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Taylor was pretty quiet the whole walk, he led them to s bench and looked at Canter, "Has that ever happened before?

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "never!" she says in still in shock ((gtg off until saterday))

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**:( alright!! Talk to you then!**

Taylor wanted to get off te subject but he had so many questions. "Do you know anyone else who could've done that? Someone who would've wanted to do that?"

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments ((backkkk:) ))

"held me under against my will?" she asks him not understanding fully

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Taylor nodded, still a little shakey from what had happened

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "I've never meet a PUP who could control Earth as i can...." She says her body shacking trimmers coursing threw her. Her head throbbed and if it wasn't for Taylor beside her she would've passed out by now.

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Taylor wrapped an arm around her, he was just as confused if not more confused, "Maybe your parents?"

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "E-EDGE killed my dad my mom wasn't a PUP" she says quietly

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Taylor sighed a bit and held her closer, "I'm sorry..." he said softly. He frowned and rubbed his forehead, "Any other family that could be PUPs? Any enemies?"

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "i don't know enough people to have enemies.." she says weakly and says "maybe it's something from EDGE"

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Taylor shook his head, "None of us have been there... If we had I would know... But maybe..."

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "maybe...." she urged interested maybe he knew

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Taylor pondered on the thought. Had EDGE found a way to take powers from PUPs and use them against them? "Maybe it's not a bad idea if I stay with EDGE... I could gather more information and use it to help you and other PUPS."

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "i have a idea.... but you're not going to like it.." she whispers barely able for him to hear her

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"and what's that?" Taylor asked

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "turn me in." she breaths to him "you quit remember, if you bring me they'll take you back"

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Taylor's eyebrows furrowed together, "No, I wouldn't do that, and if I did, someone would've had to put me on some serious drugs!" he said tryin to lighten the mood. He thought for a moment, "All I did was lose my phone, what if I told them that..." he said trying to come up with a second plan.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "you called them and told them you quit Taylor.... you have to do it... and you know it, your just trying to deny it... Taylor turn me in." she says to him not wanting him to but if anyone did it was going to be him. she knew what had to be done. and this is what needed to be done.

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Taylor couldn't believe what he was hearing, Canter wanted him to turn her in!?! He could never do that!! "Canter, I never could and never would turn you in." he placed his hands on her cheeks gently, "I'm not going to do that to you." he said softly. He kissed her gently and pulled her close

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments she pulled back and says "you know that is what has to happen atop denying it.." she whispers looking down. "Taylor... turn me in. please or we'll never know what happened... they wont take you back unless you do.... Taylor.... please"

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Taylor sighed, "Canter..." he looked down then up at Canter, "I could never do that... I'll-I'll get one of my old co-worker friends to keep me caught up." he began trailing off ideas

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "Taylor i know you don't want to turn me in... but you and i both know that that is the only way. they will want to make sure they have your loyalty. just do it" she presses on

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Taylor sighed, "Under one condition..." he hesitated, "You let me set you free within the first 24 hours... And, if the time comes, you go to your treehouse, and stay there until I get there..."

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "okay... but don't get caught." she says agreeing with him, and glade he had finally understood

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Taylor didn't want to follow through with it, but he had made the deal. He began having second thoughts, "When do you want to... Go...?"

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "now probably..." she whispers to him

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Taylor sighed, "Alright..."

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "Take me away" she jokes kissing him gently on the lips

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Taylor kissed back gently and tried to smile at her joke, but he wasn't too happy.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "i know you don't want to do this.... neither to i... but it's necessary..." she says gently

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Taylor half smiled and nodded, he stood from the bench and held out his hand for her.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments she takes his hand and gives him a small smile and puts her head on his shoulder as she hugs him

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Taylor wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her gently. His chin rested on her shoulder as he whispered the words, "I love you..."

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments her heart jumped in her chest and she moved closer to him and whispers back "i love you to"

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Taylor smiled a bit and let his eyes close. He gently laid his head on her shoulder and gave her neck a quick gently kiss

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments she smiled in happiness and giggles a bit because it tickled

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Taylor smiled and just wanted to stand there forever, her in his arms, holding eachother close. Taylor gently kissed the edge of her jaw, hoping to hear that giggle again.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "stop it" she giggles and moans slightly as he did that and bit her lip resisting the urge to laugh because it tickled really bad

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"What's wrong?" Taylor chuckled, "Is Canter... Ticklish?" he asked with a smirk and growled in her neck pretending to bite her like a dad would've done to their young child.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "Taylor... Taylor" she laughed and tried to push him away but didn't want him to stop, but it really tickled her

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Taylor laughed and pulled away looking into her eyes, "That's the first time you've ever laughed like that.. Atleast around me." he smiled. He knew they had to go but he didn't want to, he wanted to push it off to the side as long as he could. "It's cute." he smiled and tapped her nose gently

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments ((apparently my kitten wanted to talk to you lol))

she laughed more in the same manner and kissed his mouth smiling at him as she slowly pulled away and whispers "is Taylor ticklish?" she asks as she kisses his neck

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((awwww kitty!!!))
Taylor smiled at her laugh and kissed her back. "If I were ticklish that's not the place is be ticklish." he chuckled, he was very ticklish around his waist but refrained from telling her

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments "oh well i'm just going to have to find out where Taylor here is ticklish" she says as she puts her hand on his chest and kisses his mouth slowly moving her hands down to the edge of his shirt and giggles a bit ((he sat on my keyboard X) ))

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Taylor chuckled against her lips and kissed her back deeply. A part of him didn't want her to find where he was ticklish but another part of him did. When Taylor felt her hands at the edge of his shirt he knew she was close and he smiled a bit against her lips

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 221 comments she felt him smile and realized she was close and kissed him deeper and slipped her hands into his shirt and ran her fingers across his stomach smiling a bit against his lips

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Taylor chuckled against her lips at her attempt, the feeling of her finger tips soft against his skin made him melt. No one had ever done that to him and he enjoyed the feeling.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) ((You are quite the stomach-rubber O.O))

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