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andie Resendes andie Jun 11, 2013 05:24PM
whats your favourite crossfire book so far???

I'm going to agree with the first. I haven't read the third yet so really it's a little unfair. The second one seemed like it took forever to finish just to learn nothing about them. I'm going to read the third next month, so then I can really give a legit answer.

I like the 2nd the best. Hopefully with the 4th and 5th book about Gideon. It would get better?

When i was re-reading the 2nd book while waiting for the 3rd to be released. Somemore the song I'll won't give up by Jason Marz keep popping into my head. I guess the songs fit so well for the 2nd book. :)

Definitely the first! I was not too thrilled with the third, I felt it was incomplete... I am excited for the fourth tho, hopefully she packs it with some more action

i really enjoyed the third book, mostly because the entire time i thought that it was supposed to resolve everything and end the series and when i was only 10-20 pages out and things were still nuts, i couldn't believe it. i think that there was a calm that we got in the book that will surely be flipped in the next one .

I liked the second.
The first had, for me, too many similarities with FSOG, that made me feel I was reading a plain copy of that. The third was disappointing, the story didn't progress enough, in my opinion. I didn't know that there's going to be 5 books now, so the third felt like a filler.
Comparing FSOG with this, I liked That trilogy better.
So far, I think I won't continue with the other 2 books, the third was that disappointing.

Linda Just finished the second and it was much better than the first,and have just started the third:D.
Jun 13, 2013 12:11AM

I have just finished the first book and i agree with Wendy it is a plain version of FSOG i was disappointed i have just started the second and hopping this one is better.

Tonie Green I felt like you but the more I read I forgot about Christian. I have the third book but have not read yet. I found there will be two more.
Jun 17, 2013 12:34PM

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