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Zander and Naureen's rp.

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well what do you wanna do?
gay, lesbian, bi, incest??

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k sure. i think i have an idea.
new guy to an art school. guy #2 is dating someone but befriends the new guy. guy#2 starts liking the new guy so he starts dating him. his boyfriend finds out and... let's just go one with that much and we'll see how it goes.

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That's cool but what about guy two is straight while one is gay? What I meant was that guy 2 has a girlfriend and when he befriends guy 1 he sees that having a male in a love relationship is better than having one with a girl.

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sure that sounds good!! which one do you want to be??

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Can I be the one who is new to the art school? :]]

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cool with me. do you wanna start by making charries? here's the outline i always use to make mine. you can use your own if you want:

Age: (18-22)
Brief History:
Others: (pets, likes or dislikes, etc.)

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here's mine:

Name: Phillip
Age: 19
Personality: funny, nice, friendly, loves to talk and laugh. (that's all i can think of. :) )
Brief History: he wants to be an artist (duh!) and he's been dating Vivian for two years now.
Others: Phillip likes having fun and living his life. he has a pet dog named Marv.

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Name: Jake
Age: 20
Personality: Serious but has a sense of humor
Brief history: Ever since he came out, he has been cautious of dating other guys and for now he still looking.
Others: Has a thing for any sports.

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ok cool. do you wanna start by bringing your character to the school? i'm kinda in the middle of my finals. :P

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Jake was feeling nervous and at the same time excited as he walked down the halls of his new school. It was the time to make new friends and to keep his secret under the wraps. He looked at the schedule the administrator gave him. He didn't know he bumped into someone until he felt a deep voice say, "Watch where you're going."

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((your pic of your character doesn't work...))

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((i put up another one.))

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Phillip had just dropped off his girlfriend at her class and was heading to his own when he bumped into Jake. "hey, watch where you're goin'." he said as he put a hand on Jake's shoulder to steady him.

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Jake was about to say kiss my ass when he suddenly felt his heart stopped. What he saw stunned him to silence as he saw Phillip. His first crush. "Phillip? Is that you?" he asked even though he knows.

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Phillip frowned. "i'm sorry, do i know you?" he asked.

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Jake sighed. Phillip might be his first crush but he kept his distance from him. "Sorry, you may not know me but we went to school together but I was 2 years older than you so you may not know me."

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Phillip's eyes widened. "oh wait yeah i do. kind of." he smiled. "weren't you in my art class?"


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Jake smiled and nodded, "Yes I were. You were my idol back then," he said without thought and he mentally cursed himself for coming on too strong.

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"oh. um, thanks." he said as his cheeks went a light pink. "so, looks like we meet again, and in another art school."

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