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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Stoner (jessicaastoner) | 9 comments Mod
New members wanted for our mountian book club. Ideas about our first read? Anyone? Anyone?

message 2: by Mily (new)

Mily (boddokito) | 12 comments Hi Jessica! I'm sorry I haven't get in touch with you lately..... I'm still in Costa Rica, going back on Aug 25th <=( and then I'll go back to my reading and Goodreads! I brought the book here but haven't had time to open it yet! ;)
Take care!

message 3: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Decroo (kennethdecroo) | 1 comments I've noticed this group has not been active in Goodreads for some time. I think it's a great idea for us readers and authors living on the mountain. Anyone interested in getting this group going again? I thought I'd ask before starting one on my own.

message 4: by Pantea (new)

Pantea (pzi236) Hi Kenneth,

My boyfriend and I are absolutely interested! We live over in Big Bear.


message 5: by Blaise (new)

Blaise Morita | 2 comments Hey all, my wife and I are looking for fellow mountain folk to be in an active Goodreads group as well. Hopefully some of you are still interested, specifically Kenneth and Pantea? That's five already....

message 6: by Pantea (new)

Pantea (pzi236) I'm definitely in!

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