'll get some friends to build us a bigger, better Villa." he said pulling out his phone

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He sighed, "So what did EDGE do to you?" he asked leaning against the wall

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"Sorry.." he frowned a little, " You should've picked a fight, you have the advantage, because you have the powers." he said to her and say on the steps

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"What is it exactly?" he asked looking at he

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"So like, you could use the same power I've got? That's cool, is there like a process or is it like a mental thing?" he asked interested

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"Hmm, that's interesting." He said with a smile and soft nod, "I can "change" into any person I know and see, and use the powers of that person, if they have any that is." Jamison said, he didnt know why he was talking to her, he was usually in a corner by himself.

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"I've thought about that, I just don't think I'm... Brave enough." he sighed

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"How?" he asked her. Jamison don't think he could do it... But he might as well try.

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He nodded, "Would you do it with me? I'm sure you've already got my power." he smildd

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"You don't have to... Plus it will teach you how to use the power." he said

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He nodded with smile, "Are we going now or wait a little later?"

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Jamison sighed, "Let's just wait until tomorrow, I'm kind of tired."

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Jamison refused, "Ladies first, you go get some sleep and I'll wake you up in a while." he smiled gesturing up the stairs

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Jamison sat on the front porch of the Villa and looked at the moon. Then tried counting the stars. He was going to let Angie sleep without waking her to change shifts.

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Jamison soon got bored an walked through the Villa, he had only been here one other time

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Jamison quietly opened the door to find an imprint on the bed of her body, "Angie? Are you awake?" he whispered softly

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Emma Carina approached Jamison. "I will take the shift," she said and winked. She ran and transformed into a large Doberman Pinscher and wagged her tail. She headed outside and sat on the porch.

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"Carina took over, I just came to check on you. Did I wake you up?" he asked

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Emma Carina paced the porch. She secretly pretended to fight. She jump off the porch and growled, tail raised. She attempted a flip but fell on her back. With a doggish whine and tail between her legs she retreated to the porch. Enough fighting for one night. She layed on the porch.

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Emma Owen walked through the woods with Buddy at his side in his pjamas. He came across the Villa and stopped. Buddy growled at it but he shushed the dog.

Carina heard the Edge member and barked in alarm to Jamison and Angie. She saw he had a German Shepherd so she needed to be bigger. She jumped off the porch, transforming into a wolf. She landed on Owen, knocking him to the ground and she pinned him, growling and waiting for the others.

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Jamison sighed, "I'm sorry, I won't disturb you again." he said stepping out of the room, "Night." he said as he shut the door.

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Jamison heard Carina's bark, "Angie, it's EDGE." he said then ran down the stairs, he changed into an EDGE officer he had seen a while ago, Nathan. He walked outside, "Scout! Heal!" he shouted to Carina hoping she would play along. He ran to Owen, "Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I just got her today." he said helping him up

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Emma Carina growled and got off him. She recognized him though. He was the one that captured her.

Owen got up. "Nice acting, nice try but i know who you guys are." Buddy growled at Carina and she growled back.

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Emma Owen met Angie's eyes and he felt as if his world suddenly changed. Was this what love at first sight was? He pushed back his caramel brown hair. He simply stared, he knew he was in love, but how could it have come on that quick? He kept his feelings to himself and adressed that task at hand. "Listen, I've come to make peace. You guys seem nice, and I don't doubt that you are. However, you guys are dangerous, don't you agree?"

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Jamison looked at him confused just as Nathan would've, "What? We aren't PUPs... I'm Nathan, this is my new dog and that is my cousin who is planning on joining EDGE, I was showing her the Villa that we found earlier."

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Emma Owen laughed, "I know Nathan when I see him. Your not him."

Carina growled at Owen.

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Jamison gave up, he sighed and said, "So you came to make peace?" he said asking him to continue

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Rikki Rowan had been wondering the forest, blending in with the thick trees until she came to the Villa. Quietly she walked around the perimeter.

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